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Om (王蟲) is a first generation Gravity Child, and the current Water Queen of Sleeping Forest.


Om's Initial Appearance

In her initial appearance, Om appears as a stocky dwarf with strangely proportioned limbs. In this form, she wears a round mask with a tuft of hair sticking out, a plaid with two white stripes at the back and patterned with the four card suits, and A·T on all four limbs. It is later revealed that the outlandish garb is a costume designed to mislead Om's opponents; it is fitted with an array of surveillance devices she uses to eavesdrop on people.

Om's actual appearance

Om actually appears as a petite lady with a boyish build. She has tomoe-shaped eyebrows, and extremely prominent canines and thick, strong thighs to go with a large butt. Her attire consists of a tartan jacket and a black sleeveless unitard with the four suits emblazoned on the sleeves and legs. She also wears a set of rings with the four suits on them and two ropes coiled up as buns on either side of her head.


Playful and cunning, Om loves sweets, and is never seen without a lolly in hand. She also likes strong people, but hates losing. Much of her activity is done in accordance with the Laws of Trophaeum.


Om, alongside Kilik and other future members of Sleeping Forest, on a coup to destroying old Sleeping Forest

Chronologically, Om first appeared in a flashback as one of the Gravity Children escaping when the Trophaeum Tower malfunctions. At some point after her Regalia was stolen by the Takeuchi brothers, she later appeares alongside the other Gravity Childrens and Kilik; who recruited her to overthrow the original Sleeping Forest. Following the successful coup, she became one of the members of the new Sleeping Forest.



Her first storyline appearance occurs when she is dispatched by Kilik to incapacitate the leader of Genesis, Simca. Ringo would also be responsible for the attack as well as also the other members of Sleeping Forest. After successfully carrying out her objective, she is sent to deal with Kogarasumaru after Gabishi's capture. Realising that a surprise attack was bound to fail, she manipulates Black Flame and finds out that Kogarasumaru plans to fight Animal House, which she then joins as a replacement in an attempt to defeat them.

In the ensuing match, she dispatches all of her 'allies' and quickly focuses her attention on Benkei. Meaning she likes her. Although initially gaining the upper hand, the tables start to turn after Benkei figures out her weakness. After that Yoshitsune and other Genesis members came. Yoshitsune hands Benkei her Panther Corsa. Realizing there is no way out she attempts to commit suicide, but is saved by Kazu, who is newly 'awakened' to the Flame Road. Following her loss, Om is captured and placed in solitary confinement at Big Bird, the headquarters of Genesis. Six days later, she returned to Sleeping Forest with Gabishi. She has been training with Kilik for the upcoming match against Genesis, having been spared the death sentence.

All defeated Sleeping Forest members and the fallen of its commander, Kilik

Later, Om and Sleeping Forest had a diffculty of fighting Rika and Sora. After Sora grabbed the Sky Regalia, she was defeated along with her teammates and tied in the depth of Trophaeum Tower while Sora is sitting, waiting for Ikki. Before the tower were destroyed, she and her Sleeping Forest fellow has been saved by the rescuers, who had been arrived at the time.

Abilities and A·T[]

Om and her shadow, La Molybdenstar

As a first generation Gravity Child and a member of Sleeping Forest, Om is a King-Class rider ranking among the best of the A·T world. She is capable of seriously pressuring other King-Class riders, such as Benkei and Black Flame; Benkei even admits she would have lost if not for Kogarasumaru's assistance. Om's shadow is La Molybdenstar, a mechanical humanoid figure wielding a large sword and claw.

Om runs the Lather Road, which is ridden on a condensation trail formed by water vapour. She is capable of controlling or causing internal injury to opponents by manipulating their body fluids, and form bubbles which can be used as attacks. Outside of battle, she is capable of using water as a medium of communication.


Om's A·T is a subregalia known as the Water Regalia. Unlike the standard A·T, it has three wheels which resemble miniature off-road tires, and the back wheel is noticeably larger than the two front wheels. In combat, this back wheel is capable of compressing air into bubbles which rotate with great intensity and burst with great force, an ability known as Bubblegum Crisis. However, this setup has a flaw: any move must be performed with her back facing the enemy, making her susceptible to frontal attacks. Bubblegum Crisis uses the same principle behind water jet cutting, and can be considered as an "Infinity Atmosphere". Om's Regalia was stollen by the Takeuchi Brothers about ten years before the story.



Bubblegum Crisis - Using the Infinity Atmosphere of the Water Regalia, Om produces streams of bubbles that have great cutting and explosive power towards the opponent. It is just like jet cutting.


The Digimon character Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio 's design was inspired from Om.[1]

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