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Akira Udou is the former leader of team Behemoth, and Kaito Wanijima's right-hand man in Wind G-Men. He is Agito's close friend and rival. In the anime series, he is voiced by Kenji Nojima (Japanese) and Michael Dalmon (English) respectively.


He is normally a gentle, caring person who believes firmly in his ideals. When provoked sufficiently, he becomes extremely menacing. When he was still a part of Behemoth, he rarely shows his emotion. Rarely smiling until he lost. He is shown very caring towards Ren, as she teaches him about the actual state of Storm Riders.


Akira and Agito were once the star members of Wind G-Men under Kaito's command. However, Akira falls in love with the sister of a Shadow Broker named Ren-san on a routine raid against parts smugglers, and realises that matters were not as black-and-white as they seemed. His growing awareness of the helplessness of uninitiated Storm Riders conflicted with his duties in Wind G-Men, and eventually come to a head when Ren-Fa engineers an A-class match between him and Agito, the wager being the Fang Regalia . Akira chooses to follow his ideals and defeats Agito in a legendary duel,

Akira vs Agito

claiming the title of Fang King for his own and creating team Behemoth, intended as a safe haven for beginner Storm Riders. He then starts working with Simca and Genesis and his team Behemoth starts annihilating un-talented Storm Rider teams who want take part in GST or challenge Genesis. Over time, Behemoth would become one of the largest A·T teams in Japan, with their top five riders all A-Class or King-Class riders. He chooses to take rookie Storm Riders in his team so that they don't get involved in the black market of AT parts.

Akira's time as the possessor of the Fang Regalia ( Bloody Armor ) and leader of Behemoth comes to an end when he loses to Agito in a rematch. He is subsequently taken into custody by Wind G-Men. In exchange for amnesty for the former riders of Behemoth, he opts to rejoin Wind G-Men, taking up his position as Kaito's right-hand man once more time. He participated in the battle at Sano Tower after Spitfire and Sano were defeated but was unable to stop the Takeuchi Brothers and ends up getting critically injured. He was part of Wind G-Men's welcoming committee for Ikki at the Gram Scale Tournament. He was last seen in a helicopter with Kaito, going to Nike's ship.

Skills and Abilities[]

As the former leader of Behemoth, Akira is a King-level rider; in the match against Kogarasumaru, his R.E.A.D. level was 100 (with regalia), edging out Agito's level of 99 (without regalia). Nonetheless, he is easily defeated by the Takeuchi brothers in the fight at Sano Tower. He also possesses exceptional physical strength, capable of stopping Bando's punches without much effort beacause Bando and him both suffer from a rare condition in which the muscle fibres are seven times more dense then average human called Myostatin-related Muscle Hypertropy. Although a teenager, he is a good driver and marksman. His shadow is a Behemoth, a mechanical two-armed Japanese dragon.

Akira's Fang Regalia

Road and A·T[]

Akira rides the Bloody Road. He had a pair of custom A·T named Gigaer, which were heavily modified to maximize Bloody Armor, the Fang Regalia's core. In doing so, Akira removed most of its normal functions, including its ability to jump. When deployed, the front of his A·T protrudes outward and the from wheel guards 'open' giving the appearance of a roaring tiger; the wheels themselves split into 3 blades, revealing the serrated rims inside. As part of the Wind G-Men, his A·T are unknown. According to Bando, he suffers from Myostatin-related Muscle Hypertrophy, a muscle disease.


AKIRA Bloody armor over skill "Gigaers Cross" - Akira's signature trick, he fires off two Fangs simultaneously in the shape of a cross. The lesser power of the individual Fangs is made up by the fact that there are two of them. These are like two Leviathan Fangs.[1]

Cage of Fangs - Akira fires off multiple Fangs, which form a rough grid around his enemy and cuts off all routes of escape. He can close these fangs to injure or kill someone. He developed this technique to compensate for his weakness against aerial opponents.[2]

Solid Fang - The creation of this Fang is through the collection of Inertial Energy that comes from landing and breaking and allows it to be remitted. However this Fang is more concentrated than normal and is able to actually cut things.


  • He suffers from Myostatin-Related Muscle Hypertrophy, a muscular enhancement disease. However, no negative side-effects have made themselves known because of this. The only visible effect of Akira's condition was the exponential power of his muscles, increasing up to a density 7 times greater than that of the average human. Like Mitsuru, Akira seems to be heterozygous for this condition, as his genes for MRMH show incomplete dominance.


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