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Akito, Agito, and Lind Wanijima are the collective, three distinctive personalities inhabiting one body. The son of Kaito Wanijima and Gazelle, he currently occupies the position of Fang King and is a member of Kogarasumaru. Agito is the first personality audiences were introduced to, in chapter 28 of the manga, but it was long believed that Akito was the body's core personality. This was later debunked with the emergence of "Lind", though Agito would continue to preside as the body's dominant personality. Agito is nicknamed "Shark" by his teammates within , though Ikki refers to him as "Little Shark". It is unknown if Gravity Children genetics can be passed on to their proginy, but as Agito is the son of Gazelle, a Gravity Child, he is in fact, half Gravity Child because of it, on top of being the Brain Charger Lind.


Bearing a striking physical resemblance to their mother: Gazelle, Agito; Akito; and Lind are an effeminate-looking teenager with a slight build and shoulder-length, dark blue hair. They are 14-15 years old when first introduced, aging only 6 months as the series progresses. They are 142 cm (4'8") tall, weigh 38 kg (84 lbs) and have blood-type AB. Their usual attire consists of an eyepatch, black pants, and black jacket with the Kogarasumaru emblem emblazoned on the back. They used to carry straps with hooks that can be wound around Their legs and used to bind enemies. When first introduced, their attire was an orange straight-jacket with stripes along the sleeves and front, an eyepatch, white pants, with their usual straps with hooks. Additionally, each personality has its own distinct physical appearance and traits:

  • As Agito, he has amber eyes with slitted pupils and fanged teeth. His left eye is covered.
  • As Akito, he has amber eyes with normal pupils. His right eye is covered.
  • As Lind, he has Over-Cross Twinkle Eyes, spiky hair and fanged teeth.


Akito/Agito/Lind's mother, Gazelle, was pregnant at the time of her death. When she died in the polar waters between Japan and Russia, her body was preserved by the cold sea. Her body was retrieved and the fetus was removed and artificially enhanced by a mysterious benefactor (Professor Minami). The child later appeared to Kaito Wanijima with a note, explaining the situation. At some point in the past, Kaito's son was part of Professor Minami's Brain Charger Project, which led to the creation of his first persona, Lind. After escaping from the lab facilities, Kaito took his son - then under the Akito persona - under his wing, training him to be the Fang King. After realizing the violence he was causing, the pacifist Akito created Agito as a solution to his mental conflict.


Agito vs Akira

As Agito, he and Akira Udou were the star members of Windstorm G-Men until Akira quit, took Agito's Fang Regalia, and formed Behemoth. This betrayal shattered Agito, creating a deep mistrust of others that would not abate until he joined Kogarasumaru. As Kogarasumaru's strongest member, Agito was responsible for triggering its meteoric rise by engineering a D-Class Cube match against Behemoth. The resulting victory established Kogarasumaru's position in the A-T. world, and Agito reclaimed the Fang Regalia from Akira.

In subsequent battles, Agito's physical limitations become evident, and he begins to harbor doubts regarding his weak physique and ability.

Agito vs Orca

Agito vs Orca

Agito eventually overcomes these uncertainties following a confrontation with Orca, a new member of Genesis, while training with Kogarasumaru on a small island. Agito/Akito's physical and mental shortcomings trigger the awakening of the first persona, Lind, who goes on to dominate Orca. Nonetheless, Agito regains control of his body, perfecting his signature move in the process. He goes on to unleash the full power of the Fang Regalia for the first time after being tuned by Yayoi Nakayama during the match against Inorganic Net.

Agito returns

Agito returns to fight Falko

In the battle against Sleipnire, Agito is paired against Thor, who reveals that Lind is the original product of the Brain Charger Project. After disabling Thor, Agito teams up with Kazu to pull off a tag-team attack, the Grand Fang Firebird. This technique, along with an illusion caused by Kazu's Flame Lens, results in not only the elimination of Thor, but also Kazu's opponent, Nott-Dagr. It also sets up a team attack by Kogarasumaru which wins them the match. Immediately following the battle, Kogarasumaru and Aeon Clock head to Genesis's base, the Colonel Sanders aircraft carrier. After being separated from the rest of his team members, Agito is paired off against Shalott and Arthur, Genesis' Rumble King. Despite receiving Akito's and even Lind's support, Agito is surprised by Arthur's regalia which is integrated into his body and is soundly dominated in combat. Kaito then arrives, having blasted a hole into the ship's side with a bazooka. He is quickly pinned down by Shalott and then asked if he is Gazelle, the original Thorn King. Kaito refutes this claim, and while springing a trap that fills Arthur's regalia with a highly combustible gas, reveals that Lind is actually Gazelle.


Lind's anger at Shallot and Arthur

Lind, infuriated by the fact that Shalott attacked Akito/Agito's father, launches a "winged" Fang attack. Shalott, in the space of the attack, manages to propose a deal for Lind: seeking their mental power as a Brain Charger, Shalott requests the acquisition of Lind's power. Combined with their abilities as Gravity Children, Shalott theorizes that their accrued strength will make them invincible. In exchange, Shalott offers the death of Nike and the rescue of Rika Noyamano from the ship. Lind rejects the offer and completes his attack, citing the fact that Nike is his prey as his reason. The winged fang strikes and the gas within Arthur's regalia detonates.

Agito reaction

Agito's reaction when he discovers Kaito is his father

After their battle, Kaito reminisces with Lind whom he now refers to as Gazelle, the "Wings of Beginnings." The flashback reveals that ten years prior to the present, Kaito was a member of a skateboarding gang of hoodlums known as "Yellow Rain". Here, he is shown as first meeting a sleeping Gazelle in an alleyway, surrounded by garbage. The flashback reveals that Gazelle and Kaito fell in love and eventually fell into conflict with the Takeuchi brothers, who pursued Gazelle for her powers as a Brain Charger with the "Wings of Beginnings". Eventually cornered in the glacial zone that connects Japan and Russia, Gazelle commits suicide. Dr. Minami later reveals that Gazelle was pregnant when she died and that he had recovered her body and managed to save the life of the child she carried. Agito/Akito/Lind Wanijima is revealed to be the child of Kaito and Gazelle.

However, the explosion only managed to kill Shalott who sacrificed himself to save his partner, and Arthur proceeds to pierce Kaito's collar bone with a pipe. He and Lind face off against each other in a one on one battle. Finally, Lind manages to defeat him and "brain charges" their feelings into him.

After the defeat of Nike, he briefly speaks to Akira and goes to find Ikki. He finds Ikki and after a brief conversation gives Ikki the cores to the fang regalia. Afterwards they all gather to watch the battle of Ikki and Ringo Noyamano vs Sora Takeuchi and Rika Noyamano. As they discuss the battle, Ikki breaks out of his cage and Agito states that Ikki can break any cage made by anyone at anytime.




The youngest and dominant persona, Agito was created by Akito to cope with the mental stress created by his pacifist nature and responsibilities as Fang King. As such, his strength is derived from his desire to protect Akito. His devotion to Akito is shown in his match against Akira Udou, where he nearly sacrifices himself, believing himself to be the cause of his physical deterioration. Otherwise, he is an aloof and foul-mouthed character (his most-often used phrase is "FUCK!!"); despite this, he is nonetheless a valuable asset to Kogarasumaru. He is not to fond of romance, and is completely oblivious to Yayoi Nakayama's infatuation with him. Like everyone else, he refers to Ikki as "Crow."




The dominant personality prior to Agito's creation, Akito is Agito's polar opposite in almost every aspect. Timid and gentle, he was trained by Kaito Wanijima to be the Fang King, and is referred to as his "pet". He was originally the Fang King. It is hinted by Agito that Akito is more frightening than Agito when angered during Kogarasumaru's first encounter with Tool Toul To. Feminine both in behavior and appearance. He is homosexual considering he "stole" Ikki's number 1 and 3 kisses. For unknown reasons, he is terrified of the Tropaion Tower, probably due to the Brain Charger Project, which subsequently resulted in his creation, or the fact that Lind's personality, the senior and original personality, was the first generation Thorn King later to be revealed as the Thorn Queen Gazelle.




The last persona to appear in the series, Lind is the "First Personality" of the body. Lind's personality is actually a copy that of Gazelle, the first generation Thorn Queen, also known as the "Wings of Beginnings". He inherited her abilities and memories and is the mother of Agito and Akito. He is metaphorically referred to as the "Seed of Judas", planted within Kogarasumaru to sabotage them. When his person was grafted on, Lind's consciousness was too much for his body to handle; Akito, and by extension Agito were created from the resulting mental turmoil, while he went into hibernation, awaiting his body's maturation. He is Brain Charger No. 0 and prototype for Sleipnire, making him their senior. Ruthless, sadistic and disdainful, Lind regards Akito and Agito as "babies" possibly referring to the fact, Lind technically has the personality of their mother, and has a playboy attitude towards women. He does have a caring side though, as he was smiling when his youngest "brother" Agito reasserted control of the body. He is also very protective of Kaito Wanijima, seeing as he mentally snapped when he saw Arthur and Shalott beating him up and proceeded to attack the duo with the intent of killing them. He also has a vendetta against Nike, as he calls him his "prey" and says he's been after him for a long time. Lind is also most likely the sole male character in the series that can use the Sonia Road due to the fact that he has the memories of the original Thorn Queen Gazelle who owned the original Thorn Regalia.

Abilities and A·T[]


Agito's A-T's

All 3 of the personas are King-Level Bloody Road riders in their own right, and share the shadow Leviathan, which appears as an elongated, multi-finned shark. Nonetheless, there are distinct differences in their abilities:

  • The current Fang King, Agito ranks among the top riders of the A-T world, and is the strongest and most experienced member of Kogarasumaru. In combat, he is exceptionally collected and focused, possessing keen instincts and analytic acumen. This, combined with his ability to perform moves after having seen them just once, has earned him the moniker of Genius Fighter. His initial R.E.A.D Level is 88, which rises to 99 in his duel with Akira Udou, and 122 during the battle with Sleipnire. During the battle with Arthur and Shalott, Akito mentions that he and Agito's R.E.A.D Level is now standing somewhere above or close to 200.
  • Akito, a former Fang King, is actually even stronger than Agito; however, he refuses to ride A-T's due to his pacifist nature. Nonetheless, he is able to fight indirectly through Agito by lending him strength, boosting his capabilities significantly. Akito was also Agito's tuner prior to Yayoi Nakayama's "awakening", although he could not fully realize Agito's full potential because he lacked the ability to sense biorhythms.
  • Inheriting the "Wings of Beginnings", Gazelle's abilities and memories as a Brain Charger, Lind displays inhuman skill with A·T's. In his debut, he easily dominates an opponent that Agito/Akito combined could not even put a scratch on. When he lends 'half' his strength to Agito, they have a R.E.A.D level of 302. Considering that information if he did indeed lend Agito half of his power that means Lind would have a R.E.A.D level around 360. The secret behind his strength is a hybrid combination between Sonia Road's flexibility and Bloody Road's sharpness and destructive power. Controlling these two powers is the Flying Heart, the "Virgin Blade".

His A-T is named Sand Tiger, which has a bladed ridge on its vamp and serrated wheels. The Fang Regalia's core, Bloody Armor, is installed in its wheels. Initially, Akito was only able to bring out 24% of Bloody Armor's total power; when appropriately tuned and deployed, Sand Tiger's front wheel guards jut out to resemble a shark's fin, and the wheels split along their serrations into a saw-blade configuration.


Solid Fang - The creation of this Fang is through the collection of Inertial Energy that comes from landing and breaking and allows it to be remitted. However this Fang is more concentrated than normal and is able to actually cut things.

AGITO Ride fall Bloody roll, soul 1800° - A brutal move that twists the opponent's body as Agito "rolls" the opponent from all sides, its distinctive 'finisher' is a spurting spiral of blood.[1]

Backward Cross Ridefall Upper Fang "TWINCAM" - A tag-team move used by Itsuki Minami and Agito. Ikki executes a 360 degree spin while holding Agito, who then executes a flying hook kick using the resulting momentum.[2]

Fang Grind - A tag-team move where Ikki "grinds" one of Agito's fangs, simultaneously increasing the lethality of the fang and the distance Ikki travels.[3]


Agito's Leviathan Fang

AGITO Bloody Fang Ride fall "Leviathan" Akito's signature trick. With Akito, Agito is able to perform it without Bloody Armor, a spectacular feat in and of itself.[4]

Gigaers Cross - Originally Akira Udou's technique, Agito has also used it. It is a pair of fangs fired in a cross-shaped configuration.[5]

Cage of Fangs - Originally Akira Udou's technique, Agito has also used it. As its name implies, it is a criss-crossing collection of fangs which converge upon the opponent.[6]

Bloody Road: Infinity Jail - Lind's signature trick, it invokes the Infinity Atmosphere of the Bloody Road to create a ball of fangs, resembling Akito's cage, that encloses the opponent. It is essentially a refined, more elegant version of the "Cage of Fangs", as the "Jail" can be imploded at the user's will.[7]

Bloody Blade Fang

Bloody Blade Fang

AGITO Bloody Blade Fang - Agito's signature trick, it is essentially an evolved form of the Leviathan but perfected due to the Tuning of Yayoi Nakayama as an answer to his weak stamina. It takes the appearance of an oversized Fang with ribbed protrusions.[8]

AGITO & AKITO × KAZU: Grand Fang Fire Bird - With Akito, Agito creates a giant fang while Kazuma sets it ablaze with flames making it easily capable of taking down a plane.[9]

Bloody Road: Saucer Crush - One of Agito's only non-fang based techniques. Using his attached hooks, he slashes at everything in a horizontal circle around himself.

Virgin Blade - Lind creates a fang that has thorns attached to increase the cutting power.



  • Akito enjoys using lots of proverbs.
  • Agito is shown to be very weak while sleeping, which is a running gag in the series.
  • He has wind chimes hanging from his ceiling made of A-T parts.
  • Akito's favorite colors are blue, green, and yellow, whereas Agito's favorite color is red.
  • Akito's favorite animal are birds, especially crows, whereas Agito's favorite animal are sharks.
  • Agito likes BOSS coffee whereas Akito likes strawberry milkshake.
  • During chapter 166, it seems that Agito is able to use the Flame Road, as seen when he ignites part of a factory, after watching and criticizing Kazu's run, much to Kazu's surprise.
  • Agito/Akito's mother Gazelle was rider of the Sonia Road which is the opposite of the Bloody Road.
  • The OVA reveals the Bloody Blade Fang to be deep blood red.
  • Agito/Akito voiced by Kokoro Kikuchi in 2006 Anime series, and voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi in 2010 OVA. Both of voice actors have role in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. Kikuchi voices Sarada Uchiha, Shirasishi voices Chocho Akimichi, and both of Sarada and Chocho are best friend.


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