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The Apollon Road is a refination of the Flame Road which both Time and Flame are used simultaneously, it also is the use of fast and precise attacks to freeze the movement of their victims. These tricks are collectively referred to as "Time". The rider of this road moves at extremely high speeds, often disappearing from view.

The Apollon Road.


Time - Sano's signature technique. His mastery of this ability earned him the nickname Aeon Clock. The first technique of this name manipulates light to bend around Aeon using heat, rendering him invisible to give the illusion of controlling time. The second technique Aeon uses causes an "over rev" phenomenon, where the victim's brain is using it's resources solely to process vision, and cannot respond to an imminent strike.

Reincarnation - Sano's strongest Time variation. After "stopping time", he executes a spin to get underneath his opponent and then transfers all of the resulting momentum into them, sending them flying. Said to be the strongest of Sanos 48 attacks.

Time Reversal - Sano named this technique as one of his Time offshoots during the celebration of Ikki's release from the hospital. It consists of him simply projectile vomiting, making it a gag technique.

Time Shield - Like Kazu, Sano has been seen using the Time technique to shield against enemy attacks. He is first seen using it against Mikan Noyamono's assault, although it is not strong enough to hold her back completely.

Flames of Time - This technique implements more Flame Road principles into Sano's Time tricks. With it, he can fire numerous blasts of energy at his enemies, inflicting serious damage. He first uses it against Gabishi during their skirmish, and again in tandem with Spitfire during their fight against the Takeuchi brothers.

Time Mirror - Sano utilized this technique to briefly counter Nike's regalia. By using his speed to kick the ground extremely rapidly, he applied the same paralysis effect caused by the Gem Regalia to Nike, giving Spitfire a chance to give the Flame Regalia to Kazu.

Giant Swing of Time - After using Time, Sano plants a hand on the ground and swings his feet like a pendulum. He is only seen using this ability once: against Kazu during the Behemoth match.

St. Elmo's Crossfire - By teaming up with Spitfire, Sano was able to use this technique against Nike. It creates a cross-shaped blaze that sends the targeted enemy flying into the ground. Although Nike used his Jade Road to escape harm, it is presumably a very powerful technique.

Cloak of Time - Makes the user and or who the user want be made invisible for a short period of time.