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Arthur is one of the 58 Gravity Children on board the aircraft carrier that serves as Genesis's base of operations. He serves as Genesis' Rumble King and is one of the six 'Kings' guarding the base.


As a second generation Gravity Child, Arthur was put through an elimination process similar to that of the first generation, overseen by Nike . Although one of the less able children and a potential 'reject', he forms a relationship with Shalott, who is severely wounded by Nike when attempting to motivate him. Undergoing a risky operation performed by Dr. Minami(with only 10% chance of success), Arthur transplants all his organs into Shalott, with the Rumble Sub-regalia being transplanted into his body in turn. Since then, they have been literally inseparable, with Arthur pledging to allegiance to Shalott as his master, and Shalott likewise vowing to make Arthur the strongest 'King'.

He and Shalott are defeated by Lind (with memories of Gazelle) on the aircraft carrier ship, and are "braincharged" into them as their "wings".

Appearance and Personality[]

Arthur dresses as a Goth, with a chastity belt, leather arm straps and collar, black bell-bottom jeans plastered with skeletal hands and a similarly pattened vest with buckles running down his back reminiscent of a spine. He is a masochist, with his most distinctive feature being what appears to be stitches around his mouth. Unsurprisingly, he delights in pain and punishment, particularly from his proclaimed 'master', Shalott. He carries a stiletto with an ornate hilt styled similarly to Shalott's whip.

Abilities and A·T[]

Known as Arthur of the Mirrors, Arthur's style focuses on reflecting damage back to his enemy. As the Rumble 'King' of Genesis and a second generation Gravity Child, he specializes in the Over Road. Although his A·Ts and tricks seem unremarkable at first, after Shalott is defeated(and possibly killed) he shows that he able to fight almost evenly with the full Lind persona, a rider with a presumed batle level of 360 and master of two Roads. His Regalia is implanted directly into his body, manifesting itself as four turbines where his lungs would be when activated. His 'Shadow' manifests as a bound, gagged figure in a wheelchair with a shield on its chest and a rapier between its legs.


Mirror Country - Arthur acts as a decoy, drawing his enemy's attention and attacks while Shalott attacks from behind his mirrors.

Arthur's Shadow

Arthur activating his Rumble Sub-regalia.