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Aeon Clock's Ball-Roller ATs

These ATs use small ball bearings in place of usual wheels, These AT have a 360 degree rotation A-T. Compared the usual wheel style, this type has higher degree of flexibility. The Ball-Roller's speed and jump abilities are weaker than normal AT.AT which use the Ball-Roller system are difficult to master and are very expensive, earning them the nickname "niche model". These ATs often appear to be normal shoes as the entirety mechanisms lie on the sole of the AT. Some ATs such as the one which "Gem King" Nike currently uses are hybrids, possessing both Ball-Roller parts and a normal wheel.

Gawain's Ball-Roller ATs

Both "Aeon Clock" Yasuyoshi Sano and"Killer" Gawain used these ATs. Sano's in smart, business like shoes, Gawain’s in gothic boots.

"Thorn Queen" Ringo is later seen using a heel-like ball-roller AT when she joins up with President Omaha and Kururu on their way to Genesis HQ, the battleship, Colonel Sanders.