(ベヒーモス, Behīmosu) was a Class-D Storm Rider team and a subsidiary of Genesis. Although they had the strength of an A-Class team, they remained in D-Class by not winning the three wins required to advance. Their stated reason was so that they could prey on other Storm Rider teams, but in reality, Simca had requested that they eliminate teams not truly prepared for the Parts War to avoid needless bloodshed in the upcoming conflict with Sleeping Forest. Udou Akira led the team, and the four strongest members were known as the "Shiseijyū" (四聖獣, four mythical beasts, the Four Titans of Behemoth in the Del Rey translation); according to Noyamano Ringo, all of the four are King-class riders.

Members Edit

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Behemoth Strongest members

Udou AkiraEdit

Akira is the leader of the team, developing it after leaving the Wind SWAT team, winning the Fang Regalia in a battle against Agito, and joining Genesis. He is highly skilled in the Bloody Road and was able to evolve the Fang attack into the more deadly Gigaer Cross, which overpowered Agito's Leviathan Fang (although Agito was performing the attack with normal ATs). After his defeat at the hands of Agito and Minami Ikki, he returns the title of Fang King, dissolves Behemoth, leaves Genesis, and rejoins the Wind G-Men. Later, he spearheads an attempt to rescue Spitfire and Aeon Clock from the Takeuchi Brothers, but is badly injured.

Bando MitsuruEdit

Sometimes referred to as the "Cyclops Hammer", specializes in close combat, using his ultra-destructive punching power as his main weapon. When coupled with the speed of his AT, Mitsuru's punches result in damage of diabolical proportions. During the Behemoth VS Kogarasumaru challenge, he fights Ikki and is thoroughly defeated. With the arrest of Akira at the hands of the Wind SWAT team, Bandō now seeks to establish his own Storm Rider team called DIG. Mitsuru has a strange appearance, as his eyes are completely black.

Goshogawara FuumeiEdit

Known as the "Hecatonchires Bomb", dislocates his already long arms to attack opponents from a great distance and use them to grapple enemies. He is often characterized as a digger wasp.

Mimasaka RyoEdit

Known as "Gorgon Shell", uses "Oshiroibori" tattoos, which are almost invisible to the naked eye, to hypnotize the opponent to the point that their metabolism slows down so much that it leads to paralysis. She is, however defeated by Onigiri whose unorthodox style of riding on his head reverses the tattoo effects and makes him more powerful to the point where she submits to him instead. She is very close to Yasuyoshi Sano and may have romantic feelings for him, having known him from their school days, and works under him. She sacrifices herself to save Sano from being killed by Nike; though she is later revealed to be alive but on life-support and held hostage by Genesis in order to force Sano to work for them. In Chapter 161 it is reveled that she follows the path of the Gaia/Jade Road.

Yasuyoshi SanoEdit

See Yasuyoshi Sano

For the record he controls time and has a thing for underaged boys... In reality his battle level is 82 and his contol over time is maintained through his use of heat harnessed from the flame road (as taught to him by Spitfire himself). The only noted storm rider who ever found a way to counter his technique (even though he still lost) was kazu (AKA stealth) in the battle between Kogarasumaru and Behemoth (naturally). Sano is known for his signatured attack the great "Wheel Of Time". It is essentially a series of horizontal kick while Sano himself is rotating at high speed (horizontal kicking drill). in addition Sano uses a single highly focused heat wave given off by his ATs to place his opponents brain is a state of extreme tention, at which point his victims body cant keep up with what their eyes are seeing at normal speed. Only known as "Time Stop" it is the single most powerful weapon in Sanos array of attacks, normally one punch is all he needs to finish the battle while this attack is active. After Behemoth is disbanded he "serves" as Ikkis "assistant". Though more natually a slightly two faced council to ikki in making decisions regarding his takeover of Genises. He is for the most loyal to Ikki but his true loyalty is furthering his own agenda in becoming a king. He is good friends with Yoshitsune, one of the 3 members of team Trident (more so its leader if you think about it) and the leader of Samari spirits of the Kansai region. After his old school bike is destroyed by Ikki he purchases a red sports car.

D,E,F-Class Members Edit

The Behemoth was one of the largest known Storm Rider teams before being disbanded, forming a large portion of Genesis. Their dissolution was a major loss for Genesis.

Behemoth Members

Behemoth Members

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