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Benkei (ベンケイ, Benkei) is Yoshitsune's beautiful and skilled second-in-command in the A-T's team Tridents.


Matching her panther themes, Benkei wears a leopard-spotted shirt and a black bra outside of it on her ample breasts. She wears matching black underwear, pale ass-less chaps, and A-T's that resemble high heels. Her hair is blackish blue, tied into small knots at the end with hooks, and her eyes are red. Later on, she loses her right leg up to her thigh.


Benkei is an aggressive yet playful woman; she even displays a nurturing side in her time as Kogarasumaru's trainer as well. After Yoshitsune's death at the hands of Genesis, she briefly breaks down in tears, but regains her composure quickly.


Benkei vs Om

After the merge with Genesis, Benkei became Kogarasumaru's trainer and helper (non-permanent team member) during Ikki's hospitalization period. During a match against another team, she fought Sleeping Forest's Water Queen, Om, and eventually overcame her, with some help from Kazu. Her preferred weapon of choice is the Panther's Corsa as she is also compared with a panther in both her fighting style and aggressive behavior both in and out of battles. She is also referred to as Bishamonten - a living spirit of battle and war. After the betrayal of Nike and Sora Takeuchi, she decided that, as a member of Tridents, she would stay by her leader.

Benkei, Ringo, and Kururu join the fight

After Kogarasumaru won their match against Highway Circus, while they were waiting for their next opponent to be decided, Benkei appeared before them after rushing there on her motorcycle from Osaka. Her right leg was cut off and bandaged, but was still bloody. She had come to deliver the Rumble Regalia, and after doing so, she began to cry. It is later revealed that she cut her own leg off during the assault by Genesis on Osaka, during which Yoshitsune was killed by Nike. Benkei has recently joined the assault on Sora's aircraft carrier, riding from a plane on her trademark motorcycle with Kururu Sumeragi and Ringo Noyamano hanging on. When confronted by Merlin and Morrigan, Benkei charges Morrigan on her motorcycle but it gets destroyed when Morrigan buffs herself up using an unknown technique. She's later seen cutting off Nike's left foot as a form of payback for what he did to Tridents and how Nike's orders cost her her own right leg while escaping from a previous battle.


Benkei loses her leg

Benkei is an A-Class Storm Rider who rides on the Over Road. Although she is not a Queen in her own right (since Yoshitsune is the Rumble King), she has demonstrated that she can keep up with Kings and even defeat them with some difficulty. She has also repeatedly displayed the ability to ride with only one A-T. Later on, she cut off her own leg to be able to escape Percival's mecha, since her leg was caught by the machine.



Benkei regularly utilizes a weapon called the Panther Corsa (豹頭の錫杖). It resembles a long, stylized rod of metal with two panther heads at each end. These heads retract to reveal A-T wheels, which Benkei uses to increase her mobility and power in combat. Also, hidden within the handle of the weapon is a short blade, which she uses to cut off her own leg during Tridents' battle against Genesis. After losing her leg, she relies on this weapon as a cane. The weapon breaks after being used to dismember Nike's foot before he attacks Kazu.


  • Benkei is strongly presumed to be based on Saito Musashibō Benkei, which would follow with her leader, Yoshitsune, being based on Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
  • In modern Japanese culture Benkei was a companion to Yoshitsune, a historical bishonen. Much like Benkei (in AG) is Yoshitsune's (in AG) companion or second-in-command.