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Black Burn is the original Thunder King and a Gravity Child whose Regalia uses artificial lightning as a destructive force as well as a wire system similar to Nue's. Apparently he has a son (his son is later revealed to be Nue in Chapter 271), as briefly mentioned by his copy during Sleeping Forest/Inorganic Net vs. Kogarasumaru fight in Chapter 223. He was recently revealed to be "Hanged Man".


Black Burn drunk using his new technique "Tickling Women's Breast with Static Electricity from a distance"

Black Burn has a very laid back personality and usually drunk. He is shown to be perverted; something that Rika always attacked him for during their Sleeping Forest days. He is known to be somewhat quick tempered. He is also shown to be a quick think and somewhat perceptive as shown in the Inorgantic Net battle as he was the first to figure out that Agito was not the panther.


Black Burn was the original Thunder King of the original Sleeping Forest. His Thunder Regalia is the original, full-body Regalia. The degraded version of this regalia is in possession of Nue. When Sora tried to defeat Kilik, he chose sides with Sora, along with Dontores, Falko, and Spitfire. Upon losing this fight Black Burn's Regalia was destroyed.

At some point after his tenature as the Thunder King, he took up resedence, along with Nue and the other members of Black Crow, inside an old church. Here he was often visited by Minami Rinta, who brought failed Gravity Children to join Black Crow.

Black Burn with the Original Sleeping Forest


During the battle with Kogarasumaru Black Burn showed signs of a quick thinker, such as when the team was lost in a cave his suggestion was given 90 points. The minus 10 points was only given because Kilik claims he thought of it first but Black Burn said it first. He is also the one to realize that Agito might not have been the Panther.

Black Burn (as the Hanged Man) first appears in chapter 79. Ikki mistakes him as an enemy and attacks him with the intent to protect his team's territory, but to everyone's surprise, is easily taken down. He later appears watching Kogarasumaru's battle against the White Wolf Clan, and talks to Kilik, who shows no signs of recognizing him. (One of the principles of the Gaia Road is memorization, Kilik undoubtedly recognizes that Hanged Man and Black Burn are one in the same.)

In chapter 307 it is revealed that he is Hanged Man because of Nue calling him a shitty father. Falco comments no one was sure of the Hanged Man’s true identity, but he shows signs that there were rumors. He then taunts Nue, stating that he is able to neutralize Nue’s lightning and berates him, for not using the regalia core that Rinta created for him.

Black Burn with Original Sleeping Forest without Rika vs Kilik

He is later shown watching the battle of Ikki and Ringo vs Sora and Rika with everyone else and comments on the ultimate thorn battle form. And remembers rika using it years ago back when they were in sleeping forest together she used it when he was using his tricks in a perverted way but it happened so fast he could hardly see it. But stated that it was powerful to the point that he coughed up blood. He commented on Ikki's use of a Wind Barrier like Nike. In the final chapter during a concert BlackBurn reveals to Nue that after a decade he finally got a job and is seen crying.



Black Burn is the Original Thunder King of the Rising Road. He was part of the original Sleeping Forest.

Original Thunder Regalia


Black Burn's Regalia is very similar to Nue's full body Regalia. Apart from his neck and head, his whole body is encased in the Regalia. Black Burn specializes in manipulating electricity and magnetism, allowing him to produce various tricks. As the Hanged Man, Black Burn's regalia is more like a part of elbow long gauntlets with the wires underneath each finger except the thumb.


  • Lightning Spider Net - Black Burn ensnares an opponent in his wire system and proceeds to electrocute them.
  • Illusions - Like Nue, Black Burn can use his Regalia to create hallucinations.
  • Tesla Coil - Black Burn creates a barrier around him, with the wire, to divert incoming attacks.
  • Under Suspension - Black Burn wraps his opponent with wire then flips them upside down and slams them into the ground.
  • Black Burn X Sora: Electrical Wind Laser - Sora forms a front line current of wind in front of him. After this, He and Black Burn kick through that current, and using the electrical currents sent through Sora's wind by Black Burn, it sends out a laser-like beam of wind covered in an electric stream. This move was used only in chapter 214, during the Kogarasumaru vs Organic Net battle.


  • During the battle with Ikki, Nue claims that Hanged Man is his father.
  • He used to wear a mask.

Young Black Burn