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Coke In Magician Kokuen, otherwise known as Cokefire is the current leader of Group Volcano and Spitfire's former right-hand man.


As with all of Group Volcano's members, Cokefire wears a black jacket with a collar lining of fur. Initially, he wears a simple t-shirt and white pants like Spitfire. Lately, he has taken to wearing a ruffled shirt with bow-tie and black dress pants. Cokefire also holds a deck of Tarot Cards with which he performs magic tricks and grade others.


Confident and charismatic, Cokefire is extremely loyal to Spitfire. He is a romantic, and is fairly attractive to women. As the leader of Coca Fire, he often takes on patrolling duties.


Cokefire first appears in the series as leader of Coca Fire when he offers his services to Benkei and briefly woos her. Unfortunately, he is manipulated and injured by Orm while patrolling Animal House's territory, and is subsequently hospitalized.

After being discharged, he assumes leadership of Group Volcano following Spitfire's death. In accordance with Spitfire's last wishes, he breaks off all ties with Genesis and takes up the task of training Kogarasumaru, focusing on Kazu in particular. When Vercingetorix assails Agito, he is attacked by Aeon Clock, who goes on to steal the Flame Regalia he was guarding. After Kazu and Ikki's duel, he negotiates a settlement with the owner of the establishment Ikki was working at. Currently, he remains an advisor of sorts to Kogarasumaru.

Abilities and A·T[]

Cokefire is an King-Class rider of the Flame Road, and has a battle level of 79. His A·T resembles a pair of loafers. Outside of A·T, he is an accomplished magician.


  • He rates Spitfire as the ace of hearts, Ikki as the jack of spades and Kazu as the two of clubs.


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