• TheDS(A) 7

    Emily in chapter 98

    January 17, 2018 by TheDS(A) 7

    So, what exactly is going on with Emily in chapter 98 at the end? Anyone got any idea on that?

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  • RinkakuKagune

    Hey guys I made a new wiki called Air Gear: Sky Roads Wiki, this wiki allows you to create your own roads, charcteras and Storm Rider teams. this is the link; 

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  • BlitzWarp

    Of course, the 1st series ended with Ikki beating the Devil's 33, then there are the 3 OVAs:

    1. The 1st was, Ikki getting Kurumu as his Turner, Ringo attacking Simca, Canon kissing Ringo, Ikki & Ringo fighting as Wind King & Thorn Queen, Kurumu fixing the Wind Regalia, Ikki unleashing his new Shadow, Ikki & Ringo's fight ended with a tie, Ikki leaving the Noyamano house & Ringo kiss Ikki.
    2. The 2nd OVA was, Kogarasumaru entering the Inorganic Net & fights the Original Sleeping Forest in a A-Class AT battle, the OVA ends with Bucca vs Dontores, & Agito grabbing the balloon but was stopped by Sora & Kilik Road Combo.
    3. The 3rd OVA, Akito asks Nakayama to be their(as in Akito & Agito) Turner, Nakayama flashback when Agito was facing Orca, & Nakayama wa…
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  • InfinityRider

    Like Air Gear?....

    ...then come here

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  • AllFatherOdinBorison

    It is a constant eye sore to see people randomly jutting in info they have zero clue just cause its speculation. The concrete facts these days is that true air gear experts need to filter out these random people. Am I the only one who seems to think a council aught to be formed? I would estimate not but probably the first to suggest it openly since there has been a slack slide of info from newbies thinking they know the air gear manga. So anyone else as up in arms about this as me? Anyone else want to work with me on this council to filter the material properly?

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  • Spe3d3

    Sleeping Forest poem

    June 9, 2011 by Spe3d3

    I realy like sleeping forest poem, but to me it dosen't sound right. So i changed few things there and i'd like here ur opinion on this one. Enjoy.

    "The tree branches reach around and up to the sky...

    The leaves crowd together and swallow all light,

    The forest grows darker and darker, and then...

    The man, in the forest, who's thinking he's safe...

    That hunter don't hear the breathing of death,

    On this night, the hunter will become the prey...

    For this hunter has entered a Sleeping Forest today..."

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  • Ichigohollowfied

    Honestly I think the chick deserved to die >.>

    RIngo ruins everything.

    She ruins Ikki getting it on w/ Simca

    She rats out Ikki

    and now she ruins his regalia pretty much >.>

    blame Ringo for the failure...

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  • Blazeemperor

    Does anyone know the infinity atmospheres of the Rising road or the Hurricane road

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  • DrnkCwB

    Any one here know how to make Character boxes?

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