The Bloody Road relies on a concept very similar to Sonia Road. However, this 'run' is one where the rider seeks to immortalize his/her tricks by carving them into another idividual. This is done through the use of hook-like contraptions that become part of the riders gear and the 'crazy torque' of a Bloody Road riders AT's which tear into flesh of others.

Tricks[edit | edit source]

Solid Fang - The creation of the Fang through the collection of Inertial Energy that comes from landing and breaking and allows it to be remitted. However this Fang is more concentrated than normal and is able to actually cut things.

AGITO Bloody fang Ride fall "Leviathan" Akito's signature trick, it is the basic 'Fang' attack. Agito is able to perform it without Bloody Armor, a spectacular feat in and of itself.

Gigaers Cross - Originally Udō Akira's technique, Agito has also used it. It is a pair of fangs fired in a cross-shaped configuration.

Cage of Fangs - Originally Udō Akira's technique, Agito has also used it. As its name implies, it is a criss-crossing collection of Fangs which converge upon the opponent.

Bloody Fang: Infinity Jail - Lind's signature trick, it invokes the Infinity Atmosphere of the Bloody Road to create a ball of Fangs, resembling Agito's cage, that encloses the opponent. It is essentially a refined, more elegant version of the "Cage of Fangs", as the 'Jail' can be imploded at the user's will.

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