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Caesar (ガイウス, Caesar?) is a new member of Genesis (introduced in chapter 188) to come retrieve Orca who had encountered Agito Wanijima while he was training to perfect his fang. As Caesar questioned Orca for seeking out Agito, he found himself threatened by the annoyed Agito. Caesar, however, managed to quickly cower Agito by unleashing his signature trick, Legionarius Phalanx, a move that uses blindingly fast kicks to send out numerous powerful blasts. Caesar is descended from Roman nobility and is very confident in his abilities. As a result, he appears very foppish and is very arrogant. Moments after 'defeating' Agito, he faces him again, only this time a 'fully awakened' Agito dodges his attacks and uses a double fang to slice open Caesar's scalp and much to his horror, showering him with his own blood. It has been stated by Caesar himself that he is a sadist, he seems to be characterized by a legion of bayonet using soldiers. Caesar's country seems to have advanced technology, as after he is injured by Agito, he uses a mechanical exoskeleton that he says originates from it for a short time before Orca disables him, saying he's "played around for long enough".

Ceaser makes a reappearance talking to Sora about his plans outside the tower. He tries to intercept Ringo and the members of Tool Toul To on their way to the aircraft carrier using his A-T Armour SIgma but he is instantly defeated by Ringo's Sonia road. Thus far, Caesar has shown to be the overconfident article of cannon fodder, Fang, and Thorn bait. Will Caesar have his day in the sun?



His road is unknown hoever he uses technology when he is in battle. The Sigma AT armor is an armor made by Genesis and was in use by Caesar for a brief moment until Ringo destroyed it while on an aircraft easily. Caesar had Regalia, but they were stolen at an unknown point by the Takeuchi Brothers.

Legionarius Phalanx: Ceaser uses this move to send out rapid kicks to intimidate and greatly harm the opponent. These kicks send out projectiles which are capable of changing directions in mid-flight. In chapter 188 they demonstrated their strength denting steel car frames and leaving impact holes in the ground.

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  • Interestingly, the bayonets mounted on the soldiers' rifles are practically useless, as the long barrels negate any stabbing abilities.