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The Devil's 33 (Devil's Thirty-Thirty in the anime) is a Kyoto Air Treck stunt that involves two riders jumping 33.3 meters (110 feet) off of a small ramp. Along with this the riders must jump over thirty-three teammates lying on the ground. The rider that jumps farther wins. If a rider does not make all 33.3 meters, they could land on one of their teammates and possibly kill them, making the Devil's 33 one of the most dangerous stunts in the Air Treck world. The stunt is based mostly on courage rather than skill.


This stunt first appeared when Yoshitsune of Trident challenged Ikki to compete with him, only to see if Ikki is worthy of being the new king of Genesis. The only person to lay down for him was Ringo. At first Ikki had tried to jump it with the help of Agito. Agito used the Fang Regalia to unleash a fang for Ikki to ride across the 33.3 meters. Yoshitsune used his Rumble Regalia to absorb the fang and fired it back at Ikki. This caused him to almost fall on Ringo, saving her just barely by twisting his body and landing on his knee. After this he tries multiple times with his fractured knee getting farther with each jump. He eventually completes the stunt and Trident recognizes him as the new leader of Genesis.


The anime version is relatively the different. Yoshitsune challenges Ikki to a the Devil's Thirty Thirty the day before. During the challenge Yoshitsune goes first jumping over members of Trident. Yoshitsune makes it with 33.18 meters. Ikki goes after, jumping over his former enemies (minus the Skull Saders). Like in the manga, Agito tries to help Ikki using the Fang Regalia. Also like in the manga, Yoshitsune stops them using his Rumble Regalia. Ikki eventually finishes the stunt with 35.09 meters, beating Sora's record of 34.2 meters. The anime leaves off at the end of Vol. 12, Chapter 103 in the manga since it never finished after this chapter due to the anime not getting enough popularity.