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Emily Adachi (安達 絵美理, Adachi Emiri) is part of the track team together with Yayoi Nakayama who used to look down on Ikki and his friends. However, after the incident between Ikki and Buccha, she has come to admire them. She and Yayoi are also the first to admonish them whenever they come up with something stupid (which is rather often). She has a big crush on Kazu (who she refers to as Kazu-sama).


Emily has short dark brown hair (sometimes depicted as black itself), dark brown eyes and a very curvaceous figure with large, round breasts for her age (just like Simca).

In the manga, she normally wears shorts and a jacket over her small T-shirt.


She also unzips her jacket when she is tired and sweaty. As an act of humor, she sometimes unzips her jacket and acts as if she is being forcefully attacked by a man. She's usually cheerful and friendly to others.

Surprisingly, for such a young girl, she's shown on more than one occasion superhuman strength that even outclasses several male characters and surprises several that see this. Even the other females at her school wonder what kind of girl is she.  Some doubt if she is even human. This tends to be a running gag throughout the series.

She has shown constantly to have a huge crush on Kazu. While Kazu may be oblivious to her feelings most the time, he truly cares for her and her well-being. She has more than once tried to gain his attention and go on a date with him. She gets rather nervous when alone with him or when he touches her. At the end of the manga, Emily finally confesses her love for him and asks him out to which he says yes. Emily has been very happy since.


She eventually joins the team Kogarasumaru and acts as back-up. Even though her Air Treck skills aren't that great, she seems to be able to summon up super strength and endurance, like taking hits from powerful Storm Riders and brushing the hits off easily to her super powerful kicks and wrestling moves, through her pure strength of will and "The Power of Love". She is so strong that she succeeded in avoiding Gabishi's horn by tackling down, which made him ask himself if she was really a girl.

Currently, she is an official member of Kogarasumaru. Among other times, during the fight with White Wolf Clan she temporarily replaced Buccha after he was beaten by an old man with a cybernetic armor. While fighting, Emily and the others decided to win by beating the other team to a pulp. Currently, she doesn't have a Road.

Some fans actually think that her road can be called Guts Road because she was described as a Guts-type rider, something she may not think of to be a compliment for a girl, as she said to Aeon Clock when he talks to her about her strength.

As Kogarasumaru's panther in the Inorganic Net match, she successfully caught the balloon and ended the match. However, in the aftermath, she switched bodies with United States President John Omaha.

As of Chapter 264, it has been revealed that she has used the influence of the President (with Omaha in her body telling her what to do and say) to support Kogarasumaru in their fight against Sora. She (or he, in this case) was with Tool Toul To and Noyamano Ringo at the Sleeping Forest home base.

Omaha (in Emily's body) helps fight Genesis in hope of saving Rika and in fighting the soldiers there while Emily (in Omaha's body still) must stay on the sidelines due to her being unable to do anything in the president's body.

Three months later, Emily is in a band singing and while Kazu is there, she confesses her love for him and asks him out to which he says yes. The two have since then been a happy couple.


  • The name Emily means "picture, painting" (絵) (e), "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "reason, logic" (理) (ri).
  • Emily's surname Adachi means "peace, quiet" (安) (a) and "accomplished, reach, arrive, attain" (達) (dachi).