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Trick:1 Air Gear is episode 1 of the Air Gear anime.


Note: This summary was written from the English subbed Japanese version of Trick:1, so expect some minor differences if you have only watched the English dub.

"Through the science of microtechnology, a miniature motor has been developed with the power of a four-wheeled vehicle. After this development, there are now crazy people who mod their rollerblades, making them even faster, able to fly even higher! With these extreme devices, they dash down the streets at blistering speeds. Since these people's appearance, everything has turned into a road. Even higher! Even faster!..."

Ikki begins to rewind the video talking about A-T's, asking himself what they are, but is interrupted by a kick from Mikan which sends him flying into a wall. She tells him off for watching her videos. Ume says that he has no manners and enjoys invading other people's privacy, whereas Rika tells Ikki that he should already knows the rules of the house. Ikki asks them to stop trying to kill him all of a sudden. ("Hey, is this how you should treat the main character?") Ringo asks Ikki if he lost a fight, and continues by saying it's a relief that he didn't get hurt. Ikki yells, "not yet!", and runs out of the house saying that it's not like he lost completely, leaving Ringo and the othe members of the Noyamano Family to wonder if he's alright.

Ikki walks through the streets, and remembers his fight the with leader of the Skull Saders, Magaki Kouji. Ikki tries to fight Magaki, but it easily defeated by his superior fighting because of his A-T's. Magaki knocks him though the wall of the building they were in, then jumps through the hole left by Ikki and grabs him, taking him up to a terrifying height. He then tells Ikki, "you must understand what would happen if you fell from this height...", and sends Ikki falling to his death, only to catch him at the very last moment, where his head is barely an inch away from the ground. Ikki is left in a state of shock, and wets his pants with fear.

Ikki's friends, Kazu and Onigiri, find him laying on the ground sometime later. His clothes are shredded and his body is covered with cuts. They call his name and ask him if he is still alive. They tell him that the Skull Saders are the most dangerous Storm Riders in the area. Ikki struggles to sit up, and worries about the state of his bike, which has been crumpled. His friends tell him not to move, but Ikki stands up and walks away from them with shame.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Ringo gets off her bike and looks to the sky. She sees some birds flocking over a building in the distance, and claims that it's easy to find Ikki.

Ikki is sitting watching the birds when Ringo finds him. She tells him that she heard his opponents were Storm Riders from Kazu, and asks if he is discouraged or not. He motions for her to be quiet, and a mysterious, pink-haired girl using A-T's appears from a nearby alleyway. Ikki tells Ringo that the girl is always practising around there, and that he thinks she looks like the girl from the Air Trek commercial. Ringo asks if he always comes here to see her, to which Ikki replies, "it's nothing like that", and that she doesn't even know him.

After sunset, back at the Noyamano house, Ikki is left with a tiny portion of food in comparison to his step-sisters, as punishment (for looking at Mikan's videos). Ringo tries to give Ikki some of her meat, but is stopped by the others. Ikki looks on, drooling, and when a piece is accidentally dropped to the floor he can't stop himself, and lunges, sending the table and all the food on it flying. He lands in a compromising position on top of Ringo, and the rest of the girls appear to beat him up in retaliation for their lost meal.

Later, when the girls are at the Public Bath House, they are discussing the ruined meal from earlier. Ringo says that it's been a while since they've all bathed together, to which Mikan stares at her and says that her breasts have become bigger, and tries to 'have a feel'.

Unknowing to them, Ikki is at the vent outside the bath, trying to break in for 'revenge for the whole day'. He fails, however, and ends up walking back to his room, complaining about Mikan using him as a slave along the way. Before he enters his room, he comes across a door with many signs on it, such as 'Absolutely No Tresspassing!' and 'Enter, and you will die'. Curious, Ikki takes a look inside, and discovers the Noyamano Family's collection of A-T's and A-T parts, which he knew nothing about. He picks up a pair, and several emblems drop out, inscribed with "Sleeping Forest" ("Nemuri no Mori" in Japanese).

Outside, it is late at night now, and Ikki is trying on a pair of A-T's. After tying the laces, he picks up the instruction manual and stands up, but is sent speeding off by the motor in his A-T's. He learns how to speed up on his A-T's, and is almost sent plummeting to his death until he forcefully brakes himself against a barrier. Yet, he exclaims, "this is amazing!".

Back at the house, Mikan, Ume and Ringo find that Rika is missing a pair of Air Trecks. Mikan explains that they'll be in trouble if Rika finds out too. Ume says that it'd be useless to take action, and Ringo worries about Ikki.

Ikki stands on the top of a building, wondering how the 'pink-haired girl' could ride in a place like it. He wonders if he should try the jump, and is about to move away from the edge when he sees a swallow flying past him, and hear's the girl's voice telling him to fly. He powers up his A-T's, and jumps onto a nearby railing, shouting, "don't mess with me... you think I would lose to a bird?!". He then clumsily proceeds to jump his way over various buildings and rooftops, feeling as though wings are attached to his legs. However, too late he realises that he doesn't know how to land, and the manual flies out of Ikki's hand as he falls. He manages to survive though, by jumping along the rooftop below him, destroying several roof tiles in the process.

Unable to properly control his A-T's, Ikki crashlands beneath a stall selling A-T parts. He is scared by the woman at the stall, who presumes he is a beginner because of his reaction. She continues by telling him that it is a shop where the top riders look for quality goods, and that he should go back home and sleep. Ikki yells back at her that he is East Side Gunz's Babyface and not to mess with him. She grabs his shirt, and as he begs for mercy she asks him if he is a rookie from Sleeping Forest, because of the emblem on his shirt. She apologises for her lack of manners, and tells an old guy with A-T's at the back of the stall to take him to 'the meeting'.

Ikki chases after the man with his A-T's, who is much more experienced than him. When the guy finally stops, Ikki is surprised to find himself at a park full of A-T users, and realises that it is a Storm Rider meeting.

Ikki sees that the pink-haired girl is there, who is now named as 'Simca', and many riders are sticking emblems onto her clothes. Enamoured, he asks her if he can stick his emblem on too, to which she replies, "sure! if you can catch me!" and runs away on her A-T's.

Kazu and Onigiri appear in the crowd watching Ikki, and wonder why he is here and when he started doing Air Treck. When he finally manages to stick his emblem on Simca, Ikki inadvertently starts a challenge between Sleeping Forest and the Skull Saders, as he places the emblem on top of theirs. Everyone at the meeting it shocked, but Ikki doesn't realise what he's done.

Outside of the meeting, many mysterious vans pull up and surround the area. One is driven by a white-haired man, who commands the other vans through the radio. Another boy with blue hair in an orange straitjacket can be seen sitting in the back of his van.

Back at the meeting, Ikki wonders if he has done something wrong, whilst Simca congratulates the 'confidence of Sleeping Forest's new rookie. Ikki is pleased by her praise, but asks her what's going on, just as Magaki and the other Skull Saders appear. He is surprised that Ikki was the challenger, but mocks him happily nonetheless. Kazu and Onigiri tremble in the background, telling Ikki that he's not even a Storm Rider. Simca tells him that he could just say that he didn't know the rules and apologise, but Ikki refuses to.

Spitfire suddenly appears, and tells Simca that he'd already told her it wasn't a game. Simca retorts that she never really started it. Magaki interrupts them, telling Spitfire that even if he 'is one of the eight', he has no intentio from stepping down from the challenge. Spitfire begins to tell him the reason why the Storm Riders are meeting today, but is interrupted by a sudden flash of car headlights.

Kaito Wanijima, the white-haired man from earlier, appears and tells them not to move, as he is the Department Manager from the Department for the Counteraction of Delinquent Special Aviation Footwear Users, and that they are under arrest. The Storm Riders scatter at his announcement, pursued by the police. Kaito is annoyed by this, but turns to the blue-haired boy from earlier and states, "I'll leave you your prey, Agito".

Ikki doesn't know what is going on, but before he can run, Magaki appears and threatens to give him a beating. They exchange insults before Magaki sets the challenge: the person who cuts off that shop's neon sign's supply first takes the emblem. Magaki believes that he'll be taking the 'legendary Sleeping Forest's emblem'. Simca suddenly appears, and tells Ikki that if he wins she'll give him a 'special prize'. Ikki accepts Magaki's challenge, and they begin the race, Simca jumping away just as the police close in.

Whilst running, Ikki realises that he is becoming better at using A-T's, being able to control the shift of his weight and his acceleration. However, he falls as the Skull Saders begin to fight dirty and knock him down with their elbows. Ikki pulls himself up, and speeds after them once more, with Ringo appearing at his side. She tells him that he is doing quite well for his first time, just as Mikan appears on his other side, annoyed that he took their emblem and started a battle on his own. Ume also appears behind him, stating that there's no choice and they can't just hand their emblem over, leaving Ikki startled that even she can use A-T's. They speed ahead of Ikki and chase after the rest of the Skull Saders, easily knocking them out and clearing the path for Ikki.

Ikki and Magaki reach the final stretch of the race, with Magaki confident that he's going to win. Suddenly, Ikki appears from above him, riding an electric wire, and sees the Wing Road for the first time.


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