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Fuumei Goshogawara (五所瓦 風明 Goshogawara Fuumei), is one of the former strongest D-Class Storm Rider team, Behemoth. He is known as the "Hecatonchires Bomb" and the leader of Killer Bee, formerly his faction of Behemoth. Later, Fuumei joins a number of Kogarasumaru's past opponents as reinforcements during the battle on the aircraft carrier.


Fuumei made his first appearance when he and other Behemoth members riding a Dekochari (an art bicycle that was popular in Japan in 80's). When Kogarasumaru was against Behemoth in the D-Class challenge, he was fighting Buccha where he won the match. After Behemoth's disbandment, he became Ikki's friend, got invited from Kazu to the Kogarasumaru's base with other Storm-Riders to supported Ikki and a meeting.

Later, Fuumei got a message from Sano, who wants to gather all past opponents of Kogarasumaru as reinforcements for the battle on the aircraft carrier. He later accepted it. He, along with Kogarasumaru's allies then supports Ikki for his upcoming battle against Sora.

Tricks and Abilities[]

Fuumei dislocates his already long arms to attack opponents from a great distance and use them to grapple enemies. He is often characterized as a digger wasp. His road is unknown.

Digger Wasp Lock

Digger Wasp Lock - Fuumei uses his long arms and moves them really fast to make his opponent into a ball like submission. This trick is more effective depending how cramped the location is. For example Fuumei can use this trick in the pipes of the underground coloseum using the small space to his advantage.

Killer Bee Hundred - Fumei dislocates his arms and whips them at the opponent super fast. His reach is unknown but he can punch anywhere in the cube of the underground coloseum which is 5m 45cm long.

A.T Submission: Digger Wasp Lock - Fuumei chokes the opponent then hangs them by riding up a wall. This trick is more effective if the opponent weighs more.