The Fang King is the King of the Bloody Road. The Fang King known as the king without his wings (one who has given up his wings for fangs).

The current Fang King is Agito. The original Fang king was Falko. The Fang King's ability revolves around injuring his opponent with his AT. They all are able to release a pressurized "Fang" through the instantaneous acceleration and braking of the A-T's wheel motors (0-100-0), vacuuming and compressing air into a piercing shock wave.

The fang regalia is the Regalia: Bloody Armor.

Unlike conventional "Roads", the Bloody Road creates its path from the blood of an actual adversary, through cuts and scratches.

Current King

Former Kings

  • Falko (Original Fang King)
  • Udou Akira (Lost the title to Agito)
  • Wanijima Akito (Used to be it before Agito appeared)
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