Kazu is the current Flame King of the Flame Road after being given the title by his predecessor Spitfire before death. The riders of this road move at extremely high speeds, often disappearing from view.

Flame Road

The high friction of the movement on a surface causes enough heat to create the illusion of a flaming trail. The Flame Road is similar to the Wing Road in that both Wind and Fire are said to be "free".


  • The first is the generation of heat via friction. This can bend light, create updrafts, and create illusions using heat mirages. This ability to create heat is especially useful against the Rising Road; a sufficiently skilled Flame Road rider can nullify all but the strongest Rising Road techniques with their flames.
  • The second is the use of fast and precise attacks to freeze the movement of their victims. These tricks are collectively referred to as "Time".

Riders & VariantsEdit

There have been several Storm Rider specializing in the Flame Road including three official Kings. Kings

  • Spitfire (of the original Sleeping Forest and Genesis, was the First Flame King)
  • Kazu (of Kogarasumaru, is the current Flame King)
  • Alexander Locke (of Genesis, serves as Genesis' Flame King and is one of the six 'Kings' guarding the base)

Other Riders of the Flame Road

Flame Road Variants

  • The Apollon Road is a refination of the Flame Road which both Time and Flame are used simultaneously.

Flame RegaliaEdit

The name of the Flame regalia's core is Key "Mother". The core appears to be the wheels, and is decorated by a kitsune (nine-tailed fox) with flames at the end of each of its tails. The Infinite Atmosphere ability of the Flame Regalia is Infinity Inferno.
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The Flame Regalia


  • Infinity Inferno - The Infinity Atmosphere of the Flame Road. Its exact effect is unknown, but it appears to increase the strength and speed of the users "flame".
  • St. Elmo's Crossfire - An Apollon road trick by Aeon Clock and Spitfire. The friction of the two ATs cause extreme fires that burn the opponent. Spitfire and Aeon used it against Nike, but Nike had neutralised the damage with his Jade Road, so this tricks exact power is unknown, but is presumably extremely powerful.
  • Flame Road: After Burner - Using the same principle behind a jet engine's afterburners, Kazu accelerates to supersonic speeds, creating a sonic boom and leaving tongues of flame where he made footfall.
  • Time - A series of tricks performed by Kazu, Spitfire and Aeon Clock. Used to give the illusion of
    Kazu time
    controlling time by repeatedly striking the opponents joints and the weak nerve ends of a human's body. This makes the opponent feel a burning sensation, thus being classified under the Flame Road. Aeon Clock's repertoire is focused exclusively on this trick and has even develop a series of "Time" sub-tricks.' Kazu's repertoire mainly consists of "Time" Tricks along with the occasional "Flame" trick.
  • Trick: Hole Nine Heaven's Door [Ættir] - Kazu uses this in his fight with Nike.his trick enables the wielder of the Flame Regalia to perfectly replicate other riders' tricks and roads. This is made possible by the Regalia's connection with Skylink: it opens the "door" that seals the room containing the data file of every rider, and therefore the memory of their runs. However, the user needs experience and technique to able to use this technique perfectly, otherwise he will risk his life. Kazu utilizes this trick to emulate the Thorn Road's "whip" to break through Nike's Gem hardening trick; the Over Road's "windmill" to absorb Nike's aerial vibrations and transform them into heat energy; and the Smell Road's flame-amplifying abilities to strengthen his own flames enough to melt through Nike's armor. He later copies the Storm Road's wind barrier in order to protect himself from an explosive warhead.


Spitfire and the Flame Road in general seems to be characterized by a flaming fox with nine tails, a reference to the Kitsune from Japanese Mythology.

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