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Focke Wulf is an All Purpose Regalia that is still in development. A prototype is being used by Aikawa Takeo .

Focke Wulf prototype


  • Focke Wulf is able to use the Infinity Atmosphere of the 8 Main Roads at a minimum of 88% efficiency. Due to this, any trick used by Kings of the 8 Main Roads can be used as long as it is recorded by the Sano family.


St. Elmo's Crossfire (revised): Using her Focke-Wulf regalia prototype, Taeko is able to emulate the Infinity Atmosphere of the Apollon Road at a minimum of 88% efficiency, blasting her target with a cross-shaped blast of flames. Nue comments that he can see Spitfire's shadow in her attack, showing just how accurate of an imitation this technique is.

Pledge Select: Factory Mode: Taeko uses her Focke-Wulf regalia prototype as a tuning system for ally riders. During so, parts of Focke-Wulf begin to break off and split into separate tools used for tuning an A.T. This was shown in chapter 309, when Ikki called Taeko to tune his A.T.s so he can have his final battle against Nue.


  • The Focke-Wulf Super Lorin was a German jet interceptor project. Designed towards the end of World War II by engineer Heinz von Halen, the project remained unbuilt before the Surrender of Nazi Germany. The Focke-Wulf Super Lorin has no RLM aircraft designation.