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Gabishi (蛾𣎊刺, Gabishi), also known as "Skin Face Gabishi", is a first generation Gravity Child, and the current Horn King of Sleeping Forest.


Gabishi is a cruel, frivolous person with a sadistic streak. A penchant for unnecessary brutality, coupled with his practice of mutilating opponents' faces has earned him many enemies. Nonetheless, he is not an evil character in a strict sense; most of his actions follow the Law of Trophaeum. He has a predilection for skulls.


Gabashi's attire

Reinforcing his negative image, Gabishi tends to dress in a very dark, somewhat macabre style. His garb consists of a set of ripped hoodie, T-shirt and pants covered with incomprehensible English text, skulls and crosses. Further obscuring his face, he wears a metallic masquerade ball mask which is studded with nails. Unmasked, he is revealed to have short dark eyebrows and long hair. He also has a streak of eyeliner under each eye, a prominent scar running across his nasal ridge and fanged teeth. He also has long hair reaching down to his heels.


Chronologically, Gabishi first appears in a flashback as one of the Gravity Children escaping when the Trophaeum Tower malfunctions. At some point after this the Takeuchi Brothers steal his Regalia. He later appears as one of the Gravity Children recruited by Kilik to overthrow Sleeping Forest. Following the successful coup, he becomes one of the members of the new Sleeping Forest.

His first storyline appearance occurs when he is dispatched by Kilik to deal with the soon-to-be Wind King and leader of Genesis, Itsuki Minami. While gathering information on Ikki, he attacks Sora Takeuchi and Rika Noyamano, but is stopped by Kanon. He also faces off against Crazy Mask Kaji and Nue in an A·T cafe, wounding both seriously and triggering a Class 5 Red Alert in Tool Toul To. He then mistakes Kazu, who was on a date with Emily, and starts attacking both of them. Although quickly realising his mistake, Gabashi continues to hunt Kazu and Emily for sport until the arrival of Aeon Clock. After some initial difficulty, Gabishi soon gains the upper hand and almost tears off Aeon Clock's face, but is interrupted by the timely arrival of a freshly-tuned Nue, who defeats him with a single attack.

Following his defeat, he was locked in an Iron Maiden under Big Bird, the headquarters of Genesis. There, he underwent physical and mental torture, but was released with Om six days after her capture. He reappears along with the rest of Sleeping Forest at the Tower of Trophaeum when Kilik explains the truth behind A·T to Ikki, and is last seen preparing for the match against Genesis, having been spared a death sentence.

Skills and Abilities[]

Gabishi and his shadow, Faceless

As a first generation Gravity Child and a member of Sleeping Forest, Gabishi is a King-Class rider ranking among the best of the A·T world. He even manages to injure Nue, one of the eight true Kings and seriously damage the Thunder Regalia, although it was not tuned at the time. He is able to run on water. Gabishi's shadow is Faceless, a mechanical, humanoid wasp with cannons.

Road and A·T[]

Gabishi's AT

Gabishi's A·T is a subregalia named Hatch Venom, and is known as the Horn Regalia. According to Gabashi, it is said to "crave" the taste of facial skin. From the front, Hatch Venom resembles a pile of skulls. These skulls serve as air intakes where air is compressed and heated into a supercritical fluid by the heat of braking friction, and is re-released as a 'shell'. Broadly speaking, the mechanism of Hatch Venom is considered to be refined upon the basic principle behind the Fang, and can be called its "Infinity Atmosphere". Gabishi's Regalia was stolen by the Takeuchi Brothers about ten years before the story.

Gabishi's road is ridden on the faces of his opponents, whose facial skin he tears off entirely. The actual name of the road is unknown.



Air Cannon - Using the Infinity Atmosphere of Hatch Venom, Gabishi fires off a series of rapid kicks to produce a "shell" of molten air, which is then fired towards the opponent in a laser-straight beam.


  • Gabishi's name is that of a Chinese assassination weapon, which resembles a large needle with a finger-ring.
  • He is known as "Praying Mantis" among Oh! Great's staff.
  • His fight with Nue and Kaji was originally meant to be serialized, but was cut at Oh! Great's editor's insistence. A rough draft is part of the extras in volume 14.

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