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He is always seen smoking, even in a battle. His appearance, with tattoos, nail color, accessories, and clothing belong to the 'goth' genre.


A Gravity Child that first appeared after Kogarasumaru's battle with the Old Sleeping Forest in the Inorganic Net with Percival, Merlin, Nike and Morrigan. He easily dispatched Agito/Akito/Lind Wanijima and Falko in a surprise attack proving his degree of skill. Gawain and Percival were later ordered to betray Trident and kill Yoshitsune as "Genesis doesn't need Kings who are not Gravity Children." Although easily outmatched by the Rumble King, Gawain gained the upper hand when he ordered Percival to directly attack the city if Yoshitsune resisted. When Yoshitsune and Benkei launched their counterattack, Gawain ordered the destruction of Osaka. Yoshitsune activated his regalia and destroyed Percival's A.T. Railgun, the falling debris of which killed Gawain as he had been fastened in place by a metallic belt.



Gladius Road

rides what he calls the Gladius Road.

Using an AT with a whip like edged weapon, it is safe to assume that it is a road that injures the opponent like the Bloody Road. The wheels for his ATs are the Ball Roller type, similar to Aeon Clock's AT. It has shown no special abilities, as of yet, but does have large chains of blades attached to the rear of each foot.


  • He, like Percival, is presumably named after a character in Arthurian Lore. In his case, Sir Gawain, a loyal and trusted knight of King Arthur's Round Table.

Gawain AT