Genesis (創世神) is an A-class Air Treck team. Publicly led by Simca of the Swallow (though truly founded by Nike), it is a conglomeration of numerous teams that have united under one banner, resulting in the largest, strongest Storm Rider team in history. Their goal is to obtain all the Regalias. It is presently led by the Takeuchi brothers, although Itsuki Minami was earlier offered its leadership. However, After Sora's betrayal, Ikki terminates the ties with Genesis. Before Spitfire died, he had foreseen this outcome and left a video explaining the true intentions of Genesis and how, after watching the fight between Kogarasumaru and Behemoth, he had been reminded that what he really wanted to do was fly freely in the sky. He also had handed his Flame Regalia to Kazu before he was killed by Takeuchi brothers. After his death, all the Genesis's sub Storm Rider teams under his leadership, such as Group Volcano; which is now being lead by Black Flame, break all the ties with Genesis and becoming an ally of Kogarasumaru.

The Headquarters of Genesis (called "Big Bird") is an abandoned football field, with half the spectators stands and roof resembling wings. Beneath the stadium, various prison cells and torture devices are used to detain members of opposing teams, including Gabishi and Om of Sleeping Forest for a short period of time. After Sora's betrayal of Ikki and recovery of the rebuilt Wind Regalia, Genesis hijacks an American aircraft carrier and publicly announces their intentions to resume Sora Takeuchi's goal for the original Sleeping Forest; the recovery of the Sky Regalia for Sora's egotistical world conquest.

After the Takeuchi brothers's defeat and defection of all the members and its other leaders, Genesis fate and Pyon's whereabouts are unknown.

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The Kings Genesis

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Constituent Teams Edit

Team Leader Members Status
Coca Fire Spitfire (former), Black Flame 41 Defected
Spitfire Spitfire (former), Black Flame 68 Defeated
Various Other Flame Teams Spitfire (former), Black Flame 24 Teams 418 Members Defeated
Trident Yoshitsune, Benkei, Hatakeyama 89 Kansai Teams 1436 Members Unknown
Black Crow Nue 20 Defeated
Various Thunder Teams Kaji 18 Teams 192 Members Unknown
Loop Nike 18 Unknown
Damned Granite Nike 74 Unknown
Behemoth Akira Udou 1034 Disbanded
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