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Mitsuru has a unique road called the Hammer Road, this road

Mitsuru's Shadow

could be a road that is mostly comprised of punching attacks and specializes in close combat, using his ultra-destructive punching power as his main weapon that when coupled with his added speed with AT's he unleashes destructive attacks. Mitsuru's punches result in damage of devastating proportions.


Hammer - Mitsuru runs up to the opponent and punch's them, he can also use this Trick to strengthen the force of a Solid Fang.

Tornado Hammer - This is a stronger version of the Hammer and that is mainly because he rotates his arm like a "tornado" therefore adding centrifugal force to the punch.

Crushing Hammer - Mitsuru places his left arm under his right and tenses that arm so hard that his punching force is greatly increased.

Multiple Hammer - Mitsuru punches the opponent multiple times.