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Horn Regalia

Gabishi's A.T. Hatch Venom is a sub-regalia, and is the Subregalia version of the Horn Regalia . According to Gabishi, it is said to "crave" the taste of facial skin. From the front, Hatch Venom resembles a pile of skulls. These skulls serve as air intakes where air is compressed and heated into a supercritical fluid by the heat of braking friction, and is re-released as a 'shell'. Broadly speaking, the mechanism of Hatch Venom is considered to be refined upon the basic principle behind the Fang, and can be called its "Infinity Atmosphere".

More like a variant of the original 8 roads, rather than to be called a new type of road. Mainly it is because the Horn Regalia (road name yet unknown) still applies the same principle of Bloody Road's 0-100-0 and also seems to apply principles of the Over Road in that it takes in air, heats it, and then expels it.

Due to the regalia having similar principles as the Fang Regalia, many fans have said that Gabishi is the Current Fang King (or King under the title of "Fang") of the Sleeping Forest. While just as many fans believe that his road is a variant of the Over road that utilizes both the principles of the Over Road and Bloody Road, similar to Ikki's Hurrican Road (which integrates both the Wing Road and the Over Road together).


Air Cannon - Using the Infinity Atmosphere of Hatch Venom, Gabishi fires off a series of rapid kicks to produce a "shell" of molten air, which is then fired towards the opponent in a laser-straight beam