The Storm King, Itsuki "Ikki" Minami, is the sole rider of the Hurricane Road. Yoshitsune originally predicted that Ikki would become the Storm King, saying "The wind will rumble and give birth to a storm".

The Hurricane Road is an extremely advanced variation of the Wing Road, created by using principles of both Wing Road with the Over Road.

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The unveiling of Ikki's new Road

The Hurricane Road focuses on using the created wind as a weapon rather than to increase maneuverability. It is also capable of totally negating the presence of winds in an area, rendering Wing Road abilities useless. It also seems to be able to transfer the opponent's Wing Road attacks to another Hurricane Road user to use, as demonstrated when Ikki transferred Sora's attack to Ringo for her to destroy the Brain Charger that was controlling Rika.

The road appears to best of the ability for regular AT's to produce the same effects as the yet-incomplete Storm Regalia's Infinity Atmosphere-Astral Magus.

Tricks Edit

Pile Tornado- Ikki gathers the wind in his hands and then turns them in a circular motion making something that looks like a small tornado, he then kicks the air with his A-Ts sending a powerful, horizontal tornado. He used this move in his fight against Kazu. This is one of Ikki's Infinity Atmosphere tricks.

Wind Barrier - Ikki creates an extremely dense wall of air in front of him. The wall is extremely powerful and durable. He used first used this move during the battle with Inorganic Net.

Null Wind - Ikki's first Hurricane Road technique. It utilizes the "ultimate wave" principle, involving conditions similar to a hurricane (a calm center surrounded by destruction). By using the reverberations caused by Kazu and Agito's Grand Fang Firebird striking Buccha's reflective wall, Ikki expands the "ultimate wave" to create a massive circular storm, the center of which has no wind blowing within it. This attack was created to counter Sora Takeuchi's Wing Road. This is technique is somewhat of a double-edge sword as people who follow the Wing Road as well as the Hurricane Road, won't be able to use their Infinity Atmosphere (i.e. Pile Tornado). This trick is a combination of the Wind and Rumble Roads.

Moon Drop Missile - Ikki uses the final principle of the Wing Road to interface with the air and moulds the wind into dense air. Ikki's version is similar to Sora's; he creates a dense sphere of air and hammers the opponent with it. It is powerful enough to create a single, large crater on concrete floor and incapacitate human enemies caught in the radius. First seen in Trick 224.

Impact Wind - Using a large amount of his strength, Ikki unleashes a short-range burst of wind around his body. This technique enables him to free himself from entrapping tricks by other riders, like Nue and his wires

Super Extra Velocity- Due to his control over wind, Ikki gathers wind and compresses it and fires it off to fly at extremly high speeds. Similar to two jet thrusters. Ikki can fly at such high speeds not even someone using a jet can keep up with him. When racing down the tower from the highest point with ringo on his back ikki and ringo still remained unphased by the powerful wind pressure because of his extreme speed.

Wind Blast - By gathering the wind around his arms thanks to his wind control, ikki can release it as a large lazer blast.

Vaccum Ball: Using the effects of the Over Regalia Ram Jet, Ikki can create a Vaccum Ball of Air to attack. This attack is a similar to the Sleipnir's Wind King Thor's, however Ikki's use of this trick is on much higher scale and in different ways than Thor with far more skill overall. Against Sora, Ikki created multiple Vaccum balls that were larger than the standard vaccum ball. He used the balls to interrupt the wind that is made when he moves by being enclosed in the vaccum, that way no one can tell where he is as well as drastically increasing his speed. The trick itself however is a double edged sword as it destroys the users body while being used.

Astral Magus: The Infinity Atmosphere of the Storm Regalia, its only effects as shown so far is that it, in a way, recreates the effect of "space" as well as the calm center of a storm - it is noted to be very similar to Null Wind, even referred to be the trick itself. Whether it (the Infinity Atmosphere) is a completely different trick,the perfection of Null Wind, or even the evolution of it (Null Wind) is still not completely known.

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