Makigami Ine (巻貝イネ, Makigami Ine?) was the first Pledge Queen of Tool Toul To and of the original Sleeping Forest. She is also knowledgeable in medicine and runs her own hospital.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ine's appearance during her time with Sleeping Forest

Ine is has a distinct hairstyle in that it is swirled and looks similar to a conch shell. Her hair is blonde and is usually seen wearing an extremely revealing nurse's uniform and high heels with her black thong sticking out. She also has an insanely slender and voluptuous figure, especially in terms of her large breasts.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ine Maikgami was Spitfire's tuner in their days in Sleeping Forest. Though none of the Gravity Children require tuners as the regalia were made specifically for them, Spitfire still had a close relationship with her before his death (it is hinted at but never confirmed that they had a romantic relationship). When the original Sleeping Forest splintered into two factions, Ine decided to remain neutral, as she saw both sides as her friends. This neutrality later became a standing directive for Tool Toul To and played an important role in the stability of the A-T world, up until the second Pledge Queen's decision to favor Kogarasumaru in their battle against Genesis. When Sora and Rika are attacked and Ikki and Ringo got to visit them in the hospital, Ine has Ikki stay due to the damage he sustained in his knee while attempting the Devil's 33. In reality however, she does this so that Ikki can train with Sora safely away from Sleeping Forest (namely Gabishi). She passes down her title of Pledge Queen to Kururu Sumeragi when Kururu becomes Ikki's tuner.

Road[edit | edit source]

Ine is the former Pledge Queen of the Ring Road. This makes her an A-class tuner and an expert on Air Trecks. She is the one who taught the members of Tool Toul To how to tune A-Ts. She personally tutored Kururu when she became Pledge Queen through less than unusual means during school hours in the nurse's office.

Ine tuning Spitfire

She is able to ride AT's and may have some fightning abilities as it was hinted she participated in Old Sleeping Forest's matches as well, therefore making her a skilled rider.

Tricks: n/a

Infinite Scale: As the Pledge Queen Ine can access Infinte Scale which allows her to repair modify and/or tune any A-Ts in a matter of seconds.

  • Construction: Ine is capable of repairing any A-T based technology.
  • Destruction: Ine is capable of detuning and destroying any A-T based technology
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