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Inuyama is the leader of Rez Boa Dogs team. He is a close friend of Tokudawara Gonzo of Kintetsu Bulls. He was defeated by Ikki. Though defeated and his team disbanded, he continues to support Ikki afterward.

In the recent chapter, he is seen helping Ikki bust his way through Genesis's aircraft carrier along with the riders that Ikki had defeated and now became his allies. Later on, when Ikki and Ringo were fighting Rika and Sora on the Trophaeum Tower, he and his friends watching the fight that broad-casted all over the world while supporting Ikki. He along with Gonzo, surprised while watching the activation of the Storm Regalia.


In manga, Inuyama's appearance is one of a comical type. He had a big eye brows and wore a helmet like the head of a Doberman dog. He always wear a jacket.


His AT riding abilities are unknown, but he is often seen smashing people with head of his mask or with his abnormally strong hair which surprisingly cause a major damage. Another ability of him is he can disguise like a grim reaper, flying from a high with the full speed, as seen when he saved Ikki from falling to the ground and send him to wall so the impact of the falling will lessened.


Dokun - Inuyama Headbutts an opponent with his mask or with hair.