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Itsuki "Ikki" Minami is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Air Gear.

Prior to the beginning of the series, he was established as the leader of his school's gang, the East Side Gunz. There, he earned the nickname Eastside's Greatest Babyface, which has followed him into the Air Treck world, as his teammates occasionally refer to him as "Our Babyface". Ikki has shown an extreme amount of talent with the Air Trecks, to the point of being a genius at it. It has been established that he, from a young age, always wanted to "fly" this fact being most notable when he climbed on his town's tallest monuments in a childish attempt to see everything. As said by Noyamano Rika, people believe that Ikki is "loved by the wind." Before he founded Kogarasumaru, the team that would become a leading icon in the AT world, he was riding with the emblem of Sleeping Forest.

Eventually, he gave the emblem back to Ringo and went on to form his team Kogarasumaru. He is the leader of Kogarasumaru, originally composed of Kazu, Onigiri, Buccha and Agito/Akito/Lind and himself. He has been characterized as a crow, due to the baby crow that makes a nest of his hair, as a storm, as armoured multi-winged beast (this is noted to be his shadow when was the Wind King), and as a massive knight in black armor riding an equally gargantuan, armoured multi-winged beast (which is his current shadow), as the Storm King. Later, he is the current Sky King after defeating Sora Takeuchi at the series' climax.


Ikki, as he appears in the anime.

Itsuki was 15 years old at the start of the series and is still 15, as seven months have passed.

His nickname "East Side's Greatest Babyface" isn't a reference to his looks as much as it is his role in the Eastside Guns. He has brownish red eyes and purple hair, which also serves as a nest for a crow.


Ikki is a very upbeat, zany person, who seemingly is as eccentric as just about everyone else in the universe of Air Gear . He delights in eating meat, a privilege he is often deprived of in the Noyamano household. He is rash, impulsive, and determined to do everything his way, whether for good or bad, in stark contrast to his friend Kazu who is calm, timid and more focused and prefers to stay in the background. In battle, Ikki either comes off as his ordinary crazy and unpredictable personality, or his more serious, cold and steely side, which other characters have described as a rare occurrence, and as an intimidating scene. Ikki is totally hooked onto Air Trekking. He treats his ATs with care to such a standard that even his sisters feel jealous of, and his mind is constantly on Air Trekking; for example, during the Kyoto trip he fails to notice Ringo's affection initially, deadset on figuring out a 'Windmill Theory' that another Storm Rider has revealed to him as the secret behind the Rumble King. Ikki is a self-proclaimed genius and is very proud of himself, in particular his fighting abilities. In truth, he works very hard behind the others' backs, as is revealed when Kuu brings his friends to his secret training area, where the scars left over by his training could be seen in chapter 87. Though his attitude can be described as a lowlife, suitable for his gangster-like persona, and though he likes to go around doing insanely foolish things all the time, Ikki has a tendency to think beyond others' perceivable concept and at several intervals can spout deep philosophy that more often than not will impact others. One such incident was the Pomtemkin brothers' battle, where Ikki's plan caused an initial falling out among the Kogarasumaru, where in fact he had his own solution around that matter. Ikki, though easy to miss the obvious, can be very adept when it comes to spotting small details. In their first Parts War, he alone had noticed that Kazu's ATs were the most worn out among them, a mark of how much he practiced.

There are three main women who have feelings/interests for Ikki first one being Ringo who he had always considered a sister(not blood related) but changed after he battled with her and realized she has feelings for him, Simca she takes a huge interest into Ikki from the moment she met him, at one point wanted to become Ikki's tuner and finally Kururu who begins to develop feelings for Ikki this starting when he was hospitalized later she becomes Ikki's tuner. All three have feelings for him, although recently Ikki has shown signs of love towards Ringo.

As noted by Sora, Ikki is a detailed oriented guy. Stating that Ikki is very calculating and could easily calculate a counter strike move after figuring out the enemy plans. According to Sora, Ikki had already calculated how to dodge his and Rikia's super move (e.g. God Crusher Gungnir.) and would done so had Ringo not got in the way and got hit. And after saving Ringo together they quickly countered a larger and more powerful God Crusher Gungnir even though their bodies were freezing due to the extremely cold atmosphere.

Ikki is also known to have an unbreakable will. Even when the situation seems hopeless and pointless he never gives in or gives up. Like when he went to save Ringo despite being told to give up because she would die and he would die in attempting to save her and succeeded in doing so, and quickly reflected an enemy attack together with Ringo in extreme cold.

Ikki states if you run you will hit a wall and if you fly you will get shot down. But even so if you give up it's the end and it's because of the height of the wall that he was able to grow strong enough to compete with Sora. And when Ringo says he must have driven crazy falling down again and again on the ground he states because of that he is at his strongest now when is standing up. And proudly states that there is no impossible in his or Ringo's dictionary.

It has been said by Agito that Ikki can break any cage, made by anyone at anytime. Rika has once noted that Ikki is unpredictable and she can never really understand the logic behind his actions, however he is not like Sora who has logic behind his actions. She remarks that it's like he is building something new every second and with every second that piles up he is reborn anew.

Sora speculated that before Ikki's eyes there exists infinite number of possibilities for the future.


When Ikki was little, he was taken in by the Noyamano family, and looked after. (Rika states he was a handful.)[1] Ikki always said that he was chasing rainbows, but never actually reaching them,[2] trying to be sure no one else would have them. That's why he always swung his fists, so he could shine brighter than anyone else.[3]

Once, he climbed to the top of a giant tower with Rika watching in terror from the ground. At the top while being rescued by helicopter, Ikki actually bit the arm of the soldier trying to rescue him. As Ikki fell he was rescued by a giant bird, which resembled a crow. Ever since that incident, everyone said he was a "child of the wind."

Character Introduction

The anime and manga of Air Gear offer different takes on Ikki's introduction to AT's.


Ikki is at home, apparently after being beaten up by someone using AT's (later revealed to be the Skull Saders team leader).[4] He watches the AT videos the sisters have, and is in love with a pink-haired girl, Simca, who is highly skilled in AT's that he watches from time to time. Eventually one night, he snuck in a room of the house that had "keep out" stickers all over it. He discovers that the sisters he lives with are in fact AT users themselves, seeing their emblem Sleeping Forest along the way. He takes a pair of AT's for himself and takes them for a test drive, eventually leading to a fight with the Skull Saders. With help from the Noyamano sisters, sans Rika, he defeats the Saders and his venture into the world of AT starts from there.[5]


Ikki is introduced in roughly the same way, except this time, instead of finding the AT's, they are given to him. Right after being beat up by the Skull Saders, the Noyamano sisters surprise him from outside his window; they take him for a ride and let him experience how it's like to "fly" with AT's.[6] He then wakes up the next morning; he initially thought it was a dream, until finding a bag with AT's in them.[7] He then battles the Saders, inflitrating their turf; with Sleeping Forest's help, they manage to defeat the Saders.[8]


Early Years

Not much is known about Ikki's past other than he was given to Rika as an infant by the mysterious Dr. Minami. From the time Ikki was a child, he was loved by the wind as noted by Rika. i.e one time, he climbed an extremely tall tower and was grabbed by a giant bird after jumping off said tower. Ikki was then given his first taste of "flight". As a child, Ikki was also known for being a stuck up bratty kid and was also a bully as seen in a flashback where he bullies Kazu for kicks. Ikki would eventually become involved in the East Side Gunz gang along with his two best friends Kazu and Onigiri

Introduction to Air Trecks

The story begins with Ikki in the middle of a annual territory fight with the West Side Gunz as he pulls an "extreme killer back drop" move on his opponent. His peers are then in awe and compliment Ikki on how cool he is. Ikki then warns everyone from westside not to loiter around the East Side Gunz new acquired territory. Ringo then appears to pick up Ikki and bring him home. Onces hes out of earshot, a member of the enemy gang warns members of the  east side gunz about the notorious A-T Stormrider team the "Skull Saders" A gang even the Yakuza steers clear of. While on the way home, Ikki's crow friend Kuu playfully pecks Ringos cheek as Ikki notices an advertisment for Air Trecks. He's then assulted by Mikan for being late with the salt he was supposed to go get. Rika then gives Ikki further punishment for picking up the wrong ingredient by being given little food to eat for "meat night" Ringo pitys him and gives him some of her food and in that instant, Ikki goes wild and dives headfirst into the table where the Noyamano sisters are eating. Unforetuanately for him, he accidentaly gropes Ringos chest and is punished even further for his misdeed by being put on a burner. To get even, Ikki walks in on the sisters taking a bath on purpose and then flees from the household to avoid retaliation.

Ringo then finds Ikki watching a mysterious pink haired girl with Air Trecks he calls "Tsubame" pull off a neat trick. As Ringo learns, Ikki finds both the girl and the sensation of flight A-T's grant appealing. Ringo then recommends that he tries out a pair of A-T's so he skate alongside the pink haired skater. Later, Ikki heads over to the Eastside Gunz headquarters after getting a call from Kazu only to be betrayed by his friend out of fear. He then comes face to face with the leader of the Skull Saders, Magaki, and is easily overpowered by said leader. The Westside members then torture Ikki in retaliation for the Eastside Gunz victory earlier that day. Returning to the Noyamano household a broken mess, Ikki shuts himself in his room and sobs the rest of the evening. Mikan is annoyed with his crying, but Ringo is angry and won't let the Skull Saders get away with abusing Air Trecks. Later that night, Ikki has a surreal dream in which he sees Ringo, Ume, and Mikan in urban attire with A-T's to boot. He then wakes up to see an A-T duffel bag sitting on his bed. 

Wondering if the events in his "dream" actually transpired or not, Ikki calls out to Ringo and Mikan only to find no one's there except him and that it's almost noon. Racing to school, Ikki finds a dead crow in his locker and that his desk has been vandilized with deragotory messages relating to his beatdown yesterday. Demanding answers, Ikki storms campus and eventually bumps into his friends Kazu and Onigiri who are being forced to sell Skull Sader stickers against thier will. The latter spots Ikki's duffel bag and the two berate him for having A-T's in his possession while also informing Ikki that the Skull Saders are targeting all members of the ESG. Kazu then chunks the duffel bag out the window and accidently sets Ikki off. After giving a throughout beating to his now former friends, Ikki then walks away stating that he didn't really need those A-T's. Meanwhile the Skull Saders are harassing some girls when Ringo casually strolls by and slaps a Sleeping Forest sticker over the Skull Saders one and states that they'll meet thier end in the forest.

Ikki returns home to find that the house is still empty. While in the middle of a rage induced fit over whats happened, he finds a note written to him by the Noyamano sisters that was included with the A-T duffel bag. Heading out to find it, Ikki is having no luck when Kazu and Onigiri show up with said duffel bag. After apologizing and giving Ikki encouraging words, he heads out to try on his A-T's. Not having any prior experience with A-T's, Ikki fumbles around a bit before finding himself "flying" over the town. hes then accompanied by Ringo who states how big the sky is. Having his confidence fully return to him, Ikki is now eager for a rematch against the Skull Saders. That evening, Ringo and Mikan assualt the Skull Saders base of operations while Ikki (whos still getting the hang of A-T's) falls directly on top of Magaki. After words are exchanged, Ikki is challenged to his first A-T match. The goal is simple. Collect both the skull Saders emblem and Sleeping Forests emblem which are waiting at the top of a wall. Magaki thinks hes got this in the bag since Ikki can't ride on walls yet. However, at the start of the race, Ikki takes off one of his A-T's and sends it flying skyward at Makagi which causes him to fall off the wall (it also knocks the emblems off the wall to boot) Ikki then uses a unique A-T attack he calls "Wheel Spin Drop" on the Skull Saders leader and wins his debut A-T match.

Kazu and Onigiri later head to the Skull Saders headquarters only to find countless unconcious bodies laying all over the place. Ikki then wakes up the next morning gleeful over his victory. However, Mikan warns hims not to reveal the existence of SF to his peers and Ringo chimes in as well. Annoyed that the sisters are keeping secrets from him and that he can't tell his peers who really took down the Skull Saders, Ikki is sitting at his desk when two female classmates ask him about the events of last night. Kazu and Onigiri state that thier friend won because he had Air Trecks this time around. Subcumbing to peer pressure, Ikki tries to jump over a desk in order to prove that he really did take down the Skull Saders all by himself, but fails miserably. Trying to write his mistake off as having an off day, Ikki's classmates diss on him.

Wallowing over his failure to impress his peers, a bird aggressively pecks Ikki on the head causing him to yell at the bird until he sees a nest full of babies about to fall out of his tree. While arguing over whether or not Ikki actually had anything to do with the defeat of the Skull Saders, Kazu and Onigiri witness Ikki pull a wall jump in order to save a bird nest. Having thier faith restored, they gladly welcome back the "babyface" of the eastside gunz. Later, Ringo is training Ikki with the basics of A-T's while the latter is making perverted comments. The former threatens to leave if Ikki doesn't take the lessons seriously. After Ikki accidentally pulls Ringos skirt down while attempting "the walk", the duo return home and Ikki is subjected to Ume mocking him over his lack of skill in AT's. Mikan then announces that its steak night.

After everyone's had thier fill, the girls head out for some night time riding. Unbeknownst to them, Ikki's secretly following them trying to figure out what kind of people the sisters really are. Due to riding on a bike, Ikki quickly loses them and while searching for the sisters, he comes across the Grand Slum. An A-T store dealing in rare parts. Ikki asks for directions and the fat female owner summons a quirky old man to accompany him. The old coot rambles on about wings and mocks Ikki. Next thing Ikki knows, hes given a pair of wheels with the words "Welcome To Nightmare" scribbled on them. Ikki then returns home and boldly declares he'll soon catch up with the old man.

Girl Trouble

While snooping around in Mikans room, Ikki's gets caught by said person and is viciously attacked. Afterwards, Mikan tells him that he should have told her sooner that he needed spare parts to fix his Air Trecks which broke down. She then takes Ikki on a "treasure hunt" at a local sports store that sell A-T parts. While at the store, Mikan explains to Ikki the importance of customizing his own A-T's however he sees fit so that they become his own personal pair. While checking out the many parts available for sale, Ikki finally meets the pink haired girl hes been admiring everyday in person. The gorgeous girl introduces herself as Simca and the two have a brief conversation. Once Ikki returns home, he spends the rest of the day trying out the many different screws he ended up buying at the store.

While hes doing this, Ikki gets to thinking about the girl at the sports store and how she seemingly knows him from somewhere. Putting two and two together, Ikki realizes that "Tsubame" and the sales hottie are the same person, Ikki heads out telling the Noyamano sisters hes gonna go practice when in reality hes heading out to the place where he watches Simca everyday. Right on cue, as soon as Ikki arrives, Simca does her usual jump, but this time two gang members with masks resembling angry dogs chasing her. Taking action, Ikki follows close behind and takes down the mysterious attackers. The two gang members then leave the area. Just as Simca gives Ikki a kiss on the cheek as thanks for helping her, Mikan shows up to give Ikki a screw that fell out of his A-T's.  Apparently recognizing Simca from somewhere, Mikan mentally states her dislike of the pink haired skater.

After that day, Ikki develops a crush on Simca and takes to staring at her as much as possible. He even checks to make sure no more Stormriders pursue her. Mikan then has a conversation with Ringo about Simca and how shes nothing but trouble for Ikki. After they are done talking, the former notices a blood moon; a sign of battle. Elsewhere, Inuyama, leader of the Rez Boa Dogs is having a meeting with his teammates over thier negligence to follow orders regarding Simca. They then head out to hunt down her latest boy toy. Ikki. Speaking of which, Ikki is waiting for Simca when she pops up behind him and offers him a drink. She then salutes him for watching over her every single day. Ikki apoligizes for stalking her, but Simca takes no offense and offers Ikki a reward as part of her gratitude. Thinking its a kiss, Ikki closes his eyes and puckers his lips.

Much to his surprise, Ikki is given not a kiss, but instead a Rez Boa Dogs emblem. Just then, Inuyama attacks him with his signature "dokon" attack. The leader of the Rez Boa Dogs demand that Ikki gives them back whats rightfully thiers while Simca takes flight and leaves the area, but not before promising Ikki some serious gratitude should he manage to keep up with the emblem between now and when the two next meet. Afterwards, Ikki hops on his bike and entices the Rez Boa Dogs to chase after him. While this is occuring, Ringo and Mikan are out looking for Ikki when Simca happens to pass by them. The sisters warn her to leave Ikki alone and Ringo even slaps Simca to help the warning sink in.

Eventually, the Rez Boa Dogs catch up with Ikki and begin to jump him when Ringo suddenly appears to save his hide. Angry that she got involved in, Ikki chews Inuyama out for attacking Ringo. The RBD's leaders mask then falls apart after being damaged earlier in the chase to reveal a comical pompodor. Ikki then takes a moment to laugh at this silly reveal before declaring a battle between him and the RBD. Just as things are getting underway, Simca shows up to steal the RBD and SF's emblems and makes the match more entertaining by having the two combatants Ikki and Inuyama chase after her pet swallow who is now in possession of the two emblems. Ikki then takes off immedately after Simca offers a "reward" to the winner of the match. 

Having been given some solid advice from Mikan about how to best win the match, Ikki makes his way to a tunnel where there just so happens to be a moving train. Since the swallow is passing through the same tunnel, the conditions will cause the bird to move slower than it normally would. Inuyama (having caught up to Ikki by this point) starts punching Ikki with everything hes got. Luckily, Ikkis tougher than he appears having been the guinea pig for all of Mikan and Rika's new wrestling moves back in the day and easily brushes aside Inuyamas punchs. Ringo, Mikan, and Simca are watching the fight unfold and are engaged in banter as it progresses. Focusing everything hes got on the swallow, Ikki jumps on a power line to tremendously boost his speed and as a result sees the "Wing Road" for the first time. The increase in speed also allows him to snag both of the emblems from the swallow. Unforetuanately, the speed increase is temporary and Ikki's put in harms way as he beings to fall right in front of the train.

Foretuanately, Inuyama saves the crow's life and gets them both to safety. He then tells Simca she picked a good man and compliments Ikki on a job well done. The RBD then disband since thats on par for course for any stormrider team that loses a battle. Ikki then tries to give Inuyama the emblem he won back and is told no many times even though the former feels that he had a cheap win. Simca then takes the RBD emblem and runs off with it, butnot before she praises Ikki and states that she has high hopes for him. The RBD then give chase to the gorgeous stormrider once more. Mikan and Ringo's opinion of her changes for the better and just as the sisters and Ikki are about to leave, Simca comes back saying that she forgot to reward Ikki for winning the match. She then proceeds to strip which causes him to go ape while Mikan restrains a  now jealous/angry Ringo.

The Night Kings

After the events of that night, Ikki is seen scrounging around the house for money to fix his now broken A-T's. He does everything under the sun to obtain money ranging from selling his wrestling books to stealing money from Ume's piggy bank.

The birth of the Kogarasumaru

After his almost impossible victories against many superior classed opponents, many see Ikki as the tentative successor to the title of Sky King.

He is able to see the "Wing Road" and is prophesized by Simca to be the Sky King. So strong is her belief in his destiny that she places all of Genesis under his command. This gives Ikki command of over 375 high level AT riders as well as five of the eight 'Kings'. However, this also puts him in direct conflict with Sleeping Forest which is led by his childhood friend, Ringo.

Ikki chanellges Yoshitsune skill in the Devil's 33

Ikki was hospitalized for some time supposedly due to an injury received during the Devil's 33 challenge against Yoshitsune, but in reality Ikki's leg had already been healed and it was just a ploy so that he could be protected and trained within the safety of the hospital. But because of the multiple attempts at the Devils 33 he now holds the record after he flew 35.09m, breaking Sora Takeuchi's record in the Devil's 33 of 34.2m. During his stay at the hospital he spent most of his time training with Sora. His training mostly consisted of perverted games such as counting panties while running on his hands. As silly as they seemed they were actually to help Ikki's body become more suitable for the Wind Regalia, Bagram. Sora even taught Ikki how to project the wind and how to control it as a potent weapon.

The results of training were shown when Ikki fought Ringo. When Ikki fought her with the new Bagram cores, his power was boosted so high he actually broke the cores (Which later turned out to be incorrect prototypes, made by Hako and switched out with Kururu's prototype).

Ikki using the 2nd forme, wings extended

After the battle with Ringo (which is considered a draw), Ikki and Agito leave the Noyamano house, and find themselves invited to stay inside the Tool Toul To headquarters where they meet Rune, 2nd in Command of Tool Toul To. During their stay there, Hako, who had stolen Kururu's Bagram prototype, visits Ikki and offers to be his tuner. Shortly after she is rejected, Rune takes back the True Bagram cores, which Hako stole and replaced with her own version. As soon as he takes it, he has his hand cut off by a stranger, who breaks through the fortified glass of the headquarters window. The stranger easily handles Rune and Agito, before running off with both the wind regalia core a

Ikki and Agito in the Trophaeum Tower

nd Hako. After this, Ine and Rune reveal that Trophaeum Tower is actually inside the Tool Toul To base, and they take an elevator inside the Tower, despite hesitation on Agito's part. Agito soon realizes its a trap by Ine, and he and Ikki meet Kilik and the other Sleeping Forest Members. The Trophaeum Tower is actually not a tower at all, but a large geothermal mine shaft (with the "top" of the tower actually being the bottom of the shaft. The entrance is hidden by the large clock tower that Tool Toul To uses as their base.) Once inside Ikki is set up against the Sleeping Forest team, being revealed to be all Gravity Children (denoted by the cross-shaped marks on their pupils). Ikki learns the reason behind Sleeping Forest's control of the AT world is that they feel the regalia are too destructive to be let loose on the world. Meanwhile, Nike who had stolen the rebuilt cores, del

Ikki hurt by Sora's betrayal

ivers them to Sora who installs them on his newly acquired bionetic legs. Sora's power and control with the cores is enough to allow him to destroy a helicopter. Sano and Spitfire attempt to stop the two twins until Sora teams up with Nike. The two then promptly kill Sano and Spitfire, igniting a betrayal that would shake the AT world. The news of Sora's betrayal hits Ikki hard and he decides to quit AT. Kururu Sumeragi tries to comfort him but even she can't mend his shredded heart. Feeling as if he'll never "fly" again Ikki accidentally rode a bike off the road while racing with Kururu only to be saved by Kazu who had been training with Spitfire's regalia since Sora's betrayal. He saves Ikki and reveals that Spitfire had left a message to everyone before he died. Ikki & Kazu call everyone they know, ex-members of Behemoth and every team they beat to come and watch the video.

Ikki becomes the Storm King of the Hurricane Road

During the video, Spitfire calls Ikki out, asking him if his wings are broken, and then explains to him the way that Genesis had been running up until the Behemoth match. Spitfire explains that over time, Simca, and himself became disillusioned by Sora's "dream" and forgot why they had even started riding. When Ikki rode Agito's fang to jump start the Wing Road, he was able to bring back the feeling that had been missing. It was then that Spitfire began going behind the Sora Brother's backs when it came to matters concerning his involvement with Genesis.

In response, Ikki asks everyone he's faced over the start of his A-T career, minus the Skull Saders, who were all in attendance, to give him a wake up call. Spitfire's message concludes by asking Ikki if his wings are truly broken.

With Ikki's return to A-T and announces that he will wallop Sora and Kilik and milking gravel after that , the old man, one of two who run the portable Glam Slum A-T shop (and principal of Ikki's school), deemed the Wing Road too constricting for Ikki. Bestowing a new title and a road more appropriate for Ikki, the Storm King of the Hurricane Road.

After the wake up call, Ikki started training under the supervision of Spitfire's video record; during Spitfire's special training Kururu was kidnapped. Ikki fearing that she was taken by Sora went berserk and destroyed the car in which Kururu was, when he was about to punch the driver Kururu stops Ikki and tells him that that man is her father. After apologizing for destroying the car Ikki and friends find that Kururu's father is the leader of White Wolf Clan and that the team was created in order to save a company from bankruptcy.

Kururu then meets the old man, which states 'What Kogarasumaru needs is a meaningful defeat, thus making Kururu help her father's team, White Wolf Clan, to make Kogarasumaru not overconfident.

Kogarasumaru battled against White Wolf Clan. They changed their strategy from trying to score points to trying to inflict as much damage as possible to the White Wolf Clan, which was all a hoax by Kogarasumaru. Instead, they switched to continuous waves of teamwork, and were making a huge comeback against the White Wolf Clan, but Kururu and members of Tool Toul To arrived to help. There Kururu used the Pledge Regalia to update the A-T of the White Wolf Clan. After this the White Wolf Clan won and Kogarasumaru understood the meaning of the battle.

Ikki vs Kazu

After the Flame Regalia was stolen and Kazu lost his motivation, Ikki fought Kazu to help him regain the will to fight.

ikki's reaction realized he didn't have the right card

IKKI and his team had to hurry to register for The Gram Scale Tournament however, kaito and the Windstorm G-Men members are there to prevent them teams from participating May thanks to the help of Akira the members of the Tool Toul To, IKKI manages to get to the Tropaion tower to register for the tournament. Ikki puts the key in the computer to participate in the tournament, an error may have occurred, and the latter did not understand until he noticed that the memory card he had inserted was not the right one and was missing. was too late to retrieve the team card.

As a result of this incident, Kogarasumaru will not participate in the tournament and as a result, ikki was punished by his teammates. In the fight againist Sleipnir, he is partnered up with Buccha to stop Loki, who has a battle level of 205 which far exceeds even with the two added battle levels of Ikki and Buccha. In the fight, he used a new trick which created a wind graveyard, or Null Wind. When Freya is affected by Onigiri's attack, Loki went out of his way to save her giving the victory to Kogasumaru.

Ikki and Kogarasamaru arrive to challenge Genesis

He had already asked Sano to get them supersonic planes so that they can go to rescue Rika as soon as they complete their fight with Sleipnir. As soon as they reach the ship they are confronted by the Thunder King Nue. Kogarasumaru almost fell for Nue's bait as he confronted them in the form of Nike, however, Agito launched a fang to stop Ikki and others so that they wouldn't get entangled in Nue's wires. Nue then gives them Rika's location and Ikki asks him to join them but Nue declines and launches into his attack. As the battle progresses, Ikki almost gets entangled in Nue's Lightning Spider Net but uses Impact Wind to blow the wires away. He soon finds out that he has been in Nue's illusion and that Nue is right behind him with his transformed Regalia. After, Nue starts to tell Ikki that his tricks are ripoffs of Sora's techniques and that the only reason that he became a king so quickly was due to Sora teaching him tricks. With support of Aikawa Taeko he tells Nue that if a ripoff is better than the real thing then it becomes the original and they resume their fight.

The complete Kogarasumaru Protection Net arrive to back up Ikki

As their battle continues Ikki becomes incredibly tired and wounded by the Thunder King. Later on in the fight he notices that a plane has arrived on the ship, and it turned out to be some of his friends and comrades ready to back him up. Ikki quickly accepts everyones help and Nue becomes enraged and unleashes his full power of the Rising Road. He continues to fight Nue despite his A-Ts slowly dying. He later talks to Sano on his phone getting an update of everything thats happened. Ikki fully aware that his Storm Regalia is broken, speaks to all of his friends on the ship through a speaker trying to comfort Ringo to stop sobbing. Ikki voices his confidence telling everyone that there are various Regalia parts scattered throughout the ship used by Genesis Kings, which is more than enough to repair his damaged regalia. He then proudly tells everyone to let the regalia hunt begin.

Ikki and Nue race

The battle with Nue continues, with Nue telling Ikki that he hadn't done anything except depend on others, with Ikki proclaiming that his friends are his strength. After Black Burn's appearance, and knowing of Nue's circumstances, Ikki forcefully proposes to change the battle to a "Run" type, having Nue installing his powered up Regalia core. During the battle, Ikki was able to escape Nue's wire death trap with a trick that Falko had proclaimed only Sora and Kilik could do. Upon his victory, Nue hands the Thunder Regalia's core to Ikki, and instructs him to tune it. Ikki later shows up carrying a weakened onigiri near the end of kazu fight with Nike. He incourages Kazu to finish his fight with nike and afterwards congratulates kazu for winning his battle. Ikki also talks to simca briefly handing her his jacket (due to the fact that she was naked) Simca thanks him and acknowledges ikki for teaching kazu and onigiri how to fly. Ikki says it was no problem and then takes kazu and onigiri weakened body away from the battle field.

Ikki receiving the kings Regalias

Ikki is later given the Fang, Flame, and Gem Regalia cores from Agito, Kazu, and Simca respectively to help make the Storm Regalia even stronger. The president in Emily's body then appears before Ikki and guides him to the Pledge Queen's location in order for the Storm Regalia to finally be made. When Ikki arrives to see Kururu, it is revealed that she over exhausted herself and acted as "Yddragssill" for the real computer was damaged during Kogarasumaru's battle with Genesis. Ikki then asks Ringo to be his link tuner and reveales to her that she is the one that has always been closest to him. Ikki then attempts to say something to Ringo while she explained how they only have that "brother/sister" relationship, but she covers his mouth before right after saying "I" for the reason that she doesn't want him to cause her anymore pain than he already has. Ikki than walks up to a 3D projected image of Kururu after she regained consciousness and had a brief conversation on how they respect one another. Kururu tells Ikki the more she began to know him the more she wanted to help him and his team accomplish their goals. She continues her conversation with Ikki saying "I didnt want to be a part. It didnt matter if our paths didnt cross. I just want to continue overtaking this person and being overtaken by this person, Threading our own medlody.". Kururu then smiles at ikki and reveales she wanted to show him how strong she has become. Kururu decides not to tune for Ikki but instead guide all the roads together to create a whole new one. She also tells an enraged Hako that if she performs the tuning, she wont be able to create the regalia. She continues on saying she wants to see herself what awaits everyone in the future and that everyone risked their lives to gather the power and energy for the Storm regalia. Kururu states that she also wants to risk her life creating the Storm Regalia. Kururu then turns to Ringo and encourages her to listen to

Kururu creating a new road.

the sound of her heart. Ikki faces Ringo, holds out his hand, and tells her to come. Ringo hugs Ikki and confesses her love for him. She then tells Ikki she wants to be the one closest to him which Ikki replys back saying "Sure.". Ikki and Ringo walk inside a tower for the creation of the Storm regalia. They both gaze upon each other and began to deeply kiss, as well as remembering all the past memories they have shared together. Kururu then speaks, saying she can see a "new road" that no one has ever seen before, and thanks to the assistance of Toul Tool To, Kururu completes the creation of the Storm Regalia. Ikki and Ringo later show up infront of the Trophaeum Tower with hundreds of hand made paper airplanes tossed across the sky. He and Ringo begin flying across the paper planes, and Ikki questions sora if he can see him outside the tower. He shouts out to Sora telling him if he wants to run now would be the time, but ikki states he wont give him the chance to run away. Ikki and Ringo then enter the tower to fight against Sora. Ikki listens to

Ikki vs Sora

Sora as he speaks to the world, Sora promises the 99 % of the world that he will give everyone wings and that he will create a brighter future for everyone. Ikki points his finger to Sora and mocks him for trying to be a god, he then questions where Rika is (moments before she attacks him). Ikki then calls out to Plugman and asks him to make an announcement to all the remaining teams in the GS tournament. He tells them all to forfeit and promises that he will challenge them all later. Ikki faces Sora and tells him that he will bet the Storm Regalia for parts war, and if he doesnt except his challenge then he will destroy his regalia to the end of the universe. Sora excepts his challenge and they all set up 4 rules (since the whole world is watching their battle) First rule no limits on attacking, second rule two on two tag battle, the third rule neither Ikki or Sora can use their regalias powers during the battle and final rule is a "run type" battle and the goal is to reach 35000m below the surface. Ikki with a saddened face speaks to Sora telling him (you gained everything for the sake of everyone else right? However is that really what you wished for, in exchange didnt you lose everything that's important to you? The thing you destroyed isn't the world its YOURSELF, and a world that someone like you creates isn't right). Ikki then smiles and bets his emblem and tells Sora that he will help him find his true self.

Ikki and Ringo flying down the tower

As the battle begins Ikki has trouble flying in the tower due to the fact that there is zero gravity. At first he has trouble flying in the tower until he remembers his first time riding with a.t. Ringo questions him if he remembers how to fly under zero gravity. Ikki apoligizes and thanks her for teaching him how to fly under zero gravity. Ikki then speaks saying he found an opening in the wind and he grabs on to Ringo and tells her to hold on as he begins to fly down the tower. Ikki thanks Ringo telling her he is super lucky to have met her. He confesses to her saying he wanted to tell her this while they both still had the time (causing Ringo to blush and sqeez his ear really hard) Ikki continues on saying when he first started running he realized this world is completely surrounded by walls. (The image of myself inside me was always running ahead as if the wall didnt exist and everything iv done was probably so that i could catch up to him one day and overtake him) Ikki smiles and faces Sora simply saying Right? to him. Sora asks Ikki what is his pride that he speaks of and he attacks him with the power of the wing road breath of dragonics eighty heads, Sora tells him he will show him what a real wall is. Sora technique destroys the surroundings of the tower, and ikki shouts out to Ringo to follow him. Sora notes that Ikki fell for his plan. Sora and Rika then combine their powers to attack him, but Ringo quickly pushes Ikki out of the way and takes the hit for him. Ikki shouts out Ringo name in horror, Sora kicks him from behind and comments that if ikki had been alone the entire time then he might have been able to escape the attack. Ikki tells him to shut the fuck, Sora replys saying (its too late you would be killed if you went after Ringo, The pressure below the tower is one tenth of the atmospheric pressure and the tempature is 45 below zero) Despite this Ikki rushes down the tower to save her. He catches her quickly and she apoligizes to him for going this far to save her. Ikki tells her its okay and at times like this he cant help but compliment himself on his skills. He continues his conv

Ikki and Ringo send Sora technique right back at him

ersation with Ringo saying (if you run you will hit the wall and if you fly you will get shot down, however its because of the height of the wall, that i was able to become strong enough to compete with Sora) He then smiles and tells Ringo to not think of him as the "the old Ikki" Ringo then tells ikki of how she has been dragging him down with her mistakes and it must have driven him crazy picking himself from the ground so many times. Ikki comments that he doesnt mind and that hes at his most strongest while hes standing up. Sora attacks them again with another technique and Ikki & Ringo counter it with a Storm road + Thorn road technique, Ikki states impossibility is not a part of their dictionary and they both send Sora technique flying right back at him.

As Ikki and Ringo recover they head down the tower once more. Ikki thinks to himself on how he feel and see his ideal self. The person who has always been there the perfect version of himself that he has always been trying to become. He feels like he is almost there and beings to display his current level of skill and starts performing tricks including "Moonrider" which amazes all who are watching. He states that his ideal self is still 2 meters behind sora.

As they continue moving down the tower and displaying his skill ringo comments that he has gotten so much better and that he can now keep his center of gravity steady before he makes any moves and they come out neat yet powerful.

When Ikki and Ringo come to a crossroad they decide to split up. And Ikki ends up encountering and stalling Rika and Sora. As simica comments that Ikki's willpower has gone to ringo. Ringo tells him that everyone is watching and asks if they should start. Rikia goes to attack her and the cage that Ikki has been trapped in breaks. He easily stops rika's attack and takes her by surprise, while Agito comments that Ikki is capable of breaking out of any cage, made by anyone at anytime.

Ikki deflecting Rika attack

When Rika recovers and fully activates the thorn regalia activating the thorn regalia's ultimate battle form. Ikki seems overwhelm but after experiencing Rika's attacks he easily predicts her every move. Ikki uses a Wind Barrier despite the fact that a wind barrier wouldn't work on a thorn whip, so he kicks the barrier up ricocheting her towards sora. He is impressed how easily he stopped and redirected Rika to send her after Ringo. Ikki and Sora began battling one on one and is shocked when Sora reveals the battery to his A.T., revealing that he hasn't even been using them. After seeing that he even can't touch Sora, Ikki uses Thor's Vaccum Ball Trick to fight off Sora, & overwhelmed Sora resulting in the destruction of Sora's right A-T Leg. But after Sora's leg is gone he get's ikki to punch and destroy a self destruct button that will kill Rika.


Ikki is the Storm King of the Hurricane Road. Initially, he initally rode on the Wing Road, but Sora's betrayal inspired him to overcome its weaknesses and develop his own Road. Ikki has been adept at using many of Sora's tricks. It's likely that the Storm's Infinite Atmosphere will incorporate the Rumble and Wind abilities. Ikki's R.E.A.D. battle level, as of the battle with Sleipnir, is 117. By the time of his battle with Sora and Rika, his R.E.A.D. battle level was calculated at 350, and it can be assumed that it increased during the course of this battle.

The new Storm Regalia

Equipment & Paraphernalia

Ikki started his Air Treck career using a standard pair of Air Trecks. Ikki would used and maintain throughout his Air Treck career, even during his brief tenure as Wind King. He would customize and maintain these Trecks to accommodate his style and riding. As Ikki succeed the title of Wind King, his Air Trecks were briefly customized with a King's Regalia: the Wind Road's Regalia: Moonstruck Drop Bagram. Unfortunately, this version of the Regalia (assembled by Hako) was only a prototype which collapsed after two Infinite Atmosphere. Ikki would then return to using his regular pair until Kururu completed the Storm Regalia using the DG-27 from the Rumble Regalia core and the Regalia itself. Unfortunately, the part suffered irreparable damage due to bullet-fire during transport. Luckily, Kururu was able to repair and completely upgrade the damage Storm Regalia from the cores of the Thunder, Gem, Fang, and Flame Regalia. This version was so advanced that, according to Dr. Minami, it equals the Sky Regalia itself. Interestingly enough, Ikki would never actually wear the Storm Regalia, instead equipping them to Ringo's Regalia. Ultimately, the Storm Regalia would be destroyed along with the Sky Regalia..


God of the Wind: AT Typhoon: Ikki spins around rapidly and adds centrifugal force to his punch, this makes the force and strength of his punch many time greater, even as Bando's Crushing Hammer.

Wing Road

Wing Road : Ikki is able to ride on the surface of the wind, known as the Wing Road, giving an appearance of the user having wings sprouting out from their feet, and an ability to fly. This ability was first accidentally used during the battle with the Rez Boa Dogs, and Ikki was able to use it at will upon his battle with Ringo. When coupled with the Wind Regalia, Bagram, Ikki was able to utilize the full extent of this trick, being able to ride on surfaces normally impossible with normal ATs.

Wheel Spin Drop : Ikki accelerates his AT while standing in a stationary position and uses the rip start as momentum to attack his opponent with a high speed dropkick to the face.

Ikki 1800 Wall Ride : This technique is basically Ikki's version of Buccha's Overbank 1800. Ikki puts his own style to the move by alternating skating backwards while traveling up the wall at a wider arc.

Upper Soul 23 Roll : A move combining the momentum from a wall jump and executing a "Soul Grind" on any vertical rail surface nearby, Ikki uses so much forward momentum that he literally corkscrews up the entire rail. He uses this move on the school flagpole during the challenge against Buccha. Considered a S class move by Spitfire.

Moon Rider

Method Air to Spin That Grab "Moonride" : A move in which the rider jumps at full strength and applies power to his rotational axis shifting his center of gravity back allowing the rider to jump farther than normal. A side effect of this trick is that it creates a heavy air pressure, causing winds to occur. Ikki used this move in the battle with Sable Tiger leader Natsumi Iriya. He used this trick again as he raced down the tower.

Twin-Cam : A double team move used by Ikki and Agito. Ikki executes a 360 degree spin while holding Agito and then Agito executes a flying hook kick using the force from the spin. It was used in the fight against Udou Akira of the Behemoth.

Air Line : A grind along a power line that creates an electric discharge that reveals Rising Road's illusions. First used against Nue's team Black Crow.

Pile Tornado

Pile Tornado : Ikki gathers the wind in his hands and then turns them in a circular motion making something that looks like a small tornado, he then kicks the air with his A-Ts sending a powerful, horizontal tornado. He used this move in his fight against Kazu. This is one of Ikki's Infinity Atmosphere tricks.&nbsp

Limited Express : Ikki uses Pile Tornado and then jumps into the tornado after he has created it. After this he rides the inner walls of the tornado giving him an extreme burst of speed. This move was used against Kazu and is one of his Infinity Atmosphere tricks.

Wind Barrier : Ikki creates an extremely dense wall of air in front of him. The wall is extremely powerful and durable. He used first used this move during the battle with Inorganic Net.

Moonstruck Numberless Grappler : The Infinity Atmosphere of the Wind Regalia, Bagram. Ikki was only able to use this trick twice before the Wind Regalia broke and was subsequently stolen from him, rendering him unable to use it ever again. It creates an accelerating wall of debris that flies alongside the rider and is capable of penetrating sheet metal due to its speed. Although he doesn't have the Wind Regalia Bagram he is still able to use this trick.

Null Wind : Ikki's first Hurricane Road technique. It utilizes the "ultimate wave" principle, involving conditions similar to a hurricane (a calm center surrounded by destruction). By using the reverberations caused by Kazu and Agito's Grand Fang Firebird striking Buccha's reflective wall, Ikki expands the "ultimate wave" to create a massive circular storm, the center of which has no wind blowing within it. This attack was created to counter Sora Takeuchi's Wing Road. This is technique is somewhat of a double-edge sword as people who follow the Wing Road as well as the Hurricane Road, won't be able to use their Infinity Atmosphere (i.e. Pile Tornado). This trick is a combination of the Wind and Rumble Roads

Kuu Missile : Ikki shoots Kuu out of his head like a cannon

Ikki using "wind blast" against sora

Moon Drop Missile : Ikki uses the final principle of the Wing Road to interface with the air and moulds the wind into dense air. Ikki's version is similar to Sora's; he creates a dense sphere of air and hammers the opponent with it. It is powerful enough to create a single, large crater on concrete floor and incapacitate human enemies caught in the radius. First seen in Trick 224.

Impact Wind

Impact Wind : Using a large amount of his strength, Ikki unleashes a short-range burst of wind around his body. This technique enables him to free himself from entrapping tricks by other riders, like Nue and his wires

Super Extra Velocity: Due to his control over wind, Ikki gathers wind and compresses it and fires it off to fly at extremly high speeds. Similar to two jet thrusters. Ikki can fly at such high speeds not even someone using a jet can keep up with him. When racing down the tower from the highest point with Ringo on his back ikki and Ringo still remained unphased by the powerful wind pressure because of his extreme speed.

Wind Blast : By gathering the wind around his arms thanks to his wind control, ikki can release it as a large lazer blast.

Vaccum Ball: Using the effects of the Over Regalia Ram Jet, Ikki can create a Vaccum Ball of Air to attack. This attack is a similar to the Sleipnir's Wind King Thor's, however Ikki's use of this trick is on much higher scale and in different ways than Thor with far more skill overall. Against Sora Ikki created multiple Vaccum balls that were larger than the standard vaccum ball. He used the balls to interrupt the wind that is made when he moves by being enclosed in the vaccum, that way no one can tell where he is as well as drastically increasing his speed.

The trick itself however is a double edged sword as it destroys the users body while being used. move.

Astral Magus

Astral Magus: The Infinity Atmosphere of the Storm Regalia, its only effects as shown so far is that it, in a way, recreates the effect of "space" as well as the calm center of a storm .

It is noted to be very similar to Null Wind, even referred to be the trick itself. Whether it (the Infinity Atmosphere) is a completely different trick,the perfection of Null Wind, or even the evolution of it (Null Wind) is still not completely known.



  • Ikki is said to be able to beat anyone in a street fight (i.e. on the ground)
  • Ikki's favorite wrestler is Antonio Inoki
  • Ikki likes to shout "Osu!" during a battle.
  • Ikki's last name, 'Minami', is the same as that of the enigmatic figure who created the Gravity Children, referred to as 'Uncle Minami' by some. As of Air Gear 295, the enigmatic man revealed himself as Rinta Minami.
  • A reccuring plot point in the series is that Ikki's A-T's always need maintanance due to his amazing skills as a rider.
  • It is a possibility that Ikki is a Gravity Child or a Brain Charger as he was also given to Rika, when she was about 8, by Uncle Minami.

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