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Jade Road[]

In the manga, Trick 164, it was said that Nike was able to grasp the wind as a kid and with the added effects of the gem form the Gaia Road (thanks to the Gem Regailia stolen from Kilik), he gained the Jade road. Nike is the current Gem King of the Jade Road. It fuses the Wing Road with the Gaia Road, reflecting his philosophy of total control over both land and sky to bring all foes on the ground even while in the air. Combined with his great physical strength, which was enough to hurl a helicopter rotor straight through Mimasaka Ryo's body his Road makes him a very formidable opponent. It also applies the principles of piezoelectricity, it is basically it is the Wing Road and Gaia Road combined.


Infinite Tremor - Creates a tremor in the ground and applies the principles of piezoelectricity to enemies. Nike usually uses for the offensive purposes but may use it to paralyze as well like other Gem Road riders. Recently it was revealed that the vibrations may be used to destroy even metal during his fight with Onigiri.

Shard Bullets

Shard Bullets - Nike uses the effects of Gaia Road to force pieces of the ground upward. He follows up with a kick of wind sending them flying at his opponents. He used this trick against Onigiri in chapter 312, however they only slipped off of him. This trick may be confused with the Moonstruck Numberless Grappler as Nike is surrounded by a shadow army of skeletons such as Ikki and Sora are. However it seems to be completely useless against slipperly surfaces, such as Onigiri's Mucus, so it seems to be venerable unlike most of Nike's tricks.

Nike x Sora: Crystal Shard Bullets- Nike uses the Gem Regalia to force up gravel to the air. Sora then follows up with his Wind Regalia and pushes them with a high debris of air, sending them flying at the target with high velocity. This attack is strong enough to pierce flesh (as shown when a piece of the rocks pierced right through Aeon's hand). This trick was used in chapter 162 at the end of the fight between the Takeuchi Bros. vs Spitfire and Aeon.

Jade Armor - Nikes uses the Jade Road to create vibrations to harden his skin, his hair, and whats left of his clothes to create an armor. The vibrations harden the air, which allows him to walk on air and create shock waves. It is perfectly capable of surviving an explosion without slowing him down. It can even use Jade Road principles to turn his blood into a gem enhancing his armor and directly performing Jade tricks on an opponent.

Jade Swords - With his armor, Nike makes swords on his knees from shards of metal and stone. He uses the Gem Regalia to rip up the floor into shards for his leg armor. Then he forges them into skeletal swords, by taking advantage of the flames of Aeon, Kazu, and Onigiri's trick. Based on how the stone travels up his leg during this trick he may be able to use it without heat and instead used the heat to refine the swords. Nike's Jade Swords can also change shape, form, & length.