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Kanon (written as Canon in the Del Rey and Kondansha Comics) (奏音 ?) is Ringo's Tuner and Kururu Sumeragi's cousin. He has an obsession for Ringo and seems to harbor romantic intentions, but some of his ambitions shatter when he openly plots to tamper with Ikki's A-T's. He presses on in his disregard for Tool Toul To's neutrality by actively battling against Kogarasumaru, though he at least seems to respect their leader.

It is revealed that Ringo finally accepts him in order to defeat Genesis. However, he suddenly tells Ringo to tune it herself and opens his Guitar to attack Ringo, who asks Kanon what is the reason of his sudden attack, which suggests his betrayal.

This is proven to be wrong in chapter 264, as it is revealed that his purpose for his attack is to lure Ringo outside of the Tropaion Tower. He is depressed himself, as he is unable to tune with Ringo. Kanon has recently joined the fight against Genesis along with Tool Toul To on Sora Takeuchi's carrier. Kanon is currently battling against Merlin using his guitar's sound blades to slash her before he is assaulted by a similar move. Kanon is next seen exclaiming how they were too late to save Rika and were playing right into Sora's hands.


Kanon Guitar

Kanon rides on the Ring Road and is the only Ring Road rider revealed to have offensive capabilities. His "shadow" is unique as it appears every time he use his Guitar.

Guitar- Kanon has used his Guitar on several occasions. The Guitar has numerous A-T mechanism and seems to have multiple functions.

  • Sound Waves - The Guitar unleashes a deafening sound capable of shattering glass that instantly incapacitates everyone near the area. This was used during the White Wolves Clan VS Kogarasumaru Parts War.
  • Sound Blades - Kanon plays his guitar and creates super sound waves that have King-level destructive ability. The sound waves were fast enough to catch up with Ringo, the Thorn Queen (although Ringo was using old A-T's).