Kilik is the Original Gem King of the first and current Sleeping Forest. It's unclear whether he's an antagonist or a protagonist, but he is most likely one of the protagonist since he once helped Kogarasumaru. He is Simca's twin brother.


Kilik is an intelligent and somewhat arrogant person. He tends to "test" people to determine their intellect and logical thinking. He is very tactical and calculating, being the key strategist in all his battles. His talent was seen in the Inorganic Net battle, as well as Kogarasumaru's battle against Sleipnire. Despite all this, he is shown to be rather "naive" as shown when he wished to believe that a normal person could fly higher than the Gravity Children as well as not expecting Sora to hold Rika as a hostage. He says the reason for this naivete lies in his mercy, giving a person a second chance.



Kilik's appearance during his time with the original Sleeping Forest.

Kilik is a young man of average height with medium length white hair up to his chin and a usually melancholy expression. He sometimes wears sunglasses. He wears a white cloak sometimes. Despite being twins, he and his sister Simca don't share very similar appearances other than a somewhat similar hair style (after Simca cut hers short).


Gem tears

Kilik crying after seeing the sky

Kilik used to be good friends with Sora Takeuchi, had a crush on Rika Noyamano, and was considered the most powerful of the original eight kings of Sleeping Forest, and in his childhood, the most gifted among all the Gravity Children. Due to different opinions regarding the Sky Regalia, he split from the original group and gathered other Gravity Children to help him dethrone Sora. After successfully taking the Wind Regalia (and crippling Sora to prevent him from trying to take the Sky Regalia again), he loses his Gem Regalia to an enraged Nike. He seems to take a back seat on fighting, preferring to pull the strings of events than to put himself at the forefront. He had Ikki brought to Tropaion Tower in order to gauge his strength as Wind King. By using a hundred point deduction system, he was both impressed and depressed by Ikki's actions.

Sora x Kilik

Kilik and Sora

Unfortunately, mid-test Takeuchi Sora called them, revealing himself as fully capable of using A-T's again. A discussion was brought forward when Kilik questioned him about the "New Wind King Development Program" Genesis was running with Ikki as the subject. Sora laughed it off saying that a wind as good as this, referring to the Wind Regalia, was way too good for a kid like him, referring to Ikki. It was then that Kilik questioned him after stating that the regalia Kururu had built was superior to Sora's one and that Ikki was becoming too powerful. At that, Sora stood silent, continuing to ignore Ikki's cries for explanation. He reappears during the match between Kogarasumaru and White Wolf Clan talking to Hanged Man. He explained the fact that Ikki is starting to "awake" his true riding and that his team has a lot of potential, claiming that even he would have trouble countering them, but they don't know it. He is seen with Om, training his body to endure incredible pressure by turning it as hard as diamonds to fight against Sora's powerful winds.

Ex-Sleeping Forest

The original members of Sleeping Forest led by Sora

As Kilik finds out Rika is being held captive by Sora he is against Mikan's opinion to save her. Instead he accepts Kogarasumaru's proposal to help Kogarasumaru win the Sleipnire battle in exchange for their help in saving Rika. After that he manipulates Ringo with the help of Kanon and asks her to go and rescue Rika instead of Mikan. Mikan gets angry on this tries to protest but Kilik stops Mikan with just the gem vibrations of the phone and tells her of her weaknesses and how he would not divide his team's battle strength more and how he is devising a complete winning line-up against Sora. As Sleeping Forest gets prepared for the battle with Sora, Nina starts a discussion on how Kilik is the kind of person to do nothing if his teammates were being torn up by the enemy, which he seems to take guilt for even though his teammates agree with him, after which Onibasu states he is troubled with that fact.

Kilik shadow

Kilik's Shadow

In the final match of the first round of the Gram Scale tournament, Kilik and the rest of Sleeping Forest arrive at the Tropaion Tower to fight against Sora and the brainwashed Rika. Sora remarks that the tower will make a perfect grave for him. Kilik starts the match effortlessly fighting Rika which has Sora question him on why he's holding back since Rika makes him angry. Sora then tells him to beat her as much as he wants which Kilik questions him on how much of a bastard and a coward Sora really is since he's using a pregnant Rika to fight his battles. Rika continues fighting Kilik and reveals to him that he's the person she loves second most in the world. She then strikes him in the chest with one of her thorn techniques, Kilik continues the conversation telling her the Rika "he knew" wouldn't rank people like that. Rika states that when she defeats him she will prove that the road the person she loves most is the correct one. Kilik shouts out to Rika and then activates his Gaia Road Gravito Suffocation techniques which is countered by Sora's Wind Barrier. Sora tells Kilik that he's happy because he was the only one who was able to jump out and aim for the same thing as him. However, Sora states that this place has to be their final stop, Rika interrupts their conversation and faces Kilik. She questions him of the blue bird of happiness, and that the thing he was looking for was the place where all the Gravity Children were born. Kilik then tells Rika to remember... before Rika interrupts him once again saying remember what? "How you were always peaking while Sora and I were making love" in a gruesome face. Kilik shouts out her name and she then kicks him back flying.


Sleeping Forest seemingly being dominated by Sora and Rika

The tables were then turned when Sleeping Forest's Thunder King revealed he has been using alpha wave illusions to fake the battle and to capture Rika. Kilik revealed he disguised himself as the Thunder king in a plan to capture Rika for her Thorn Regalia in order for Sleeping Forest to be able to gain access to the Sky Regalia. He tells Sora he wasn't hesitating about harming Rika he just wanted her power in order to win against him. Sleeping Forest gathers around and Kilik activates the Sky Regalia. Kilik tells Sora with a saddened face that he may have flown the same heights as him but he is no longer worthy of being his opponent. He tells Sora that he and the rest of his team have been on the ground planning to defeat him. Kilik continues on saying that mankind's true enemy is at their feet. The Sky Regalia power creates a Black hole in the tower, Kilik states its merely one of its amazing abilities. Kilik tells Sora the sky he loved so much is falling right down on top of him right now. Kilik continues on saying that the pseudo-regalia (Sleeping Forest created a fake Sky Regalia) aren't as powerful as the original, but they're more than enough to take down Sora. Kilik reveals he never feared Sora, he just never wanted him to gain access to eight original regalia of Sleeping Forest. Sora kicks a gust of wind against Kilik and tells him to bring it on. Kilik remarks that the Gravity Children were created as tools to be able to handle the power of the Sky Regalia.


Sora and Kilik clash one last time

While he and the rest of Sleeping Forest attack Sora. Kilik thinks to himself if humans create a tool far beyond their control, that they thereby become a tool for that tool. Kilik states he could never fall in love with a future like that and he strikes Sora and tells him to fall to the bottom of the ground. Sora shouts out laughing maniacally telling Kilik that he will regret that attack.


The reborn Sky King kills Kilik

Kilik orders Sleeping Forest to begin their final line of defense, "Formation Z". He showed an expression of disappointment with his last attack and gave himself 0 points for it. As Sora reaches the bottom of the tower he unlocks the codes of the 28 Regalia and awakens Chronos power. Kilik then speaks to his team telling them Sora didn't need to win against them back then. Kilik states that Sora's only objective was to make him lower his guard, wound the other kings, and gain their codes. Sora awakens as the Sky King and begins to destroy the tower. Kilik screams out Sora's name and they clash one last time. Moments later, Sora defeats and decapitates Kilik. The fallen Gem King tells Sora with his last breathe that he despises him. His head is last seen on Sora's lap while he waits for Ikki.

Tricks and AbilitiesEdit


Kilik Gem regalia

Kilik's Original Gem Regalia

Kilik's Gaia Road operates on the principles of piezoelectricity (See Gaia Road). He is also very intelligent, incisive, objective and a brilliant strategist. He was also the joint leader of former Sleeping Forest and chief strategist directing the team totally in the Inorganic Net vs Kogarasumaru match. The strength of his Gaia Road is powerful enough to almost completely destroy a building.

Tricks Edit

  • Kilik x Sora: Crystal Sand Wind
  • Infinite Tremor
  • Infinite Stratum: Ensnaring Suffocation
  • Infinite Stratum: Gravito Suffocation
  • Power of Dimensions
  • Kilik x Sora Crystal Sand Wind - Kilik forces grains of sand in the ground to rise and Sora creates a tornado to interact with the sand to make a sand tornado. This move is used on Agito to disable him during the Inorganic Net battle.
  • Infinite Tremor - Kilik creates a tremor in the ground.
  • Infinite Stratum: Ensnaring Suffocation - Kilik creates a tremor in the ground and applies the principles of piezoelectricity to his enemies. This appears to be an alternate version of Infinite Tremor, however, its seems to affect the surrounding air as well, as one of the opponent Kilik was fighting in the past was jumping to attack him.
  • Infinite Stratum: Gravito Suffocation - A cluster of air is hardened and dropped onto the enemy.
  • Power of Dimensions - In Rika's words (Ch 218), turning everything 3-dimensional, perfectly calculating the enemy's next move, the power that only a Gravity Child can have. The only other person seen to have this (or a similar) power is Ikki.


  • In all of the silhouettes of the former Sleeping Forest, Kilik is always the one holding the flag.
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