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Regalia Types, Kings, and Roads[]

In Air Gear, every Storm Rider places an emphasis on a certain aspect of their "Run", which determines their "Type". Over time, the Rider's Run develops into a characteristic style and repertoire of tricks, which is termed as their "Road". Riders who master a Road to a high degree are called "King-level" riders, and King-level riders who possess their Road's "Regalia" are called "Kings" (Keepers in the official Del Ray and Kondansha Comics translation)

The Regalia are special Air Treck parts each having a part of a Quantum code to Release and control the Sky Regalia and each Regalia is specifically engineered to use the air to work in conjunction with the King's Road. This is referred to as an "Infinity Atmosphere". There are 28 Regalia in total, but 20 were stolen by the Takeuchi brothers. The 8 remaining Regalia each represent one of the 8 major Roads. Regalia are a double-edged sword: deploying one gives a huge power boost, but puts a huge strain on the user. Thus, a King can only use a Regalia a limited number of times before both their bodies and the Regalia give out. If the King doesn't have a "Tuner" to optimize the Regalia, it will become uncontrollable and the King will sustain terrible injury. There is a separate class of Regalia called "Subregalia", which are degraded copies of the originals which do not contain a "Core", which is what makes a Regalia a Regalia.

Wind Road[]

The first Road introduced, it is said to be the "purest" and closest to the sky. Wind Road is broken down into several levels:

  • The rider runs a low pressure current by breaking the barrier front. The rider may also be able to dissipate impact forces throughout their body, greatly reducing injury.
  • The second element is "Gravity Control", or the shifting of one's centre of gravity in order to extend the height and distance of jumps.
  • The third element is "Wings", a phenomenon which takes an existing tailwind and adds the user's own wind to it.
  • The fourth principle is the rider's ability to see and predict the wind and differential pressure via scattering light.
  • The final principle is "Catching Moon Drops", or interfacing with the air. The rider interfaces with and creates a surface of air via differential pressure. This principle is needed to use the Wind Regalia properly.

Wind Regalia: Moonstruck Drop Bagram is the Regalia of the Wind Road. It is the back wheels of an A·T with the words "Welcome To NightMare" scribbled on them. Bagram can make an A·T anywhere from a dozen to several hundred times more efficient at using the air, allowing a Run truly comparable to flight. When activating Bagram, the wheels split into spiralling sections. Deploying Bagram by feeding wind into the core causes the skull emblem to glow, and the wheels unfurl into wings. Further adding wind causes Bagram to deploy fully, in which its wings run lengthwise along the A·T to resemble talons.

The Wind Road also has the most variations namely the Gale, Hurricane and Jade Roads. But where the Gale is a variation of the Wind Road focusing on strength and aggressiveness rather then speed. The Jade and Hurricane Roads are evolved versions of the Wind Road fused with other roads. The Jade Road is created by combining the Wind with the Gaia Road while Hurricane Road is a fusion of Wing and Over Roads

Flame Road[]

The Flame Road is similar to the Wing Road in that both Wind and Fire are said to be "free". There are several principles to the Flame Road:

  • The first is the generation of heat via friction. This can bend light, create updrafts, and create illusions using heat mirages. This ability to create heat is especially useful against the Rising Road; a sufficiently skilled Flame Road rider can nullify all but the strongest Rising Road techniques with their flames.
  • The second is the use of fast and precise attacks to freeze the movement of their victims. These tricks are collectively referred to as "Time".

Flames are the "template" for each and every run.

The Flame Regalia: Key"Mother" uses all four wheels, with the back wheels decorated with a Kitsune. When activated, the wheels run to produce torrents of flames. Flame Regalia has a cyberairspace called Lon Houtz Bourne Street that is linked to every A-Ts memory data. This enables the Flame King to tap into the tricks of other riders using the activated Flame Regalia.

The Apollon Road is a refination of the Flame Road which both Time and Flame are used simultaneously.

Bloody "Fang" Road[]

Nicknamed "fang" because of its "slice" characteristic, the Bloody Road is literally carved into the flesh of one's adversary. "Slice" describes the practice of abrupt acceleration and deceleration (0-Max-0) to gain inertial energy, which exerts tremendous pressure on the thigh muscles. Getting hit by a "fang" is described by Ikki as "felt like something exploded in front of my body". Bloody Road riders also use chains and hooks to bind their opponent. One of the Bloody Road's underlying themes is imprisonment; a number of Fang Kings have likened their road to being in jail. This attitude even manifests itself in the road's Infinity Atmosphere on more than one occasion.

The Fang Regalia: Bloody Armor is the Fang Regalia of Bloody Road. It comprises all 4 wheels of an A·T, and its core mechanism converts inertial energy into a shockwave, although its very presence in the narrow space of the wheel robs the A·T of the ability to jump. When deployed, the wheels split into a sawblade shape.

Gazelle the first generation Thorn Queen was the first person who tried combine the Bloody and Sonia Roads after she was defeated by the Takeuchi brothers by combining her own trick with that of Falco, the first Fang King. Years later the Brain Charger Lind who has the personality and abilities of Gazelle, combines the Fang of the Bloody Road with Thorn of the Sonia Road creating a hybrid combination between Sonia Road's flexibility and Bloody Road's sharpness and destructive power.

Sonia Road[]

Sonia Road users are defensive experts, focusing on agility and is considered the road with the highest maneuverability. It is the opposite of the Bloody Road, in that it shreds the user's body instead of the enemy's; its current Queen, Ringo Noyamano, goes so far as to refer to this aspect of the road as 'torture'. The Sonia Road constantly burdens the users body with high pressure, which is why the Sonia Road can reach its full potential at areas of high pressure. Storm Riders who follow this road have a natural advantage against the Wing Road and Gaia Road, according to Kilik of Sleeping Forest. With Sonia Road, the center of movement is changed from the knees to the hips, which greatly increases flexibility and nimbleness. This aspect limits the Sonia Road to women, as only their hips are capable of enduring the Road's demands although Lind Wanijima rides a Hybrid form of the Bloody and Sonia Roads. The principles of the Road are as follows:

  • The hip are the axis and the base point for all moves instead of the knee. This improves maneuverability by moving the rotational axis closer to the centre of gravity.
  • Supersaturation of the bloodstream with nitrogen through hyperventilation, which is used to form cushioning bubbles at joints.

The current form of the original Thorn Regalia: Virgin Blade has the shape of a bow which allows it to fire arrow like sonicbooms which removes the recoil on hips as the user only needs to pull the string of the bow.

  • The Thorn Subregalia: Thorn Reaper is a pair of back wheels. When deployed, it disassembles into a superconducting whip with a forked end. The fork allows the whip to cut through the air, creating small sonic booms called "Thorns". Combined with Sonia Road's wide area of acceleration, Thorn Reaper can attack in many directions at once although its not as strong as Fangs. Thorn Reaper is a Subregalia, and has recently been redesigned by Kilik. The output's been increased by 25%, the material was changed, and it's become more efficient at energy recovery via an attenuation mechanism. The new Subregalia's core is no longer a whip. Instead the area of the back wheels is a 'fork' shaped heel which creates the same "Thorns" that the whips did while depending more on kicking power.
  • By Chapter 337, Ringo's new AT's was similar to her old ones at the beginning but with sharper, longer, and more flexible whip on her rear wheels. It was suspected if Ringo got the new Thorn Reagaila after the tuning with Ikki

Rising Road[]

Rising Road specializes in the offensive applications of electric and magnetic energy. It converts kinetic energy from the Rider's run into an electromagnetic field, enabling a skilled Storm Rider to create illusions and manipulate electricity for their own benefit. Ultimately, however, the Road's greatest strength lies in numbers, as demonstrated by Thunder King Nue and his team Black Crow. By applying illusions directly onto teammates, riders can create monsters actually capable of striking their enemies. Moreover, by using teammates to magnify the scale of his Infinity Atmosphere, Nue can create a giant formation of ice and lightning that easily pushes back an entire team of A-rank Storm Riders.

The Thunder Regalia is a full body suit capable of destroying an entire town. The rotation of this regalia generates electricity, and it becomes even stronger when conducted through special piano wires, based on Fleming's theory. It can create a strong magnetic force, attracting metal objects. It can also create electromagnetic waves that make people see illusions. Its core is a pair of dynamos capable of generating electricity and storing it in battery reels. When deployed, these battery reels undergo Roulette Wave Expansion and unreel massive amounts of cables through which current is dispensed.

Over Road[]

The Over Road's principle lies in the windmill theory - it compresses wind to form walls of air. Its strength grows with the strength of the wind it faces, as a strong wind can be compressed even further. The Hurricane Road is a fusion of the Wing and Over Roads; it combines both tricks and philosophies of both roads and incorporates the design of both original regalia.

Rumble Regalia: Ram Jet is the Regalia of the Over Road. Its core is a turbine chamber into which air is forced, compressed and heated into supercritical fluid, increasing its destructive capabilities. The Regalia has two distinct iterations: The original was a boombox-shaped piece of equipment that attached to the user's arms upon activation. It depended of the user's strength and when deployed, the attachments transform into claw-like appendages. The second iteration is completely integrated the core into an A·T. When deployed, the wheels split apart to reveal nozzles, increasing air intake. The wheels themselves act as the turbines. The Regalia's core was used to supply the missing material required for the Storm Regalia and while its inclusion enhanced the original capacity of the Storm Regalia it is a necessity in the Storm Regalia's schematics.

There are two known sub-regalia:

  • The sub-regalia currently belonging to Genesis is installed within Authur's chest, taking the place of his internal organs. It acts in a similar way to the original, however the visibal turbines, which are installed where Authur's lungs should be, take in air, increase the power and speed and release out of the side opposite to where the air went in, (As seen when he takes Agito's reflected "Fang" head on and then sends it out of his back). The Sub-Regalia is so powerful that it able to increase the power of Agito's already refected fang, and send it back at him with enough power to kill him, had Agito not countered.
  • The sub-regalia which belongs to Nina of Sleeping Forest takes the form of an enormous mechanized battle suit. Uniquely, it is operated by a rider hidden inside, who is hooked up to the sub-regalia through various wires. It seems that, like Arthur's sub-regalia, it is at least somewhat integrated with Nina's body; this is hinted at when she comments about the days when she used to "walk on the ground." The sub-regalia's turbines are located in the shoulders and have enough power to easily block machine gun fire.

Gaia Road[]

A Road that specializes in interactions with the ground. Riders of the Gaia Road are shown to focus on immobilizing their enemies and damaging their A-Ts, limiting their ability to ride. This is reflected both in its Infinity Atmosphere and in the philosophies of its riders. Riders of the Gaia Road are also able to memorize the shape of the land, allowing them to locate other riders. Its principles are:

  • Using the piezoelectric effect, riders can paralyze opponents by numbing them.
  • Creating seismic waves to create a 'Sonar' that reveals information about the opponents.
  • Creating vibrations to levitate objects and induce seismic activity.

The core of the Gem Regalia: Hardest Apostolica is a 'wheel' attached to the front of an A·T via a swivel arm. When deployed, the arm swivels to the back wheel. The Core attaches to the wheel and "blossoms" into a transduction device that digs into the ground, essentially immobilizing the user for the duration the Regalia is deployed.

The Jade Road is a variant of the Gaia Road formed by fusing it with the Wing Road.

Ring Road[]

The only Road that is primarily non-offensive, the Ring Road is a supportive road that consists of Link Tuners - mechanics who fix and tune other riders to their A·Ts. Not all Ring Road users can actually ride A·Ts. Ring Road focuses on sound - every rider and A·T has a rhythm. The Link Tuners match the rhythm of the A·T to its rider's, increasing performance. A person with the potential for Ring Road will know the exact time without reference.

Tools: Link Tuners tend to carry an arsenal of tools and parts for fixing and tuning A·T or other machinery. Some modify their bodies in order to fit more tools, or increase productivity. When directly interfacing with a king, link tuners use special suits called "SC". The SC is skin tight, elastic, and translucent, containing 7600 sensors within its fabric. Tuners also can carry a small machine that resembles a stenographer's typewriters. This machine allows them to monitor and retune regalia on the fly.

A select few Storm Riders are shown to use the aural properties of the Ring Road in an offensive manner. Examples include Kanon of Tool Toul To, who uses a guitar mechanism to create blades of sound; as well as Merlin of Genesis, who can produce cutting sound waves with her long fingernails. Even Kururu, a person with no battle experience, shows the ability to detune and destroy AT based technology using her Infinity Atmosphere, Infinity Scale.

The Pledge Regalia: Axis is a metallic cross, roughly the size of a human. When deployed, the cross splits into a ring of 8 thinner, numbered sections intercrossed by a maze of wiring, each with a set of headphones which other Tuners can put on. Standing in the middle of the formation, the Pledge Queen synchronizes herself with these tuners, essentially granting her abilities to them for the duration of the Regalia's activation. However, this process is extremely exhausting to the tuners involved.

Unique Roads[]

Gabishi's Road[]

Gabishi's road is unnamed; he carves it on the faces of his opponents.

The Original Horn Regalia was stolen from Gabishi by the Takeuchi brothers sometime between escaping the Trophaeum and when they went after Gazelle ten years ago. Its current state and whereabouts are unknown.

The Horn Subregalia: Hatch Venom is the front portion of the A·T it is equipped on. It appears as skulls adorning the front of both A·Ts. The Regalia operates by converting the energy produced by the wheels during high-speed braking into heat, which is kicked outward as a "shell" of compressed, heated air, then kicked again to produce a laser-straight current of molten wind. Hatch Venom is likely the degraded form of Bloody Armor.

Lather Road[]

Lather Road operates by sealing air into water to create explosive bubbles. The ability to ride in bodies of water is likely related.

The Original Water Regalia was stolen from Om by the Takeuchi brothers sometime between escaping the Trophaeum and when they went after Gazelle ten years ago. Its current state and whereabouts are unknown.

The Water Subregalia are the wheels of the A·T, and resemble rain tires. It operates by vibrating at high speed creating super pressured bubbles that rotate with great intensity and burst with immense force. The Regalia can also be used to resonate with the water inside of a target's body to cause further damage. The bubbles can also be used for communication. The Regalia's weakness is that it is only usable when the user's back is facing the opponent, which creates an opening for attack. Orca seems to ride a Hybrid Road of the Bloody Road and this Road.

Gladius Road[]

Unique to Gawain, the riders A·T is fitted with interconnected blades capable of piercing flesh and machines easily.

Smell Road[]

Unique to Onigiri, the Smell Road specializes in using body excretions to hinder opponents. It also has the ability to break down or reverse the Roads of female Storm Riders through Onigiri's perversions, as demonstrated by his ability to break through the illusions of the Rising Road and his negation of Mimasaka Ryo's Gaia Road.

Rock Road[]

Solely rode by Buccha, it allows Buccha to emit and release vibrations, there is also there is over ten times amount of blood flowing in his body than a normal human and huge amount of oxygen stored in the hemoglobins of that blood. His blood itself is a huge oxygen tank, so he can hold his breath for over twenty minutes. He can also turn his body into a reflective stone wall and push back shock waves meaning that the Over Road and Wing Road would be totally useless against the Rock Road but would help the Hurricane Road.

Hammer Road[]

Mitsuru has a unique road called the Hammer Road, this road could be a road that is mostly comprised of punching attacks and specializes in close combat, using his ultra-destructive punching power as his main weapon that when coupled with his added speed with AT's he unleashes destructive attacks. Mitsuru's punches result in damage of devastating proportions.

Hybrid Roads[]

Hurricane Road[]

The Hurricane Road is a fusion of the Wing and Over Roads; it combines both tricks and philosophies of both roads and incorporates the design of both original regalia (this has yet to be stated in the manga). The current (and only) known rider of this road is Ikki, the Storm King.

The Storm Regalia of Hurricane Road incorporates designs from both the Wind Regalia and the Rumble Regalia, as well as the latter regalia's original core. It was completed by the Pledge Queen Kururu Sumeragi, but during a battle while trying to get it to Ikki the regalia was damaged. Later, after beating Nue, Ikki got the Thunder Regalia's Core to repair the damaged Storm Regalia. After Nike's defeat,Ikki is also given the Core's of the Fang, Gem and Flame Regalia's by Agito, Simca and Kazu.

Jade Road[]

A road created by combining the Wind with the Earth. It fuses the Wing Road with the Gaia Road, reflecting his philosophy of total control over both land and sky to bring all foes on the ground even while in the air. Combined with his great physical strength, which was enough to hurl a helicopter rotor straight through Mimasaka Ryo's body his Road makes him a very formidable opponent. It also applies the principles of piezoelectricity, it's sole user is Nike.

Gale Road[]

A road created by Mikan Noyamono. It appears to be a variation of the Wing Road that focuses primarily on Mikan's strength and aggressiveness, rather than the speed-based Road favored by other Wind Kings..

A List of Kings and Roads[]

Current Kings[]

Title Road Infinity Atmosphere Original Current


Regalia Name Tricks Current Tuner
Wind King
Wing Road
Infinity Airdoor
Sora Takeuchi Minami Itsuki Sleipnir team members Wind Regalia ・Moonstruck Drop Bagram

Infinity Airdoor ・Moonstruck Numberless Grappler ・Bloody Wings

Hako Isawa
Flame King
Flame Road
Infinity Inferno
Spitfire Mikura Kazuma Alexander Locke Flame Regalia

Flame Road ・After Burner

Fang King
Bloody Road
Infinity Jail

Wanijima Agito


Fang Regalia ・Bloody Armor

Agito ・Bloody Blade Fang

・Leviathan Fang

Yayoi Nakayama
Thunder King
Rising Road
Atmosphere Max 雰囲気最大 Black Burn Nue Onibasu Thunder Regalia

Get Together ・Atmosphere Max ・Lightning Spider Net

Thorn Queen
Sonia Road
Infinity Chain
Gazelle Noyamano Ringo Noyamano Rika Thorn Regalia ・Thorn Reaper ( Sub - Regalia )
Infinity Chain ・Turquoise Sonia Kanon
Storm King
Hurricane Road

Astral Magus 星間魔術師

Minami Itsuki Minami Itsuki Noyamano Ringo Storm Regalia

Pile Tornado ・Null Wind ・Limited Express ・ Astral Magus

Noyamano Ringo

Rumble King


Over Road 轢藍の道

Infinity Track


Yoshitsune Nina, Arthur Rumble Regalia ・Ram Jet
Rumble Wall ・Mirror Country --
Pledge Queen
Ring Road
Infinity Scale
Ine Makigami Kururu Sumeragi Simca, Shiraume "Ume" Noyamano Pledge Regalia ・Axis
Infinite Scale --
Gem King/Queen
Gaia Road
Infinity Stratum
Kilik Simca Nike Gem Regalia ・Hardest Apostolica
Infinity Stratum ・Ensnaring Suffocation --

Other Kings[]

Title Regalia Road Current Regalia Name Signature Trick Team
Sky King
Sky Regalia
空の玉璽----Regalia of Regalias
Trophaeum's Road


Minami Itsuki Sky Regalia Astral Magnus

The Storm's Infinite Atmosphere

Windless Barrier


Horn King
Horn Regalia

Hornet Road

"Faceless" Gabishi

Horn Regalia

Hatch Venom


Air Cannon Sleeping Forest
Water Queen
Water Regalia
Lather Road
"La Molybdenstar" Om

Water Regalia

Water (Subregalia)

Bubblegum Crisis Sleeping Forest
Princess Spinner -- Ring Road Shiraume "Ume" Noyamano -- -- Sleeping Forest
Wind God -- Gale Road Mikan Noyamano -- -- Sleeping Forest
Thunder King -- Blitzin' Road
Kaji "Crazy Mask" Seigou -- -- Crazy Mask
Wind King
-- Wing Road
"Edda of the Snowy Plains"
-- Sleipnir: Cyclone Destiny----

Muspellzheimr's Shining Wind

Jiggy (Sleipnir)
Wind King
-- Wing Road
"Asgard" Thor Mjollnir Vacuum Jiggy (Sleipnir)
Wind King

Wing Road


"Hrimfaxi" Nott-Dagr -- Light's Skinfaxi Jiggy (Sleipnir)

Wind Queen


-- Wind Road
"Spring of Life" Freya -- Asgard's Bifrost----

Dance of the Einherjar's Sword

Jiggy (Sleipnir)

Other Riders and Roads[]

Road Rider Team
Apollon Road
燭の道----Flames of Time
Spitfire, Yasuyoshi "Aeon Clock" Sano, Kazuma Mikura ---
Gladius Road
"Killer" Gawain (deceased) Genesis
Smell Road
Onigiri Kogarasumaru
Neck Road
Potemkin Potemkin
Flame Road

Yasuyoshi "Aeon Clock" Sano


Flame Road
"Coke In Magician" Black Flame Coca Fire
Gaia Road
Mimasaka Ryo

Behemoth (formerly)