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Konomi Nijou (このみ, Konomi?) is a member of Tool Toul To. She, like many other members of Tool Toul To, is unable to ride ATs. She is very energetic, supportive, and enjoys teasing Kururu about her supposed crush on Ikki, especially on the airplane destined to an aircraft carrier, when she mentioned the time Kururu spent with Ikki during his leave from the Noyamano house while mischievously gesturing the slim chance the two might have had sexual intercourse (which, of course, did not happen). She also tends to have an aggressive side, which was shown when she kicked Kazu out of anger for wrecking the mood during a "competition" between Simca, Kururu, and Ringo for "controlling the future (with Ikki)."

During Ringo's anecdote of her poor past, Konomi mentioned that she also used to lived in poverty and her home used to be the back of a supermarket. She also reveals, at the start of the Gram Scale Tournament, that she has modeling experience.

Konomi is a tuner and one of the girls who uses the Pledge Regalia with Kururu.