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Tomita Mari (富田 毬 Tomita Mari?)

  • Voiced by Noriko Shitaya(Japanese) and Nancy Novotny(English).

Tomita wearing nothing but a sensual top and g-string.

Tomita in the manga wearing a thin strip of clothing. The perfect girl that every man wants.

Appearance and Personality[]

Tomita Mari has blonde hair and wears it in pigtails. She tends to wear extremely provocative clothing, up to the point wear people can see her bra and thong. In one chapter, when she was in Kyoto, she walked out during the night wearing nothing transparent neglige and a thong without feeling shame. Many of the men are infatuated with her and tend to stare up her skirt to get a peek at her "goods." In one chapter, she is seen almost naked in a g-string bikini, which she later takes off in front of the men. She has an insanely curvaceous figure, with large breasts and a jiggly butt. Despite how she believes that all men are trying to rape her, she tends to do very sexually oriented things, like sucking on a popsicle stick while making inappropriate noises.


Tomita Mari is a teacher, called Tom-Tom or Ton-chan by her students, who frequently interacts with Kogarasumaru. She is constantly paranoid that she will be molested or raped by her students or other random people (though she doesn't seem as bothered by this as she ought to, sometimes). Despite this, she wears very revealing clothing and often performs perverted actions unknowingly. She was last seen being caught by Buccha when she was falling from a waterfall. Tomita distracts Buccha by wearing a revealing swimsuit that she later removes in front of him.