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  • Voiced by Tomoyuki Dan(Japanese) and David Wald(English).

Orihara Masaya (折原 征也 Orihara Masaya?)

Orihara Masaya is 31 years old. He possesses a 3rd degree black belt in karate and a second degree belt in judo past.


Masaya is the academic head of Higashi Junior High-school, who constantly tries to discipline Ikki and his team. He has a soft spot for Tomita Mari, one of his first students and currently his fellow teacher, and constantly encourages her to be stronger and more stern with her own students.

He cares deeply for his students, even the more troublesome ones like Ikki and his friends, although he tries not to show it.


He is close to the school's principal and is connected to the AT world, and both the anime and manga drop hints that he might have once been a storm rider himself.