Mikan Noyamano is the second eldest of the Noyamano sisters and a Gravity Child. She, along with Ringo and Shiraume are not biologically related to Rika, having been raised in a lab and given to Rika by an unknown benefactor (Uncle Minami, most probably). She is also one of the current members of the legendary Storm-Rider Team, Sleeping Forest reigning as its resident .


Mikan acts like an evil tomboyish girl with short messy pink hair, and the disciplinarian of the group. She is constantly referred as a gorilla, due to her brute strength and irritable personality. In the beginning, she aggressively punishes Ikki by attacking him with wrestling moves and mistreats him like a slave (with the intentional side effect of toughening him immensely against physical blows). She has a soft spot for retro games, something which Simca uses to initially gain her favor. She gets excited when she thinks Akito and Ikki are in a relationship.


Mikan helps Ringo, Ume, and Kururu to steal DG-27, a necessary item to complete the Storm Regalia for Ikki.

Mikan vs aeon.jpg
Mikan vs Aeon Clock
She and Ringo are stripped naked by Aeon Clock, but she then challenges him and quickly defeats him, stating his artificial body is no match for her. She is groped by Aeon who then reveals he did that to plant a listening device on her. In the hours leading up to Sleeping Forest's match with Genesis, she threatened to leave the team and rescue Rika when it was revealed that Rika was pregnant. She further states that she sees Rika as more of a mother than a sister. After it turns out that Kilik has asked Ringo to go and rescue Rika, Mikan insists that she will go too, and creates a storm in the cube. Kilik stops her by using the gem vibrations of the phone he was using to talk to Ringo; telling her she will be useless in fighting Nike since he is also a Wind user and he will know the weaknesses of her road/type.

Mikan watches the initial battle between Kilik and Sora while under the illusion created by Onibasu before helping to create a in an attempt to defeat Sora. Much like the rest of Sleeping Forest, Mikan is defeated by Sora after he gains access to the Sky Regalia himself and is left strung up along with the rest of Sleeping Forest during the match against Ikki and Ringo. Mikan is later rescued along with the rest of the members after Sora is defeated.


Mikan breaks through Time Rondo with brute force
She is regarded as Sleeping Forest's Wind God, which implies she is a King-class Wind-type Rider and follows the Gale Road. She is often referred to as a Female Gorilla by the other characters due to her brute strength and violent tendencies. She was even strong enough to break out of Aeon Clock's "Time" technique (done by his maid) using sheer force.


Unnamed Wind Blast - Using her right leg, Mikan creates a swirling blast of wind. Om comments that its power is increased in an enclosed space like the Trophaeum Tower.

Impact Wind - By using all of her strength, Mikan can create a short-range burst of wind that helps her break free of enemy tricks. She uses this to easily defeat Aikawa Taeko's Time Rondo technique. Notably, this trick is identical to the one used by Ikki, including the pose they take when they perform it; Mikan's appears to be much stronger and more refined than Ikki's as she uses it to attack while simultaneously countering her Time Rondo technique.

Air Beam - Mikan fires off a beam of what seems to be compressed air. The air takes the form of a laser straight beam. It resembles the trick used by Sora against the pillar of steel beams created in the battle of Sleeping Forest. Hers however appears to be larger but that may be due to the mangakas choice in frame.


  • Mikan means 'mandarin orange' in Japanese
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