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Mitsuru Bando (坂東 ミツル Bandō Mitsuru) is an A-class storm rider, former member of the D-class giant Behemoth (now disbanded) and current leader of DIG.


Mitsuru has a peculiar appearance, possessing short, grey-silver hair and distinct, completely black eyes. (Shown as grey in the anime.) When not seen in his Behemoth gear which consists of, a t-shirt, shorts, and a neck brace, he is seen in a sweater and trousers during the first meeting with Kogarasamaru. After the downfall of Behemoth (in the manga), Mitsuru's outfit is changed constantly.


Bando Mitsuru, sometimes referred to as the "Cyclops Hammer", specializes in close combat, using his ultra-destructive punching power as his main weapon. When coupled with the speed of his AT, Mitsuru's punches result in damage of devastating proportions. During the Behemoth VS Kogarasumaru challenge, he fights Ikki, but is thoroughly defeated. With the arrest of Akira and disbanding of Behemoth at the hands of the Wind SWAT team, Bando now seeks to establish his own Storm Rider team. He considers Ikki his punching rival and the rider he now strives to surpass.

In a recent chapter he was shown leading team named DIG, when Aeon's subordinates came to fight him. After defeating them with ease he left to side with Aeon and Ikki against Sora, after telling his new team to stay behind while he gets into a limo with "Hanged Man".


Mitsuru's road is unknown but some think that he has a unique road called the Hammer Road, this road could be a road this is mostly comprised of punching attacks and specializes in close combat, using his ultra-destructive punching power as his main weapon.


Mitsuru's tricks are mostly comprised of punching attacks that when coupled with his added speed with AT's he unleashes destructive attacks, when he fought Ikki (who at the time had a R.E.A.D level of 78) it can be estimated that his R.E.A.D level was 72 maybe 76 during the Behemoth arc. However he was able to hold his own against Nue indicating he has gotten much stronger maybe with a R.E.A.D level of 100-110 (Ikki at the time with a R.E.A.D level of 117 couldn't defeat Nue)

Hammer - Mitsuru runs up to the opponent and punch's them, he can also use this Trick to strengthen the force of a Solid Fang.

Tornado Hammer - This is a stronger version of the Hammer and that is mainly because he rotates his arm like a "tornado" therefore adding centrifugal force to the punch.

Crushing Hammer - Mitsuru places his left arm under his right and tenses that arm so hard that his punching force is greatly increased.

Multiple Hammer - Mitsuru punches the opponent multiple times.


  • Mitsuru's original character design was actually one of the many designs for Akira . According to Ogure's notes, he was intended to be the "quiet genius-type" with an "appealing air of mystery". Another of Udou's designs eventually became the one for Nue .
  • Throughout the Behemoth Arc, Mitsuru's been shown to be an avid fan of decochari . He becomes [understandably] enraged when Ikki destroys it via wrecking ball.
  • Mitsuru suffers from Myostatin-Related Muscle Hypertrophy, an attribute he shares with Akira Udou. It appears that his version of MRMH is that of incomplete dominance (when one shows mixed attributes from a dominant gene and a recessive gene), which makes him heterozygous for the disease.
  • According to Mitsuru, only two people can tear his muscles, Akira Udou and Ikki.
  • Mitsuru's tolerance for alcohol is next to nonexistent. In three instances, it only takes a couple to one serving before intoxication sets in. In two of those instances, he's shown to be an excitable and physically aggressive drunk.

    Pink being lifted by Mitsuru when she tries to puncture him.