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Nina is a one of the first generation of Gravity Children and member of the current Sleeping Forest led by Kilik. She's often seen talking with Onibasu.


Nina originally appears as a muscular man in dark, tight fitting clothes, however, she is actually appears as a petite woman with shoulder length hair and sporting a tight body suit that appears to help her sync with her AT suit.


Personality-wise, Nina is shown to be very in-tune with others' thoughts and even their AT tricks. She provides an insightful analysis of Kilik's Gaia Road techniques and playfully discusses his battle strategies, commenting that she would probably use the same tactics if she were in his position. This attitude earns her a level of disdain from Ume.


Nina appears to be the equivalent of the Rumble Queen for Sleeping Forest. By opening her AT suit she is able to utilize a defensive move similar to Yoshitsune 's Rumble Wall.

Out of all of the regalia seen thus far, Nina's is easily the largest, dwarfing even Nue 's armored Thunder Regalia. She has grown so accustomed to using it that she rarely leaves it, as is implied when she tells Kilik about "when she used to live on the ground". The suit is a Subregalia as speculated by Obamaha who informed Sleeping Forest's Ringo, for the majority use sub-regalia without the "Core'.


Nina - Rumble Queen.jpg

Unnamed Rumble Wall - A rumble wall standard to regalia wielders of the Over Road. She opens her suit to take in the air necessary for it.

Phase Conjugating Light Difference - A technique that warps the light in an area allowing her to hide people. Similar to Shallot's Mirror Country.