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The third member of Sleipnir introduced, bearing the nickname "Hrimfaxi". His abilities involve the usage of illusions cast through a lens of wind. He is seen targeting Kazu frequently with these illusions, foreshadowing their battle later on in the match. Oddly, Nottdagr has a stitched-up incision running across his forehead. During his fight with Kazu, he creates illusions of grotesque beasts, as well as multiple doppelgangers of himself.


As with every member of Sleipnir, Nottdagr is a Wind King that rides on the Wind Road. According to the R.E.A.D., his battle level is 147. However, Leo of Lionheart estimates his true level is about 95-100, making him the Sleipnir member with the lowest battle level, and the only Slepnir member with a battle level lower than a Kogarasumaru member. Members of the team Lionheart comment that Nottdagr's abilities focus on wearing out the opponent mentally. He's also demonstrated the ability to hang upside down from a jet, similar to bats. He is capable of exhaling black flames, albeit it may have been an illusion. As a brain charger, Nottdagr has access to their innate abilities.


Light's Skinfaxi: Nottdagr projects powerful, surreal illusion using a huge lens of wind. He can also clone himself, and attack amongst the clone illusions, create numerous monster to frighten his opponents or hide in the chaos.