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Nue (鵺, Nue?) is the current Thunder King, son of Black Burn and the leader of Black Crow, which is made up of twenty Gravity Children.


Nue is intelligent and caring, but overall fairly serious. He seems to prefer being on the "winning team" as he declined Ikki's proposal to join his team and stayed in Genesis under Sora's leadership. He also appears to be rather arrogant and sure of his own abilities. As seen when he mocks Ikki during both their confrentations and even gives Ikki ten free "deaths" during their fight on the aircraft carrier. In accrodance with this arrogance, Nue wishes to fight with his (and his team's) own strength, refusing to accept the improved regalia core from Minami Rinta, stating that if he did, he would "never be able to stand on [his] own feet" then after the battle, he joins under Ikki.

Nue cares very deeply for his team Black Crow and is seen by all of the members as a leader and older brother protecting the young members when they are scared. This bond is shown when Nue stops attacking his father, whom he shows great hostility towards, when is team members begin to show distress. He belives that the members have entrusted their future to him, and so will fight to make sure that "their futures are filled with nothing but happiness" and is shown to be visibly distraught when the members are suffering, and blames himself for not realising how hard they push themselves. But is nether the less sure in their abilities and confident in what they can accomplish.



He has short, spiky lavender hair and dark blue eyes. One thick lock of hair curves back, and he wears a large, black cape over his regalia. His regalia covers the majority of his body; beneath, he is skinny and wiry and covered in tattoos. In accordance with his age, Nue is shorter than the majority of the other kings, standing at roughly the same height as Simca


Nue with "failed" gravity children

Nue is a second generation Gravity Child, and so was created under Minami Rinta's orders.

At some point after Black Burn's defeat at the hands of Killik, Nue became the king of the Rising Road. During this time Rinta would often bring him "failed" gravity children, all of them young, and he took them in to live with him and his father in a run down, abandoned church.

One time, after Rinta hands over one such child, Nue catches him around the neck in his wires and threatens to kill him for calling the child a "failure". A drunken Black Burn then tells Nue the story of "Kandata" and the spider’s web, likening Nue to Kandata and telling him that he needs to realize the true form of the one "pulling the strings". Rinta then reveals that he is a fake, and proceeds to dismantle himself, in the process, revealing the missing core to Nue's Regalia, but Nue refuses to take it, with the core instead falling into Black Burns hands.


Nue is the Thunder King and leader of the team Black Crow which comprises 2nd generation Gravity Children. After he heard about Ikki from Simca he decided to play tricks on him and started haunting the cemetery behind the school with his team by creating illusions of ghosts, however, Ikki managed to see through his deception.

Later on he is seen with Spitfire and Simca during the Kogarasumaru VS Behemoth match helping both the teams escape when Wind G-Men come to take them in.

Nue and Kana arrived to save Kazu and co.

He was attacked by Gabishi in an AT-cafe which seriously damaged his regalia, but thanks to a rather quick re-tuning, Nue was able to arrive in time to save Kazu and co. from Gabishi, defeating Gabishi by entangling him in his web of wires and electrocuting him.

Nue is later present to hear Spitfire's final words. He then reveals that he, along with all the members of Black Crow are the second generation of Gravity Children. Although he disagrees with the Takeuchi brothers' methods, he tells Ikki that Black Crow will remain part of Genesis, because Sora Takeuchi has promised to change the world so as to enable the Gravity Children to live a normal life.

Nue Becomes Enraged

He is now at the battle ship along with Nike and other members of Genesis guarding Rika from the impending Kogarasumau attack. He is the first one to face-off with Kogarasumaru when they arrive at the battle-ship almost annihilating them, but for Agito who sees through his trick of impersonating Nike standing un-guarded. He then proceeds to tell them the location of Rika in the ship and Ikki asks him to join him but he declines, mocking them as he readies for his attack. Nue uses his illusions, but Onigiri sees through the trick and reveals the children (the girls to be more precise) and after that Nue attacks, but is stopped by Aikawa Taeko and he starts to talk about how Ikki couldn't carry the sky with his wings. After Simca comes on the intercom for the ship and sings her song for Ikki, it inspired him to take on Nue by himself. As the battle starts Nue trys to get Ikki stuck in his Lightning Spider Net but Ikki blows away the wires with wind and mocks him on how his attack was nothing like his fathers (Black Burn) and gets punched by Ikki. After Ikki finds out it's an illusion Nue appears behind him with his transformed regalia and tells him because he's a new king and doesn't bare regalia he will pardon him from death 10 times, but on the 11th time he'll kill him. As they resume their battle Nue states how Ikki's tricks aren't original but knock offs to Sora's tricks and starts to point out the weakness of his tricks. Then tells him the only reason he became king is because Sora taught him tricks and his teamates state that even though he breaks everyone elses cage he still has a cage around himself. But Aikawa Takeo intervenes and attacks Nue with St Elmos Crossfire to which Nue is startled because he can see Spitfire's shadow. After Aikawa's speech he sees that the cage Ikki had around his heart is slowly starting to open.

Nue's Transformed Thunder Regalia

As the battle between Ikki and Nue continues, Ikki exhausts the number of "deaths" Nue gave him and begins to take real damage from the Thunder King, despite Taeko's continued assistance. When Kogarasumaru's allies land on the aircraft carrier as reinforcements, Nue becomes enraged, unleashing a large amount of electricity to defeat them; Taeko manages to block it, but Nue unleashes the full power of his Rising Road. Not long after putting Ikki and Taeko on the defensive the Hanged Man, revealed to be Nue's father Black Burn arrives. Nue becomes outraged at Black Burn's arrival and moves to attack him but Black Burn easily deflects his blow. Black Burn questions Nue about why he isn't using Rinta's improved Thunder Regalia. Nue says that he won't use Rinta's regalia because he wouldn't be able to rely on his own power. Ikki soon points out that the members of Black Crow are in pain and distress.

Nue and Ikki race

As the battle stops and Nue and Black Burn care for children, Black Burn lectures Nue about the use of the team to reduce the strain on his own body (and increasing the strain on all of theirs). Nue states that he knew the risks which came with sharing the current, but didn't realise just how far his teammates were pushing themselves, vowing to fill their futures with happiness. At this point he is ambushed by Ikki, who beats him, once for every "death" Ikki suffered, on the last punch, a member of Black Crow runs foreword and yells at Ikki, telling him to beat her up instead of Nue, instead Ikki uses her hand to strike Nue, calling him and "idiot who doesn't realise the feelings of his little friends". Afterward, Ikki states that they are even, and challenges Nue to a solo dash to the front on the Aircraft Carrier. After this, Ikki staes that he'll get serious if Nue does, and gets Aikawa Takeo to tune him. Takeo invite Nue to get tuned up too, including the addition of the regalia core and although relcutant at first he changes his mind after his team tells him to stop fighting for them, as it makes him sad, but intead to fight so "[they] can one day laugh together". While being tuned, Nue thinks back to how he once trusted Sora with his future and how he was just waiting for the "spiders web" to fall from heaven, and that before he knew it, he had stopped running with is own two legs. With that, the two Kings begin to run, with everyone else looking on, in a race which both of them are enjoying.

During the race, Nue loses to Ikki despite having the ultimate Thunder Regalia core installed within his ATs. Upon his loss, Nue hands over the core, and instructs Ikki to tune it into the Storm Regalia, which is currently under construction.

In the epilogue during the concert he is seen having a conversation with his father Blackburn. Blackburn with his eyes full of tears tells Nue he has finally got a job after 10 years.


Nue's Shadow

Nue is the current Thunder King of the Rising Road. He is the only current King who has not received much characterization in terms of his Road or his style of riding, so his philosophy as a Storm Rider has not been revealed. However, as he needs the rest of his team to use his Regalia to its fullest extent, it can be assumed that he is a good team-player and is able to co-ordinate complex tricks.


Nue's Regalia is unique in that it's the only full body Regalia of the AT world. Apart from his neck and head, his whole body is encased in the

Nue's Thunder regalia

Regalia. Nue specializes in manipulating electricity and magnetism, allowing him to create hallucinations and/or powerful electric attacks with his wire system built into the Thunder Regalia, even if he doesn't need his Regalia "armor" to create powerful electric attacks. Nue's Regalia is also very heavy, enough to create a small crater in the ground when he jumps down.

During his battle with Ikki, Nue showcases an armorless version of his Regalia. He retains the gauntlets and lower portion of the armor, but the top is replaced with a three-pronged wire mechanism on his back. This form appears to be significantly lighter than the armor form, as Nue has no difficulty in keeping up with Ikki during their battle.

However powerful it is, Nue's regalia was incomplete for most of the series, lacking the core of the original Thunder Regalia used by his father. Minami Rinta, the man who recreated the core states that if Nue where to use it the power of his run would increase ten-fold. The core was installed by Aikawa Takeo during the last part of his battle with Ikki on the aircraft carrier. Shortly after losing to Ikki, Nue gives the Thunder Regalia core to Ikki.


  • Get Together - By manipulating electricity in his surroundings, Nue is capable of generating a magnetic field that draws all metallic objects to the ground. He uses this to disarm Wind G-Men agents after the Behemoth match, and then to hold Gabishi down in preparation for his Infinity Atmosphere ability.
  • Alpha Waves - By using the Rising Road he can create powerful Illusions.
  • Atmosphere Max - Once his desired target is completely entangled by his wires, Nue generates a large surge of electricity from his Regalia and sends it through the wires, essentially cooking the afflicted enemy. Even Gabishi, a King-level Gravity Child and a member of Sleeping Forest, was instantly knocked out by this trick. This is the Infinity Atmosphere of the Thunder Regalia.
  • Illusions - Nue uses his Regalia to mess with his enemy's brain waves, causing them to hallucinate and see things that aren't real. He uses this to great effect with the help of his team, who can actually strike foes (making the trick even more convincing).
  • Lightning Spider Net - Nue ensnares an opponent in his wire system and proceeds to electrocute them. According to Ikki, Nue's version of this trick is nowhere near Black Burn's level, suggesting a significant power gap between the two Thunder Kings.
  • Thunder Road: Direct Current - With the assistance of his team Black Crow, Nue creates an enlarged version of a Peltier effect to amplify the power of his road and nullify the Rising Road's weakness to the Flame Road.
  • Thunder Road Final Form: Electric Titan "Thunderbolt Snowman" - Using the snow created by his Direct Current trick, Nue surrounds himself with a snowman made of electrified particles held together by his team and the wire system of his Regalia.


  • Nue's design was originally going to be used for Mitsuru Bando.
  • He seem to be the 'messenger' of Genesis, as he was asked to deliver messages several times to Kogarasumaru.
  • He seemed to be one of the few male characters that feels disgusted when confronting scantily clad women, once saying "My eyes are going to rot."
  • Nue appearance is similar to Black Star from Soul Eater
  • In Japanese mythology, the Nue is a yokai or demon. It is said to have the face of a monkey, the legs of tiger and the body of a taniuki (Japanese racoon).