Oh!great, Air Gear creator

Ito Ōgure (大暮 維人 Ōgure Ito?, born 1972-02-22 in Hyuga, Miyazaki, Japan), pen name Oh! great, is a Japanese manga artist most recognized for the manga series Tenjou Tenge and recently Air Gear. In 2006, he received the Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen for Air Gear.[1] Characteristics of Ito's style can, and often do, include violent plots, the use of English words amidst kanji and the constant[2] use of beautiful female characters. Ito also created the adult series Silky Whip. Apart from working with manga, he designed some of the alternate character outfits in the PlayStation 2 version of Namco's 3D fighting game Tekken 5, and a guest character in Soul Calibur IV named Ashlotte. His pseudonym "Oh! great" is a play on words. His name written in Japanese order (family name before given name) is "Ōgure Ito", which is pronounced similarly to and can be romanized the same as the Japanese rendering of the English words "Oh great," ōgurēto [oːɡuɽeːto]. Furthermore, "Oh" can mean "king" in Japanese, making it possible to read the name as "the great king".

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