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Onibasu is a member of the current Sleeping Forest led by Kilik. He is also one of the first generation Gravity Children that helped Kilik bring down the original Sleeping Forest. He is usually seen talking to Nina.


Onibasu is calm, he often more quiet, only will talk when needed. He seems to also be able to understand people well, saying to Kilik that even if he can make his head an AT, he still can't make his heart an AT. However, behind his cool attitude, he even complained for doing a tough job such as when they were fighting Sora and Rika.



He always wore a straps covering his head. When Sleeping Forest launched their attack on Simca, he wore a big size T-shirt and necklace with short pants. Later, when his team was fighting Sora and Rika, he wore a hoodie and long pants when he disguised as Kilik.


Onibasu with other Sleeping Forest members

Onibasu is first seen when Sleeping Forest launched their attack on Simca, which caused injury on her legs and bound to a wheelchair for 6 months to recover. Later, when Ikki, Kururu and Agito was brought by Ine Makigami and Rune to the Trophaeum Tower, he is also seen with the members of Sleeping Forest.

He also appears with the other members on their way to support Kogarasumaru fight against Sleipnir with Kilik giving the direction on them. Later on, when Mikan is insists to go to save Rika, and later got stopped by Kilik using the gem vibration on the phone he used to talking to Ringo after knewing that Nike is the one who guarding the aircraft carrier, he saying that Mikan's effort to save Rika just in vain since Nike can be no mercy as usual and knew all the weaknesses of Wind-type Rider.

All defeated Sleeping Forest members and the fallen of its commander, Kilik

When Sleeping Forest were fighting Rika and Sora, he disguised as Kilik and using Entangle to wrapped Rika. He even complained that countering Rika is such a tough job for him. After Sleeping Forest defeated and Kilik's death on the hands of Sora, he got tied in the tower along with other Sleeping Forest members. he later with the other members been rescued by the rescuers before the destruction of the Trophaeum Tower.


Onibasu rides the Rising Road, and is the Thunder King for Sleeping Forest. His Sub-regalia is somekind of bandage that he used to cover his head (mostly).

His capabilities of creating an extensive illusion is seen on Chapter 330 whereas he disguises himself as Kilik by covering himself with his straps and putting illusions all over the Trophaeum Tower to make their battle with Genesis look like they were losing. He also has the capability to wrap up his opponents with his strap, somewhat using magnetism. It is also revealed that his road has an advantage over the Sonia Road.


Electrical Burst - Seen when Kilik and Sora meet again. He used this trick to release a burst of electricity seeming to require direct contact. With enough power to destroy a helicopter.

Alpha Waves - By using the Rising Road he can create powerful illusions. Onibasu is so skilled in this trick that he fooled the audience, Sora and Rika into thinking that he was Kilik and that Sleeping Forest was losing the battle.

Onibasu entangling Rika with his magnetic straps

Entangle - Like the other Thunder Kings, Onibasu can also use his magnetic straps the same way that the Lightning Spider Net could to wrap a target. But the difference is, it does not emit a large amount of electricity that could burn the skin rather that it only paralyzes the body making it immobilized via the magnetic waves affecting the brain movement.