Onigiri (オニギリ?) is of Ikki's childhood friends, Onigiri is 15 years old and also part of Kogarasumaru. His head is in the shape of an onigiri (hence the name).


Onigiri is a short boy with his head is in the shape of an onigiri (hence the name). He shaves the top of his head and usually wears a jacket and gloves. He's also, like Buccha, rather fat and stubby.


Onigiri is a pervert. He frequently uses his powers to peer through walls into women's bathing area or through their clothes and is frequently characterized as a pig. He has an unusual use for his perspiration, usually during overall perverted moments, to create illusions. He also has a strange way of using his AT by sitting upside down on it (to the chagrin of his female schoolmates whose skirts he tends to look up while doing this). This way of riding has humorously proven in the past to be very dangerous, for both Onigiri and his opponent, as he flails his legs back and forth (doing damage if he's close enough), but can also fall off, landing directly on the point of his head and streaking on the ground until he stops.

However, he is serious when the situation occurs. He truly cares about his team and will do anything for them (unless a pretty woman is involved, he'll ditch them). There's a running gag that whenever he sees a beautiful woman, he goes into a perverted mode and tries to see up their skirts for his enjoyment.

Also for some reason, he can almost speak telepathically through Buccha possibly due to their similar body structure of being fat. They are called the "Pig Brothers".


He is in the same class as Ikki and at the start of the story, was one of the many blackmailed by the Skull Saders. Later on, when Ikki decides to create his own Storm Rider team, he and Kazu are the first recruits. He is a follower of the "Smell Road" (the authenticity of this road is arguable, since one can't really tell if this was just another one of Oh!Great's jokes. However stated byAkito/Agito in Kyoto, there are "hundreds" of roads. But out of those only 8 of those roads can be called the Road of a King). From the onset, he's easily the most perverted of the main characters and constantly peeps under girl's skirts. Although usually the weakest member of Kogarasumaru, Onigiri can also go as fast (or possibly faster) than Ringo for short spurts, when the right motivation is present.

Most of his techniques have the ability to affect the enemy's senses or create illusions. Sometimes he's characterized as an upside down Buddha with supernatural powers, but officially, his shadow takes the form of a anthropomorphic pig warrior. During the fight between Kogarasumaru and White Wolf Clan he complains about his role as a minor character and how he doesn't get enough action.

Lately, it has been revealed that Onigiri's abilities have the potential to put even Queens in bad predicaments. During the parts war with Inorganic Net, he was able to render Thorn Queen Rika Noyamano helpless with his illusions, surprising her and the rest of her team. In the Highway Circus match, it was his ability that defeated the leader, and during the Sleipnire match, he exceeded Kilik 's expectations by managing to get on Freya 's plane, and then proceeded to pressure the Wind Queen easily until the plane was destroyed by Loki's plan.

In the battle against Genesis, Onigiri easily defeated Sarome Scherasazade, a girl who was the granddaughter of a rich Arab, and although not a Gravity Child, the self-proclaimed Thorn Queen. Nike then appeared and eliminated Sarome and her grandfather. Angered, Onigiri re-imagined Nike as a naked Ishiwatari, a beautiful girl from his school. The anger and lust that Onigiri builds up raised his R.E.A.D. battle level to 326 which is about 9 times stronger than his usual battle level of 36 and even higher than Agito the Fang King's latest R.E.A.D. battle level.

During the battle with Nike, he manages to hold himself out, raising his R.E.A.D. battle level to a maximum of 360, until his opponent was revealed to be a robotic counterpart which self destructed, seriously injuring Onigiri. The real Nike then appears to give Onigiri a beating, until he manages to drag himself to the location within the ship where Kazu and Sano appear to take on Nike.

Sano picks him up and praises his actions saying he is now a "godly pig". After a short battle against Nike, Onigiri grabs Nike's foot, absorbing his gem road's vibrations leaving him open to Kazu and Sano's combined attack. When this fails, and Nike kills Sano, Kazu is too terrified to move and Onigiri jumps onto Nike and clings to his head attempting to hinder him by farting right into his face. Onigiri frantically tells Kazu to go find Ikki to have a hope of winning, but Nike impales Onigiri, apparently killing him since his spirit appears shortly afterwards alongside Sano, Spitfire and Yoshitsune, all of whom were killed by Genesis. But he is shown to be alive not long after Kazu finishes off Nike.


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Onigiri's R.E.A.D. battle level at 326

Onigiri follows the Smell Road, a unique road of his own invention. Onigiri has a tendency to ride his A-T upside down, with a single AT placed on top of his head. Despite this rather unusual placement, Onigiri can be exceedingly fast when pursuing or "attacking" (read: ripping clothes off of) a female. His battle level according to the R.E.A.D. is usually only 36, however, against females his skill and ability drastically increases, as he was easily able to pressure Freya, who's battle level is 100 points above his, and hounded Rika for an extended period of time. It was also remarked in chapter 288 that his powers are as powerful as Kilik's when he's up against women. In chapter 289 after using his illusions to make Nike look like a woman his R.E.A.D. goes up to 326. In chapter 312, Onigiri's "Max Delusion" raises his battle level even higher to 360, being one of the highest seen so far, higher than even Ikki's after obtaining the Storm Regalia.


Mucus - Onigiri releases mucus from his his nose and makes any projectiles (such as Nike's Shard Bullets) slip of his mucus.

Smell Road: Fog Assassin - First demonstrated against Freyja in Kogarasumaru's battle against Sleipnire. With this trick, Onigiri is able to fill an opponent's lungs with poisonous gas. It is unique in the sense that it has no effect unless combined with a trick that causes extreme shockwaves, like Kazu and Agito's Grand Fang Firebird. When activated by these shockwaves, the poison inside the opponent's lungs is agitated and causes them to lose consciousness.

Imagine - Sweats profusely, inducing an illusion that lowers his target's inhibitions and makes them open to mental suggestion. Used to defeat Mimasaka Ryo during the Behemoth Match. In chapter 289 he shows that he can use the illusions on himself to make male opponents appear female so he can fight them at maximum power.

Sweat - The sweat Onigiri secretes can also be used to slick the ground and be a road hazard to any rider. He can use this to cause projectiles such as Nike's debris attack to simply slide off his body. And his sweat has been shown to nullify the vibrations created by the Gem Regalia preventing paralysis.


Titty Twister Heartbreak Show

Titty Twister Heartbreak Show - A screw shaped attack which is apparently pretty powerful when used right. By the name OG's positioning of Nike during its use it can be assumed that he grabs the enemies nipples as well.

Delusion max

Delusion Max

Delusion Max - The usage of his Smell Road to its highest potential via combining his "Ero" power with nitrogen. It brings his battle level to 360 when used. Onigiri's powerful bodily odor is created by a nitrogen compound found in his sweat. Speculation has been made that the delivery system of such quantities of nitrogen to his sweat is similar to the Sonia roads. It also tampers with brain functions. The most notable thing to keep in mind is that it is an essential compound in making gunpowder and possesses enough potential energy to create an explosion when ignited.

Organic Nitrogen - Onigiri is able to use the nitrogen in his body to create explosions and assist users of the Flame Road.

Final Ero-Power Release - By using Delusion Max to what seems its very highest he releases a vast amount of sweat. However this seems to be Kamikaze in nature due to him setting of an explosion right after using the nitrogen in the sweat. Due to the nature of the scene to which it was used in 316 it seems to eliminate his ability to use his Eros Power making him both weakened and defenseless.

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  • In chapter 312, Onigiri's "Max Delusion" raises his battle level even higher to 360, being one of the highest seen so far.
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