Vercingetorix, colloquially known as Orca, is a Gravity Child affiliated with Genesis. Playful yet deadly, he is a bishonen with light-coloured hair and dark skin. His sister is the Colonel, better known as Pyon.


Orca makes his debut as a liaison from the American army. He was sent with Caesar, Aeon Clock and his sister by Sora Takeuchi to conduct a preemptive strike against Kogarasumaru, who were training on an island at the time.

Agito vs Orca

Agito vs Orca

While searching for Ikki, he happens upon Agito Wanijima, who is attempting to perfect his 'Ultimate Fang' by training against a target post stacked with tyres. Orca shreds the post with a single blow, effectively goading Agito into duelling with him. Initially, he simply watches Caesar paralyzes Agito into submission, but takes over when Akito lends his strength to Agito and falls Caesar with a 'Cage of Fangs'. Orca is easily able to maintain the upper hand, and when Yayoi Nakayama appears, he takes her hostage in order to further goad Agito and make the battle more interesting.

However, the tables turn with the appearance of Lind, who is the original persona inhabiting Agito's body. Lind appears to be on a completely different tier from Agito, slitting Orca's throat and incapacitating him with the Bloody Road's Infinity Atmosphere. Nonetheless, Orca recovers and forces Lind underwater, where he possesses a distinct advantage. Unfortunately, he was in turn felled by Agito, who had just taken back control of his body and perfected his 'Bloody Blade Fang', and had to be rescued by Aeon Clock accompanied by Pyon.

When Kogarasumaru invades the aircraft carrier that is Sora's base of operations, Orca is matched against Buccha as a test of his ability, confirming his allegiance to Genesis. While expressing disappointment at not being able to conduct a rematch against Agito, he commences an attack, only to be countered by Buccha's new 'High Mobility Mode'. After being defeated by Buccha, and brought up to the surface, where Ikki and Nue had just finished their fight, He decides to switch sides, commenting that Ikki's team seems more interesting. Since then, it seems (and is shown on the aircraft carrier post-battle and then during the afterward) that he's developed a rather strong bond with Buccha.

Abilities and A·TEdit

Orca's shadow

Orca's shadow

A second-generation Gravity Child, Orca is a king-level rider specializing in the aquatic environment. He is able to swim at incredible speeds and even down to the bottom of the sea remaining unnaffected by the intense water pressure. He can also hold his breath for 10 minutes. His A·T wheels resemble turbines with razor sharp rims.

Orca A.T.

orca's A.T.

Orca's road has not yet been named. It appears to be a fusion (similar to Nike's Jade Road or Ikki's Hurricane Road) of the Bloody Road and the Lather Road, as it combines the Fang element of the former with explosive water characteristic of Om's Infinity Atmosphere. Although, Nike has referred to him as "Orca of the Fang" which implies that he runs on the Bloody Road.

Tricks Edit

Exploding Fang - Orca's signature technique. It operates by pressurizing water and air into a Fang, creating explosive bubbles similar to Bubblegum Crisis upon impacting its target.

Water Tiara - First seen used on Yayoi Nakayama during the battle between Orca and Agito. Water is pressurized into a crown-like formation on the target's forehead, held together only by the slowly dissipating pressure of the water. As it begins to depressurize, explosive bubbles begin to form, threatening to cause serious injury or death if it goes off.

Water Clones - Seen only during the fight agasint Agito, Water clones where made from the downpour of rain in the area during the fight and using his AT formed exact copies of himself although these were weak and dissipated apon contact they were used as a distraction to hamper Agito

Exploding Rain - Chapter 192 In the battle between Orca and Agito, Orca displayed the ability to make rain as it is falling explode with the same effect as the Fangs he fires. However thes raindrops were blasted away implying that they have a set area of effect.

Exploding Animal - Orca demonstrated the ability to manipulate the water within living creatures. Doing so by making the water inside a fish explode similar to his fang. It has a high blast radius as a small fish about the size of a forearm produced a blast larger than Agito.

Exploding Water - The full extent of this trick was never seen because Lind's Infinity Jail exploded. However Orca appearc to be able to make large quantities of water bubble around him and explode. Presumeably in the same manner as his water based fang.

Dragon's Whirlpool - By swimming in circles Orca can gather water from a large area and compress it into a much smaller section. It is a technique performed in the water not on or near it. He can also perform a faster variation simply by swimming circles around his oppponent. First displayed in his fight against Agito its true power wasn't seen until the fight against Buccha. Even with his naturally powerful build and intense physical training to compliment it his was nearly crushed to death.

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