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The Thorn Regalia (棘の玉璽) was originally a pair of shoes with sock like extensions. When deployed, it disassembles into a superconducting whip that can cut through the air, creating small sonic booms called "Thorns". Combined with Thornier Road's wide area of acceleration, Thorn Regalia can attack in many directions at once although its not as strong as Fangs. Ten years later a new version known as the Thorn Regalia Version 10.7 is created by Dr. Minami_Rinta. This Regalia has the shape of a bow which allows it to fire arrow-like sonic-booms which removes the recoil on hips as the user only needs to pull the string of the bow.

original released thorn regalia.

Thorn Regalia version 10.7..

The Thorn Regalia originally belong to Gazelle until she committed suicide and her Regalia's core was taken by the Takeuchi Brothers. It was eventually given to Rika, but it disappeared after the fall of the original Sleeping Forest. After becoming a Brain Charger, Rika is given the Thorn Regalia version 10.7 which posses Gazelle's Regalia Core. The name of the the Thorn Regalia is Virgin Blade.


Thorn Arrow

Thorns- The signature trick of the Sonia Road. Thorns take the shape of long, thin rods of wind with pointed tips. Although Ringo doesn't consider them very powerful, she is capable of firing many of them very quickly, making them quite formidable.

Infinite Chain: Turquoise Sonia

Infinite Chain: Turquoise Thornier - Ringo's Infinity Atmosphere. To activate it, Ringo has to deactivate her Regalia briefly and let it charge. Once the charge is complete, she begins to rotate rapidly, firing Thorns indiscriminately and damaging herself as well as her opponent. While the trick's effects are not immediately clear, it was shown to be powerful enough to blow away the Wind Regalia's Infinity Atmosphere and inflict serious damage on the surroundings.

Thorn Arrow: The Keeper draws the bowstring of the Thorn Regalia's bow and releases thorny arrow-like projectiles. The arrow is able to easily pierce a person.

The mighty "Gungnir"

WIND × THORN: GOD CRUSHER "Gungnir": This technique combines the abilities of both the Thorn and Sky Regalia to form and shape a long, thorny, double-helical projectile, which can be fired from the Thorn Regalia at supersonic speeds. The name is also stylized as "風×荊: GOD CRUSHER "Gungnir".