Rumble Wall
The Over Road is a primarily defensive type road that is created from destroying the roads of others. The road is derived from the principle of the windmill theory in that it compresses wind to form walls of air. Its strength grows with the strength of the wind it faces, as a strong wind can be compressed even further


The windmill theory relies on three basic principles: compression, ignition, and finally expulsion: The regalia compresses incoming air, the stronger the incoming air the more that it can be compressed. That compressed air is then ignited which is then expelled to create various attacks for both defensive and offensive purposes.

Riders and VariantsEdit

There have been several Storm Rider specializing in the Over Road including four official Kings.


  • Dontores (of the original Sleeping Forest, was the First Rumble King)
  • Nina (of the current Sleeping Forest, she is the equivalent of the Rumble Queen for Sleeping Forest)
  • Yoshitsune (of Trident, Deceased)
  • Arthur (of Genesis, serves as Genesis' Rumble King and is one of the six 'Kings' guarding the base)

Other Riders of the Over Road

  • Benkei (of Trident, a A-level rider specializing in the Over Road)
  • Shalott (of Genesis, Deceased. Shalott was a King-level rider specializing in the Over Road)

There is currently only one rider who rides a variant of the Over Road.

  • Ikki (of Kogarasumaru, who rides the Hurricane Road which is a fusion of the Over Road and the Wing Road)

Rumble RegaliaEdit

The Rumble Regalia, Ram Jet, is a road created by destroying the roads of others. The core of the Rumble Regalia is a turbine chamber into which air is forced, compressed and heated into supercritical fluid, increasing its destructive capabilities. There are four different foms of the regalia, each one incorporated into different items. One being in the shape of a boombox, another integrated in to AT, one incorporated into a full body suit, and the last directly implanted within the users body.


Wind Absorption - By activating the Rumble Regalia with a high-speed kick, Yoshitsune can absorb an enemy's wind-based technique and use its power for his own purposes. This ability is capable of absorbing even Agito's Leviathan Fang without taxing Yoshitsune too heavily.

Rumble Wall - By releasing absorbed air along with the heat from his wheels, Yoshitsune creates walls of air that can block attacks and push enemies away. Proportionately larger and stronger walls are even capable of repelling solid projectiles, as seen when Yoshitsune repels a metal slug back into the barrel of a massive AT rail gun (causing its destruction). Although he is worn out after this, Yoshitsune states that he overdid it by creating a wall that was overly powerful for what he was blocking.


  • The Ram Jet regalia is based on an actual Airbreathing Jet Engine called a Ramjet Engine, which works under the same principle. (although its not officially called the windmill theory)
  • Although the Infinity Atmosphere of the Over Road has not been officially stated by Oh Great! Many fans have taken to calling the Over Roads Infinity Atmosphere "Infinity Shield", supposedly because of its primarily defensive defensive qualitites and attacks.
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