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The Pledge Regalia acts through the king or queens team-mates by feeding them information through the "bird's call" of Infinite Scale. It essentially allows tuners attached to the regalia to repair and tune AT's's with the skill and precision of the Pledge Queen.

The Pledge Regalia is also known as the Pledge Cross and is held by the current road’s current queen Kururu Sumeragi . Ine Makigami was the previous bearer before her retirement. It is a cross shaped and opens to reveal Link Tuner's equipment. The Pledge Cross also splits into eight sections when activated The core of this regalia is named Axis, with its Infinite Atmosphere's name is Infinite Scale. The Pledge Road has been ruled females although there are males on the current queens team Tool Toul To .


Infinite Scale - This atmosphere enhances AT tuner abilities, allowing a rider to tune, repair, build or destroy A-T tech in an instant. The repair of A-T is limited by the severity of damage and complexity of the part involved. A damaged core would be irreparable but could be substituted with another core. Similarly work on higher quality gear takes more time.


 Defensive: Construction - Used for repair or rebuild of A-T gear. During Ikki's fight with Ringo, Kururu was able to repair and install a Wind Sub-Regalia in under three seconds as it was destroyed by Ringo`s attacks while air-borne.  Offensive: Destruction - During the battle at Genesis headquarters, Kururu demonstrates the ability to detune and destroy A-T armor. Other tuners can perform this feat when synced with the Pledge Regalia.

Pledge Regalia: Access - A ruler activates the regalia by splitting it into replica crosses that enable other tuners to access Infinite Scale.

Ring Road: Ring In - After activating the Pledge Regalia, Kururu synchronizes with the tuners connected to the Pledge Regalia through song, which in turn enables them to use her highly efficient tuning abilities.