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Pyon is Storm Rider and a member of Genesis. Her appearances have been sporadic; she is first seen shortly after Kogarasumaru's battle against Behemoth, then reappears after Spitfire is killed by the Takeuchi Brothers. Later, Pyon tries to assist Hako Isawa in assassinating Kururu Sumeragi, but is thwarted by Noyamano Ringo. Her next appearance is with Orca and Caesar, who she seems to hold some authority over. She appears later with Sora at the tower with Caesar, worrying about the current situation but Sora quickly erases her doubt.


Her skills as a Storm Rider are yet unknown, but as she's been seen exchanging blows with a Queen (Noyamono Ringo), it is assumed that she's very skilled. However due to her not being on the aircraft carrier nor participating in the upcoming battle, she may fulfill a role similar to that of Simca, therefore making her a skilled rider but not fighter.