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Regalias (玉璽) are tools used by kings to confirm that they are really kings. There are 8 principal regalias: the Thunder Regalia, the Thorn Regalia, the Wind Regalia, the Gem Regalia, the Fang Regalia, the Pledge Regalia, the Flame Regalia and the Rumble Regalia. There actually is a ninth regalia that is the Storm Regalia, from the Hurricane road. The ultimate regalia is the Sky Regalia, the ultimate A-T tool. The Sky Regalia is an complete A-T shoe. It has the ultimate power of destruction and to dominate the A-T world. Regalias are all related to different roads. All Regalias are unique. For example, the Thunder Regalia is a full body suit and the Thorn Regalia is only back wheels. There are two types of Regalias, Original Regalias and Sub-regalias. A Sub-regalia is Regalia that is made to fit a fake king.

Nue Thunder Regalia.

Wind Regalia[]

In short, this regalia's core name will be Bagram. This road's Infinity Atmosphere will be Infinite Air, where the air surrounding the user's will become an infinite path possible to be "walked" upon as in the ground. The Infinity Atmosphere's trick is Moonstruck Drop - Numberless Grappler.

Flame Regalia[]

The name of the Flame regalia's core is Key "Mother". The core appears to be the wheels, and is decorated by a kitsune (nine-tailed fox) with flames at the end of each of its tails. The Infinite Atmosphere ability of the Flame Regalia is Infinity Inferno.

Thorn Regalia[]

The first original Thorn Regalia was given by Gazelle, one of the First Generation Gravity Children but was then stolen by the Takeuchi Brothers. Currently, the Original Thorn Regalia (Thorn Reaper) was known to be implanted onto Rika Noyamano's body, the Thorn Regalia version 10.7 created by Dr. [[Minami Itsuki].

The Thorn Sub-Regalia was known to be used by Rika but was then passed on to her successor, Ringo Noyamano. Time after time, it was redesigned and remodeled by Kilik then by Kururu. Apparently, it was then revealed that Kururu implanted the Storm Regalia on Ringo's Thorn Sub-Regalia as part of Ikki's plan on their battle against Genesis.

Rumble Regalia[]

The Rumble Regalia, Ram Jet, is a road created by destroying the roads of others. The core of the Rumble Regalia is a turbine chamber into which air is forced, compressed and heated into supercritical fluid, increasing its destructive capabilities. There are four different forms of the regalia, each one incorporated into different items. One being in the shape of a boombox, another integrated in to AT, one incorporated into a full body suit, and the last directly implanted within the users body.

Pledge Regalia[]

The Pledge Regalia is a giant metallic cross. When activated it splits into 8 more, smaller metallic crosses. These crosses allow the Pledge Queen to act through her team mates by feeding their body with information through a "bird's call", essentially creating clones of the Pledge Queen out of all the Tuners attached to the Regalia. The Tuners can then access the world of 'Infinite Scale', allowing them to build, repair and tune Air Trecks as quickly as the Pledge Queen.

Fang Regalia[]

The Fang Regalia system is a double-edged sword for the wielder of the Fang Regalia, for although it makes the production that creates Fangs far easier, the complex mechanism has to be fitted into the narrow wheel space of the AT, and with it inserted, other functions of the AT have to be forfeited. Namely, the AT's ability to jump. The name of the Regalia is Bloody Armour Fang on Gigaer.

Gem Regalia[]

When deployed, the Gem Regalia: Hardest Apostolica creates heavy vibrations in the ground which resonate with enemy A.T.'s, paralyzing enemies. The Gem Regalia originally belonged to Kilik, but lost them to Nike during the fall of the first Sleeping Forest. After Nike was defeated by Kazu and subsequently crushed by falling debris, Simca took the Gem Regalia's Core and gave them to Ikki.

Thunder Regalia[]

The Thunder Regalia is a full body suit capable of destroying an entire town. The rotation of this regalia generates electricity, and it becomes even stronger when conducted through special piano wires, based on Fleming's theory. It can create a strong magnetic force, attracting metal objects. It can also create electromagnetic waves that make people see illusions. Nue's thunder regalia was in sense a Sub-Regalia since it didn't had a core for most of the series. Its core is a pair of dynamos capable of generating electricity and storing it in battery reels. When deployed, these battery reels undergo Roulette Wave Expansion and unreel massive amounts of cables through which current is dispensed.

Sky Regalia[]

The Sky Regalia is the most powerful Regalia. It is supposedly said that who ever obtains this regalia will have the potential power to control all forms of technology (both information and military included). It is located in the Trophaeum Tower, where it is being guarded by Sleeping Forest. During the battle against Sora Takeuchi vs Sleeping Forest, Kilik, and co. activated the Regalia's power in hopes that it would defeat Sora so they can save Rika.

Storm Regalia[]

The Storm Regalia of Hurricane Road, originally used the DG-27 from the Rumble Regalia core and the regalia itself. The Regalia was completed, but during transportation to Ikki was shot through and badly damaged when Kururu blocked a bullet aimed at Ringo. To reduce the amount of panic Kururu's team was in, Ikki said that there are various Regalia parts scattered throughout the ship, used by Genesis' Kings. Ikki Later challenges Nue to a race and after Ikki beat Nue, he got the Thunder Regalia's Core to repair the damaged Storm Regalia. After Kazu takes down Nike, Ikki is then given the Fang, Gem, and Flame Regalia cores from Agito, Simca, and Kazu respectively. After being created from the Regalia core's, it now is regular sized AT, but instead of wheels has pointed protrusion coming down from the bottom and probably hovers instead of rolling like other AT.